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NASA Curiosity Photographed Gigantic Creature Fossilized Spine On Mars

NASA Curiosity Photographed Gigantic Creature Fossilized Spine On Mars 1

Has a fossilized, reptilian spine been spotted on Mars by the Curiosity rover?

According to plenty of NASA watchers on the web, it’s possible.
In the latest round of photos published by the space agency to the Internet, one picture caught the attention of the eagle-eyed public dedicated to poring over every pixel downloaded from the rover carefully making its way across the Martian landscape.

Down below is fossilized spine found here on earth :

Peeking out from the rocky, desert soil is a distinctive and familiar looking shape. It resembles the fossilized remains of a lizard-like sea creature with an elongated, twisting spine, much like those of reptilian “dinosaurs” found all over archaeological digs explored on Earth for the last several centuries. Right down to the tail.


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  1. We all know Mars had and has life on it already, get to the point already, the point being, give me a ship so I can go grow some wicked Mars smoke and stare up at Earth at night and wonder if they’ll ever be intelligent life there

  2. no one is saying there wasnt life on mars, at some point even scientists admit there could of been, what they are saying is that whatever it was, its now a dead planet 🙂

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