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The most enduring symbol of extraterrestrial life has to be the gray alien. With a vaguely humanoid body and strangely elongated features, grays are just human enough to be unnerving to most individuals and have, for the most part, replaced the idea of little green men from Mars. Some people feel that this depiction of life is ridiculous and might even disprove various close encounters.

Skeptics see parallels in science fiction stories dating back to the 19th century. A Swedish novel from 1933 describes a race of extraterrestrials that are very similar to the ever-popular grays. Others claim that portrayals of alien life being similar to humanity are a sign of arrogance. Evolution, according to these skeptics, doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the same way that it has on Earth.

Admittedly, the idea of grays seems pretty far-fetched. Legitimate scientists have taken steps to distance themselves from such portrayals of extraterrestrial races. However, that doesn’t mean that the idea itself is bad. While most descriptions of such life forms are taken from the pages of hoaxes, that doesn’t mean that extraterrestrial creatures wouldn’t necessarily resemble anything on Earth.

Image Credit: San Diego State University

Indeed, Occam’s razor would seem to support this concept. No one should necessarily throw the baby out with the bath water. In fact, there is some scientific evidence for this sort of thinking. Humans are the only understood higher species. Saying that extraterrestrial civilizations would physically resemble human ones takes few assumptions.

Regardless of what theory one subscribes to, it’s easy to see that there is a huge rift between legitimate astrobiological research and what detractors deem UFOlogy. Unfortunately, the latter sometimes gives the former a bad name and may involve events that could be explained away as sleep paralysis or outright dishonesty. While so-called ufologists generally focus on finding gray aliens and UFO’s, astrobiologists generally take a different route by studying the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe (here on Earth and beyond). In other words, the two fields are worlds apart (pun intended). More to the point, astrobiologists are only interested in researching things that can actually be studied. This often involves the study of lifeforms that are microscopic in size – a far cry from a gray alien. If we ever do have a bonafide gray alien, I’m certain astrobiologists might want to study it as well. Until that happens however, I think most astrobiologists will remain skeptical regarding the existence of gray aliens.

Regardless of what you believe, this leaves an interesting question unanswered by astrobiologists. If intelligent life were discovered, how would sketchy portrayals of aliens on Earth influence the psyche of those who came into contact with them for real? Only exploration and continued research will yield the answer.

What are your thoughts on gray aliens, astrobiology, etc.?



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  1. Alien intellagence is not in a physical forum.In fact So diminutive. Human DNA will not allow us to comprehend how infinate an entity of cosmic intellagence would measure.In a physical measurement.Humans could not comprehend.This intellegence is so small, it is the step before DNA which then allows intelegence to be viewed in a physical forum.Amazingly Every spec of DNA is unique unto itself. Physcal aliens are intellegent Robots.Just one mans thoughts on topic.

  2. Great article, thanks! I have a few concerns, while reading it. “Humans are the only understood higher species”, this statement ignores an enormous amount of legitimate research. Humans, over time and through many areas of human creativity, have cataloged many higher species that could include areas like ET’s as well as experiences with non humans which were interpreted and recorded as manifestations of religion. This applies to pretty much every culture through history up to today.
    As far as the biologists go. Like many “Leading Scientists”, I hate to say it, their funding comes from somewhere and that can make Real Science suffer. Science, areas of legitimate study, should never be ignored. As far as Greys as well as the human form…. In nature through out the universe we might just find that in general things tend to be cyclical. If something works we see the pattern over and over again.

  3. There are many grey type species and the matter of fact there are also green aliens,orange aliens and alien species of all colors. Main stream astrobiologists wouldn’t know an alien if it bit them on the ass and are really just wasting time and money on microorganisms. If they only knew that they were just an experiment themselves, when in reality they are just ants inside a box looking out. You can never find the truth looking from the inside and outward. The truth is from the outside looking in and then you can finally see the whole. They need to learn to go outside the box and look in cause from inside there are only walls in the way

  4. Oh, I am sure they exist, but the astrobilogists won’t admit to it, like how Zahei Hawass won’t admit the Sphinx is at least 10,000 years old, despite the evidence being all over it.

  5. I believe that we’re being studied (more to the point-our souls) & not just when we die either. Maybe these extraterrestrial beings have souls and would be just as alien 👽 to them, as to us. One species created humanity and are long gone, so they can’t provide any answers!?

  6. Several years ago, there were claimed encounters with E.T’s who were known as the Nordics. They were given this name because they resembled Scandinavians. Some researches suggested,at the time, that they were linked with the Pleiades.

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