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Are we ready for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?

Are we ready for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?

The SETI project scientists are known for tracking possible extraterrestrial signals, but now they are also considering sending messages from Earth telling of our position. A researcher from the University of Cádiz (Spain) questions this idea in view of the results from a survey taken by students, revealing the general level of ignorance about the cosmos and the influence of religion when tackling these matters.

The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project is an initiative that began in the 70s with funding from NASA, but that has evolved towards the collaboration of millions of Internet users for the processing of data from the Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico), where space tracking is carried out.

Now the members of this controversial project are trying to go further and not only search for extraterrestrial signs, but also actively send messages from Earth (Active SETI) to detect possible extraterrestrial civilisations. Astrophysicists, such as Stephen Hawking, have already warned of the risk that this implies for humanity, since it could favour the arrival of beings with more advanced technology and dubious intentions.

The ethical and sociological implications of this proposal have been analysed by the neuro-psychologist Gabriel G. de la Torre, professor at the University of Cádiz and participant in previous projects such as Mars 500 or space psychology topical team project financed by the European Space Agency, who wonders: “Can such a decision be taken on behalf of the whole planet? What would happen if it was successful and ‘someone’ received our signal? Are we prepared for this type of contact?”

To answer these questions, the professor sent a questionnaire to 116 American, Italian and Spanish university students. The survey assessed their knowledge of astronomy, their level of perception of the physical environment, their opinion on the place that things occupy in the cosmos, as well as religious questions – for example, “do you believe that God created the universe?” – or on the likelihood of contact with extraterrestrials.

The results, published in the journal ‘Acta Astronautica’, indicate that, as a species, humanity is still not ready for trying to actively contact a supposed extraterrestrial civilisation, since people lack knowledge and preparation. For this reason, SETI researchers are recommended in this study to look for alternative strategies.

“This pilot study demonstrates that the knowledge of the general public of a certain education level about the cosmos and our place within it is still poor. Therefore, a cosmic awareness must be further promoted – where our mind is increasingly conscious of the global reality that surrounds us – using the best tool available to us: education,” De la Torre emphasised. ”In this respect, we need a new Galileo to lead this journey”.

It was deduced from the questionnaires, which will soon be available to everyone on line, that university students and the rest of society lack awareness on many astronomical aspects, despite the enormous progress of science and technology. It also revealed that the majority of people consider these subjects according to their religious belief and that they would rely on politicians in the event of a huge global-scale crisis having to be resolved.

“Regarding our relation with a possible intelligent extraterrestrial life, we should not rely on moral reference points of thought, since they are heavily influenced by religion. Why should some more intelligent beings be ‘good’?,” added the researcher, who believes that this matter should not be monopolized by a handful of scientists: “In fact, it is a global matter with a strong ethical component in which we must all participate”.


Gabriel G. De la Torre. “Toward a new cosmic consciousness: Psychoeducational aspects of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations”.Acta Astronautica 94 (2): 577–583, 2014.


Source www.agenciasinc.es


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  1. We cant even get along with ourselves let alone adding another species with who knows what differences they may have. If this is a prison planet like some suggest, have we given the “guards” a reason to think we shouldnt be on this prison planet?

    We are selfish, destructive, ignorant, arrogant, paranoid, prideful, fearful, greedy, and deceitful.

    Those are traits that arnt good if you want to join an intergalactic community.

  2. Yea , this already happened , the aliens said to humans ” YOU ARE NOT PREPARED ” so they went to earth and did a fake moon landing underwater .. they know our steps here on earth , what do we would expect from them ?? Ofcourse they sended us back

  3. Any ET contact, if it does occur, should be treated as highly suspicious.
    Earth is a prison planet controlled by deceptive Archons masquerading as benevolent shape-shifting Reptilians under strict orders from Enki and his son Marduk. These two sinister Reptilians are parasites who have turned planet Earth into their own evil Empire by trapping souls in a vicious perpetual cycle of reincarnation. Enki might have genetically created modern man of Homo-Sapiens Sapiens, however, he deliberately tampered with our free-will to serve his selfish needs.
    Enki and his followers, would be defeated when Anunnaki Elite return to take back Earth and remove invisible fence that’s been trapping human souls to feed Enki negative energy!

  4. As a whole? No. Otherwise, we would not have to initiate that contact. Individuals, who are now becoming a collective? Yes. And it’s our job to be earth’s ambassadors. Our so-called leaders are either kept in the dark due to “need to know” of black government projects; or would prefer to keep us in the dark, as they are members of the military industrial complex, and stand to lose their money and “power”.

  5. I hope they do In my lifetime so it can destroy the “god” theory of how we came to be. I can’t stand religion. Ruined and continues to ruin this planet. Partial truths twisted into false ideals for simple minded humans to follow.

  6. Dose the blue beam project have anything to do with it, or are yous for real, it sounds like yous all ready know and you just have to tell the world. Cause i know the truth 😉

  7. During the early days of Lemuria and Atlanteàn the primitive masses were led by their priest-kings assisted by adepts and disciples the direct descendants of the erstwhile UFO , who as yet still formed the only real source of intelligent and spiritual guidance .

    • Ethiopia doesn’t part yet, for the moment there is more than enough fossil fuel too develop the majority to a level ready too travel,in the mean time we will never leave one molecule without Data behind for the benefit too colony the ninth,greetings indi.

