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UFO hunter Bill Birnes says that his popular TV series was canceled because of what the show uncovered.

In a recent interview on Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold, Birnes recounts the shocking details about what his UFO team uncovered in Dulce, New Mexico on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation.

As you may know, Dulce is supposedly the site of an extensive underground base in which there are reports of advanced technology taking place. Some are reporting that much of this research involves a “chimera” type of hybrid genetic manipulation of different species, such as man and cow.

Here is where it gets even stranger.

Bill Birnes says that somebody that identified himself as a former security person, Thomas Castello, reported that this base at Dulce was a type of collaborative effort between humans and ETs.

Well you might not think sounds so bad.

But the upsetting aspect of the Castello story, according to Birnes, is that humans and ETs were performing some horrific experiments involving cross breeding of species and various organs.

Birnes says that the experiments Castello reported on were something out of the movie of “the Island of Doctor Morrow.” He says, “They were horrible, grotesque experiments of body parts floating in vats.”

“It was something out of a Jeffery Dhamer movie,” Birnes says.

According to Birnes, “These experiments were going on to blend humans and extraterrestrials. They were growing a whole new species there”

So what happened to the “whistleblower” Thomas Castello?

He disappeared and many people involved in the story also disappeared, Birnes says.

Even though this story of ET and human collaboration at Dulce is told by a few others, at this point it all seems just like a frighteningly fantastic story.

But there is more to the story.

Birnes says that one episode on UFO Hunters had uncovered evidence that seemed to back up the strange hybrid/chimera technology reportedly going on at Dulce.

A retired New Mexico State Trooper, Gabe Valdez, showed the TV UFO Hunter Team what looked like a human head on a cow (see video below).

After the the broadcast of the “human headed cow” episode, Birnes says they “evidently stepped on the big one. We were told what did you do. You guys are off the air. You guys are bad guys.”

Birnes also says he was told by somebody that claimed to be from an intelligence agency that the show went too far when they aired the human headed cow.

Interestingly, Dulce is right in the middle of an area known for cattle mutilations. As I have previously reported, Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado have been a hot spot for not only UFO activity but for animal mutilations.

It is also interesting to note that a few researchers and ranchers have concluded that the cattle in the Dulce area of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado are being mutilated not by Aliens but by some secret government black operation.

Perhaps those that conclude the cattle mutilations are a US black op are partially right. But as Bill Birnes suggests, it could be a joint operation involving ETs.

Watch the portion of the episode that, according to Bill Birnes, got the popular UFO Hunters TV Show canceled below. You will see what is claimed to be a human head on a cow.


You can also hear an interview with Whitley Strieber and Bill Birnes for DreamLand on the subject.

Source indianinthemachine.wordpress.com


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  1. Ancient Aliens has covered (at least one episode) of this & the show was never cancelled. Joe Rogan interviewed Burns, unfortunately he came off looking like (his hair wasn’t combed, he was almost bug-eyed) a total loonie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer that we are not alone. Just the way he presented himself, didn’t do him any justice. 👽

    • ,,,,,,,,, They’re already doing it, sure, using sound waves and thermal, chemical trails, chemistral, genetically modified crops, pesticides cancrogeni, mandatory vaccines, caused epidemics, volcanic eruptions,,, etc,,, all used to modify or eliminate us,,, today may intervene on embryos uman, changing dNA into rNA,,,,,, new breed gender,,, male bear a child with plant uterus,,, belgium, france,,, they are ready ,,, etc, etc,,,,,, robots are identical to human,,, they say that will serve for the future , wars,,,,,,of this and other,,, speaks around the world,,, r u ready,,,,sure ,,

  2. I saw that episode and also loved the show. I am inclined to believe the rumors and wonder why thousands don’t turn up at places like Dulce and Area 51 and demand entry and truth. It is our tax dollars that are funding the government and military, and the American people need to rise up and demand an accounting. They are hiding something and the truth must be exposed.

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