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Brazil UFO, July 2011- EXPLAIN THIS ONE! MSM Reports, Multiple Witnesses

On the night of July 23 and the morning of July 24, a revolving UFO was spotted above Embu São Paulo, Brazil, according to footage posted on YouTube.

According to Projeto Quartzo Azul, a Brazilian UFO website, there were multiple witnesses on the scene—some took photos and others shot videos. 

The YouTube video includes footage from four different witnesses.

The object has a blue light at its center, surrounded by a circle of flashing white lights with smaller faint red ones between them.

It spins in a clockwise direction and appears to shoot out fire around one minute into the video. When filmed from the side on, the UFO has a blue glow. 

Footage from the first three witnesses shows a circular object with a blue-white orb at the center, surrounded by white dots in a circle. However, the video from the fourth witness shows a blue-green triangular-shaped object spinning around.

Some viewers believe the object is actually an LED kite. “That would explain why it is rotating its side and doesn’t travel beyond a given area,” one commenter posted on YouTube.

However, an analysis provided in the YouTube video explains that it would be impossible for a toy to maintain a constant 45 degree angle without being affected by changes in the wind.

The press offices of Aeronautics in Brazil, and military police in Sao Paulo confirmed that there were no recorded UFO incidents during the time the object was filmed.

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