Man Creates Amazing Snow Art Just by Walking? What about crop circles?

Man Creates Amazing Snow Art Just by Walking? What about crop circles? 13

This is Simon Beck, he is a very unique artist who have been well-known for creating incredibly detailed snow art. He is neither carving nor sculpting the snow, he does his work of art just by walking over a fresh snowfall. He walks miles in the snow to create these mind-blown pieces. He is truly a man who loves art, because he spends several hours making each design, knowing it will be covered with another layer of snow the next day.

Man Creates Amazing Snow Art Just by Walking? What about crop circles?
































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  1. The radiation levels inside a crop circle is elevated and doesn’t allow any new growth for even more than a year in that spot. Scientists studied the crop circles and found this evidence to be true based on the dirt samples taken.

  2. Nope. Snow’s different from crops. And man made crop circles are sloppy and messy. Real ones have the plants bend and interwoven like a carpet, and various energies can be detected there, making some electronic devices go nutty, and UFO sightings occur at the time the crop circle shows up.

  3. Snow is easier to handle. Crop in crop circles, genuine crop circles are bend and interwoven like a carpet (which is impossible with boards and ropes, since the plants will snap or kink, the farmers say it’s impossible to bend and weave them, and I spoke to several about this), not to mention done over nights in the short summer nights, and footprints are never found. The man made ones are sloppy, crude and messy. Plus the genuine ones often make electronic devices go crazy, various energy can be detected there and even the crops are effected on a genetic level.

  4. Some can be explained away as either hoaxes or intentional man made art, however these particular crop circles lack two intriguing peices of evidence that the other ones have, foot step walking to and from the ‘art work’ and most astounding of all, radiation!!!

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