  8. After centuries of struggle, Mankind can’t seem to get it right Maybe….just maybe a higher intelligence can solve our problem. After all ET is more than likely our engineers….or creators, if you wish.

  9. Been pretty much ready since 1997 since the time I saw the amazing transport they have fly right past. So sleek fast and nimble. I’d be like hi yeah yeah ok now how about a little spin in your wheels,show me how it works. Oh and by the way the chopper arrived ten minutes later and did a search all round just to give them a laugh

  10. Yes we are intelligent enough to know what we are asking for the world is now ready to meet the inevitable. Could aliens have a post asking questions on face book just to check our reactions?

  11. No …politicians wil try an go to war with them like idiots they are to keep world order and so called peace…and the average person will go into major panic …the only ones that are ready would be the believers and the spiritual advanced ones..and never the less the indigenous people that have always had contact with them…

  12. It’s time they come out of the shadows and greet us. I will welcome them with open arms and if need be, shelter and protect them, as many as I can. I’ve been in contact with them for a long time now and I can’t wait for them show themselves and herald a new age

  13. Humans have already had contact. Unfortunately our govs they are. Def not the right ppl to have had that encounter. Were they ready? No, yet they made contact. Why hmm?

    As a whole the world will never be ready, but by them showing up, the world will adjust. Eventually. A needful encounter it shall be.

  14. What is this bullshit ? They have been here for thousands of years, they are in the Bible. They created us, you better check Genisis 6 again. It’s not singular, it doesn’t say “God created us in his image.” It’s plural, it says “THEY created us in THEIR image. Read “DNA of the Gods,” by Christine H. Hardy.

  15. Yes ofcurs we are ready! Just don’t understand why they still refuse to tell the truth!! Well you have done it much harder for you self! You choose wrongly back in the day! We are not alone in the universe so now is the time for the government around the world. Look at it now. Because of Europe nations has given us a lot of information about the truth!

  16. NO!!!! the human race is not ready because probably around 90% of them are in absolute ignorance to this subject, to them it’s the kind of stuff you hear about in Sci-Fi movies, it’s gonna scare the absolute hell out of them, they need to be introduced to it subtly, they can start by putting it on mainstream news a little more often!

  17. Trump an hilary is not gona win an it goes obama as well there’s gona be changers trough out the world once we make contact We gona a none government world were we not gona be ruled by dickheads an greed for money an power


  19. Its what its gonna take to rid the world of racism and wake up to whats keeping us back from advancing as we are supposed to. There is no black white yellow brown or red. Only human race, and the corperation destroying this planet to line their pockets and hide the truth

  20. As the brazilian paranormal Chico Xavier once said, very soon the cosmic brothers of humanity will perform openly, starting a period of collaboration with us and bringing technology far beyond our current knowledge … It had been given to the terrestrial humanity an extra period of 50 years from the time when man first set foot on the moon in July 1969. What the human race, and especially the most powerful and developed nations of the world do in this period that ends in 2019 is to certify the ability to develop ourselves more quickly and peacefully on the way to an interstellar community, generating even unimaginable advances.

  21. As savage as the human race is…I would say no…although some of us would love to have contact, there are to many other people who would fear it and become a typical human savage and attack the visitors , ruining any chance of future contact and help when the bad ones show up

  22. what a joke , do they really expect us to believe this type of crap here …..fuck seti and all their signals we all know they are right here around us in space on the planet , in the planet ….is like the prehistoric way they make us believe we travel to space …..whit our frikkin diesel engines while s they already have interstellar space craft and much more ……go feed worms man if this is the news U have for us ….we aint frikkin in the stone age man …

  23. Try to call them they come to you we’ll not to your door ask them to show up believe me the come and show you they are here guys watching over the light workers and protecting the indigo children

  24. Don’t get me wrong, I have hope that there are other species. I have seen items that I have no explanation for. I believe that the Universe is too vast to have just one planet with lifeforms. As I stated above, if there has been contact made with another species and it hasn’t been announced, then there must be a sinister plot behind keeping it concealed. At any rate, I learned long ago not to take someone’s word regarding a subject that is controversial without having hard evidence to back it up. Everyone has their beliefs and I respect them; however, I just need more evidence to make that leap as confirmation for my own belief.

  25. If species alien to ours wanted us to know about them, it would have been made readily apparent by now. If there has been contact and only a segment of humans are aware–as some believe– there must be a sinister plot behind why it would be concealed. I firmly believe the later is not the case, because those of us that do believe know our Government’s are corrupt as any could be, and an advanced species most likely would be able to detect that. My opinion is that our species has just not evolved enough yet for another to reveal their existence.

  26. SETI’s policy is when they find signals, DON’T TELL ANYONE….contact the authorities and then it’s up to government to decide the next move…and we all know how GREAT government is when it comes to our best interests.

  27. Listo.. No lo creo pero nunca se hemos estado solo diré que dispuesto si con ganas de aprender, saber y que se caiga la venda de los ojos de muchos así como el negocio de tantos, todos sabemos la religión es el mejor negocio de todos y al contactar se acabaría y quizá algo cambie y volveremos la vista a nosotros cómo seres humanos ….

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