UFO Files – Secret UFO Base: Area 51 – Parts 1 to 5 (Video)

UFO Files - Secret UFO Base: Area 51 - Parts 1 to 5 (Video)

Area 51 is the remarkable story of a man called Bob Lazar who walked into KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, in 1989 and claimed that he had worked at a Top Secret Military installation called S4 out in the middle of the Nevada Desert. 

He said that he worked for the Department of Naval Intelligence, through a defense subsidiary called EG&G, and that his job was to analyze the propulsion system of a crashed alien spacecraft. He claims that he received a detailed, top secret, briefing on a number of ‘recoveries’ that had been made by the US government of ‘crashed space vehicles’ as well as EBEs ‘extra-terrestrial biological entities’. 

According to Lazar, the US Government had been ‘back engineering’ alien craft for over fifty years, resulting in a number of ‘exotic’ new products, such as Kevlar, fiber optics and the stealth coverings for aircraft, which were then developed and sold to large multinational corporations. 

He also claims to have witnessed ‘test flights’ of ‘man-made’ flying craft which were utilizing this ‘alien’ technology. As outlandish as his story seemed, the KLAS-TV reporter, George Knapp, has spent 20 years standing up Lazar’s claims and credentials, and believes that there is some truth to his claims.



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  1. Glad to not be the only one that knows that
    On 9-11-16 I told the truth they kicked me off I went all the way back to Pearl Harbor
    That government from my department of defense contact he said they’re all luciferians!
    Cherokee rose
    Nice to see another critical thinker!

  2. I have an uncle that was ‘Secret Ops’ in the Air force at the time of the incident. Was told that because he was sworn on his life to secrecy, he could not begin to answer the many questions from his own mother. He did, however, say, “We ARE NOT ALONE here, Mom.”

  3. Area 51 should be avoided if you don’t have a geiger counter. It was the location of a large number of nuclear tests, including a dirty bomb test that left uranium and plutonium bits all over the place.

  4. iv read some of lazar.s writings and got to say i cant see how anyone could make it up.i actually do think something hasbeen recovered and put there baffles me why the worlds biggest power denies area 51 exsists when everyone knows its there , i wish they would come clean about roswell ,

  5. I don’t understand why people don’t just look at the stars at night and see there is no way. We are alone. No way God stopped with us. Unless he looked and said wait . Back to the drawing board

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