Did Aliens bring Cannabis from Sirius B??

Did Aliens bring Cannabis from Sirius B?? 1

This is just a really curious excerpt taken from Jason Kings “The Cannabible III

Are You Sirius?

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Take a look at the word cannabis. Ever wonder what it means? Cannabis is a Greek word, though its root is African. In Greek, canna means ‘canine’ or ‘dog’ and bis or bi is the number two. So cannabis is the ‘two dog plant’! That in itself is interesting to me. But the pot thickens.

There is a cannabis-loving tribe in Mali, West Africa called the Dogon tribe. A fairly well-documented group, the Dogons were visited by Herodotus, a Greek traveler and chronicler, around 300 BC. He was fortunate enough to have visited the Dogons during a year-longcelebration that took place every 50 years. Explaining their celebration, the Dogons pointed to the brightest star in the Winter sky, Sirius, and said it was the ‘Two-Dog Star’ and that it was the home of the ‘two-dog plant’, cannabis. The two-dog plant, they said, was brought to our planet from the Goddess from the Two Dog Star. Their yearlong celebration was in honor of that star.

All of this would be easy to dismiss if not for the fact the Dogons possessed specific knowledge about the Sirian system for thousands of years before scientists with modern telescopes and equipment could catch up and prove them right. The Dogons had specific knowledge about Sirius B, a white dwarf star, which they call Po Tolo. They knew that it was white, that it was extremely small, and that its the heaviest star in its grouping. They were able to describe its elliptical orbit with Sirius A, its 50 year orbital period, and the fact that the star rotated on its own axis. Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye abd is so difficult to observe, even through a telescope, no pictures were taken until 1970.

They also described a third star in the Sirius system, which they called Emme Ya. In 1995, when two French astronomers published the results of a multi-year study that was apparently a small, red dwarf star within the Sirius star system, the Dogon idea of there being a Sirius C, aka Emme Ya, was suddenly taken much more seriously. If the Dogons were correct in all of their other knowledge about Sirius, why would they not be dead on with their claims of cannabis being from Sirius. It is, after all, named after that “Two-Dog Star’

Note: The Dog Star was highly venerated in ancient Mesopotamia, where its old Akkadian name was Mil-lik-ud (Dog Star Of the Sun) and in Babylonia, where it was called Kakkab-lik-ku (Star Of The Dog). The assyrians called Sirius Kal-bu-sa mas (the Dog of the Sun) and in Chaldea, it was known as Kak-shisha (The Dog Star That Leads)

Known History of the Dogon….
Did Aliens bring Cannabis from Sirius B??

According to Dogon mythology, Nommo was the first living being created by Amma, the sky  god and creator of the universe. He soon multiplied to become six pairs of twins. [This is a  metaphor for our original 12-strand DNA. Our present physical DNA contains 2 strands which  hold the genetic codes for our physical evolvement.] One twin rebelled against the order established by Amma, [This is a metaphor for one source/soul splitting into two polarities – yin /yang, when it enters into the electro-magnectic energies of third dimension] thereby  destabilizing the universe. In order to purify the cosmos and restore its order, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo, whose body was cut up and scattered throughout the universe.

This  distribution of the parts of the Nommo’s body is seen as the source for the proliferation of Binu  shrines throughout the Dogon region. The Dogon say that their astronomical knowledge was  given to them by the Nommo. The Dogon elder, Ogotemelli, describes them variously as having the upper part as a man and the lower portion as snake; or as having a ram’s head with serpent body. Author Robert Temple describes the Nommo as amphibious beings sent to Earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. They look like Merfolk;  Mermaids and Mermen. [Metaphor: amphibius – referring to the flow of the collective unconscious – creational source]. The Dogon, call this spaceship ‘Pelu Tolo’ or ‘Star of the Tenth Moon’. These aliens  supposedly came from the Sirian star system. Their spaceship spiraled down from the sky. It landed somewhere to the northeast of the Dogon’s present homeland. There was a great noise and wind. The ship landed on three legs, skidded to a stop, scoring the ground.

Did Aliens bring Cannabis from Sirius B??Four legs appeared and dragged the vessel to a hollow, which filled with water until the vessel floated. At the same time a new star was seen in the sky, which possibly was a large space ship. The star was described by the Dogon as having a circle of reddish rays around it. This  circle of rays was like a spreading spot yet it still remaining the same size. There is a Dogon drawing of the spaceship hovering in the sky, waiting for the Nommo who landed on the Earth.  It represents three stages of ‘Pelu Tolo’ when it is spurting different amounts of blood or flames [as if it crash landed]. They called the Nommo ‘Masters of the Water’, ‘The Monitors’, ‘The Teachers or Instructors’, ‘Saviors’, and ‘Spiritual Guardians. The Dogons believe their gods are already here. 


Featured image (top page) newilluminations.blogspot.co.uk

Did Aliens bring Cannabis from Sirius B??

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  1. Yes, thousands of years ago for the abundance of blessings that wonderful plant contains and can be used for, it’s been spoken of in one of Dolores Cannons book of a past life regression session, so much wonderful things to learn..

  2. The Origins of Cannabis
    The oldest known written record on cannabis use comes from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2727 B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans were also familiar with cannabis, while in the Middle East, use spread throughout the Islamic empire to North Africa. In 1545 cannabis spread to the western hemisphere where Spaniards imported it to Chile for its use as fiber. In North America cannabis, in the form of hemp, was grown on many plantations for use in rope, clothing and paper. – I found this info via Google. It’s a bit different from the above info. Probably wishful thinking.

  3. Wow thats really interesting as most of ur articles are..id say its true for sure ,why would they just make something like that up? The Dogon were spot on with Sirius A n B i mean wow theyve earnt our trust on their knowledge right there..

  4. The dogon said that the nommo gave them a five fingered plant, there are no fossiles older then 10.000 years. The plant has no family members, it’s the only plant with a clear male and female difference. It’s the only plant which genes looks simular to that of a human.

  5. I remember in 1970 this story about the evidence that the 300 year old story of the Dogon was true and again 1995 when more evidence came to light that everything they had said was true

  6. You might find this amusing… When I tried pot in the 60’s I didn’t like it possible some cheap stuff up from Baja……. but in dream time, I was working real hard trying to help load up as many children and their parents as we could, ( there was a disaster coming) and I was hurting pretty bad…. on the ramp to the ship was my partner, sort of a cross between ET and a Tall Gray ( but she skin, was more like a elephant skin….as I dragged my tired self up the ramp, she handed me a joint…. It made my pain go away…. they was probably about 1970-72 sometime… It was very helpful for me, when I lived in Calif, and it was easy to get… it let me expand my life, so much more. ( it is now very illegal where I live, so I am turning to stone)

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