Scientist sues NASA, alleges it’s failing to investigate alien life on Mars

Scientist sues NASA, alleges it's failing to investigate alien life on Mars 2

A self-described scientist has filed a lawsuit alleging NASA is failing to properly investigate alien life.

Rhawn Joseph, who’s written several books on extraterrestrial activity, wants the space agency to further analyze a strange rock on Mars, which he believes is proof of Martian activity.

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The author claims researchers have not properly analyzed the stone, which somehow appeared in front of the Opportunity rover last week.

The jelly doughnut-shaped rock initially baffled scientists after it mysteriously showed up in images taken less than two weeks apart.

It’s now believed it was simply knocked out of the ground by the planetary explorer.

But Joseph, a key writer with the online Journal of Cosmology, says the rock is “a living thing” and has now filed a lawsuit in a California court to make NASA examine it more closely.

Aimed at the agency and its Administrator Charles Bolden, Popular Science reports the suit requests NASA “perform a public, scientific, and statutory duty.”

To do this, it says, NASA needs to “closely photograph and thoroughly scientifically examine and investigate a putative biological organism.”

Joseph claims the rock was there the whole time, but that it just grew before it became visible.

“The refusal to take close up photos from various angles … to take microscopic images of the specimen … to release high resolution photos, is inexplicable, recklessly negligent, and bizarre,” his suit adds.

Joseph now wants Bolden and his rover team to take 100 high resolution close-up in focus photos of the rock from all sides under appropriate lighting conditions with minimum glare.

He also wants to see 24 microscopic, in-focus images of the exterior, lip, walls and interior of the specimen under appropriate lighting conditions.

And, finally, he wants the rover team to make all of the pictures available to him so he can analyze them himself.

NASA has yet to comment on the suit.


Scientist sues NASA, alleges it's failing to investigate alien life on Mars

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59 responses to “Scientist sues NASA, alleges it’s failing to investigate alien life on Mars”

  1. We have been for Eons.. Benevolent Star Beings will be helping Us ascend.. I am a Pleadian Starseed.. Screw the Lizzards.. Humanoid ETs benevolent One are here in great Numbers.. We need them to help Us from this Slavery and to deal with Niburu …

  2. 🙂 its more like mass awakening n no one gonna need them ‘governments any more..or anything to govern over us…we should set ourselves Free! and anly handfool hand in hand with some scum Et’s trying to keep as in the unknowing…

  3. They need to sue for not disclosing the info they already have, they know there’s life there and artifacts on Mars , there just keeping it away from public cuz it might start that ripple effect of ruining all the lies they told us over that few thousand years …
    NASA = Never A Straight Answer

  4. Failing to Alert Humanity to Niburu, Wormood, Planet X, Nemisis, TCBY1234… called many Names in this Ultimate Deceptiom to Humanity on this Planet and Beyond!! Immoral!! LAIRS!! Shameful .. “Paid by GOVT with “OUR” Dollars!! Fkin Cowards!!! We gonna Win anyhow. .. but FU!!! #@%

  5. NASA isn’t failing to investigate, they just don’t tell us anything. Orson Welles broadcast of “War of the Worlds ” proves people are incapable of dealing with alien life.

  6. Best proof you’ve shown, there’s only one problem with there being a reasonable suspicion of (sentient) life on Mars… What are they eating to survive? For anything to live even in a controlled micro-habitat, something has to maintain a healthy ecosystem. You could say that we haven’t explored enough of the surface to make this assessment but Mars is a storm covered sand heap. If the Saharah or the arabian deserts were similar, nothing would survive. I always toyed with the idea that our astroid belt was once a planet since I was in second grade. I had never seen an actual composite of Mars until I was 17. Mars has a giant gash like something had hit it in the not so distant past. You may find evidence of a extinct civilization but to adjourn that something may still be living there is a truly wishful thinking. Not saying I’m right, just saying don’t place your hopes too high that they break if you should happen to not catch them when they warble from such a high mantle.

  7. another thought, by keeping information like this from the public “They” are able to diminish man’s place in the Universe to only Earth.
    Also, if NASA did tell the public everything, the public, especially the youth would be so turned on to Space Exploration they would not have time to get into all the trouble that they do. Others in the public would also be interested in setting up colonies on the Moon and Mars.
    The whole world would want in on the act.
    We would have “Total World Cooperation”
    Wars would end, Newer energy efficient technologies even cheap free energy, a massive transformation of mankind.
    BUT “They” don’t like this because as long as they keep the people of the world divided, “They” can control us.

    If only “They” would let all of Humanity to share in the Knowledge the “They” have about space. Who ever They are “They” would benefit too.

    • Like. People need to know. And think they have found things before and kept it to them selfs I no I would not tell. Document it my self and tell the public. They can interrogate mate. But I won’t crack

    • Thank you. I have seen for myself a ufo and it actually made the newspaper so I know I’m not crazy. And just the impact it had on my way of thinking I think was a positive impact. I just don’t see how it could be a negative outcome to anyone. It would open up another world of learning and I think it’s exciting. My father in law says government in India is now in debate on if they will release what they know of other life forms. I really hope they do. Like I said I already know what is real but it would be nice for some type of government to be like “yes” and that they don’t claim us believers are crazy. Lol

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