What The Hell Is This Horned Sea Monster That Washed Ashore in Spain?

What The Hell Is This Horned Sea Monster That Washed Ashore in Spain? 1

The decomposing corpse of a bizarre creature that recently washed ashore in Spain has local wondering what the hell it could be: A sea monster? A dragon? Falkor from The Neverending Story?

The horned beast was first spotted last Thursday by a beachgoer in the Andalusian village of Villaricos.
Photos of the “mutant fish,” which is said to be about four meters (13 feet) in length, soon surfaced online, and the local Civil Defense was called in to examine the remains.
But so far, nada.
“We have no idea what it could be, but it smells bad,” Civil Defense rep María Sánchez told a local news site.
Several theories have been put forth by experts, including the possibility that it is a type of shark, but the Association in Defense of Marine Fauna says further study is needed.
The biologists have their work cut out for them: As the Civil Defense was forced to bury the creature for “health reasons,” the association only has photos snapped at the scene to go by.
 [H/T: Boing Boing, photos via Levante

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  1. Ive seen a similar carcas ,,proof our unexplored vast oceans of depths, beyond taking an easy trip too,,have life and things beyond our knowledge,,theres also other oceans inner oceans from fissures leading to god knows what other hiding places..

  2. Close Orlando. I am veteran ( USAF ) lived in a homeless shelter in North Hollywood for 14 months. One of my roommates was a Navy vet, Gulf War. Told me he had seen “Sea Snakes big enough to eat an adult, in the Persian Gulf. Said the Captain warned the crew, “if we are hit, and you can stay aboard, you will survive. If you are thrown overboard, you will not survive.” Untill he told me that story, I had never heard of Sea Snakes.

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