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A fish that looks exactly like the creature from alien (Video)

A fish that looks exactly like the creature from alien (Video) 1

Meet the Black Dragon Fish (Idiacanthus atlanticus).

As one of the most well known inhabitants of the deep sea, dragonfish became easily recognizable with its protruded jaw and giant, fang-like teeth. It can be found as deep as 5.000 ft (1.500 m) and despite the dreaded look, is not much of a threat to humans. With a size of mere 6 inches (15 cm), it can hardly harm larger animals, but nevertheless, fangtooth is a fierce hunter. It has to be in order to survive, as the environment it inhabits is harsh to say the least, with little or no food.

As a bonus I added a video with creepy fish of the deep 🙂

Black Dragonfish, image credit Peter Shearer




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  1. uno look like the dame creatures might be is we’re you come from the only life that excites is here on earth you wasting your money on this what happen to the poor people you for get them

  2. I think you mean an alien that looks just like a real fish. Get your priorities straight. We are at the center of the universe. Don’t steal our fire. Everything else is a pale copy.

  3. You’re right, but I think Ridley Scott explained his idea for the Alien to Geiger. Still, I’l give you this – the entire series of movies are full of “Geigeresqe” imagery and they wouldn’t have been nearly as good without Geiger’s creativity thrown into the mix.

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