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Poll suggests 48% believe in alien visitation

Poll suggests 48% believe in alien visitation 1

A recent poll indicated that up to half of Americans believe that some UFOs are alien in origin.

The poll, which was conducted as a collaboration between YouGov and the Huffington Post, asked members of the public whether they believed that at least some UFO sightings can be attributed to visitors from space. The results indicated that 48% believed that some UFOs were indeed extraterrestrial in origin while 35% rejected the idea entirely. The remaining voters were not sure one way or the other.

Former nuclear physicist and long time UFO researcher Stanton Friedman was particularly interested in the results. “It’s always been intriguing to me how we act as though only kooks and quacks and little old ladies in tennis shoes believe in flying saucers. And it’s never been true, at least for 30 or 40 years,” he told the Huffington Post.

Polling director Emily Swanson also weighed in on the results of the vote. “A UFO, in theory could be an unmanned spacecraft, just some kind of contact with alien technology, and not necessarily actual aliens being on Earth physically,” she said. “It’s very interesting that the people who are on the fence actually seem to be somewhat inclined to say that they do believe.”



Source: Huffington Post


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  1. I believe that it has a good possibility of having happened on rare occasion. As for the high rate of abduction reported by trailer park residents, this is what I doubt most of all.

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