‘I will die on Mars – and give birth to the first Martian’

‘I will die on Mars – and give birth to the first Martian’ 1

British woman Maggie Lieu, 24, says her Mum is ‘proud and happy’ that she is one of the final 100 candidates to travel to Mars in 2024.

She also says she is ‘very open’ to having a baby on the Red Planet – despite the unknown risks of giving birth to what would be the first Martian.

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Lieu has made the final 100, out of 200,000 applicants for Mars One’s mission – all of whom applied knowing that the trip would be one way.

There is no ship to take the applicants back from Mars, and all the astronauts will die there, after they fly to the robot-built colony in 2024.

Despite her decision to die on another planet, Lieu told Metro, ‘My family and friends are really supportive. I have been flooded with messages from everyone telling me how proud they are. I liked this one in particular: “You always said you would be an astronaut, very inspirational. Good luck with everything hun”.

‘My mum was skeptical at first but it’s getting more real every day. I’m her only daughter so we have quite a close bond, but she is so proud and happy for me finally making my dream come true.’

‘I will die on Mars – and give birth to the first Martian’
Would you move here? (Picture: ESA)

She also says that she is open to the idea of giving birth to a Martian.

‘I’m very open to having a baby on Mars,’ she said, ‘I think it would be really exciting to be the mother of the first ever baby born there.No one has done research on giving birth in low gravity so it is a risk. In order to establish a colony on Mars, reproduction is inevitable and essential. Im curious to know the impact it will have on our knowledge of pregnancy in space.

Mars One hopes to finance its mission via a reality show – and plans for two astronauts to leave for the colony every year from 2024.

Lieu will now begin a ten-year training programme for her journey to the Red Planet.

‘We will have 10 years of training,’ she says. ‘Group training to make sure we can work in a team and get on with the people we will be spending the rest of our lives with. Technical training to brush up on all the skills we need to survive on mars – medical, dentistry, repairs, agriculture and finally personal training to make sure we can cope in isolated conditions, to make sure we can deal with the 3-22minute communication time delay and to make sure we maintain top shape both mentally and physically.

‘I am really looking forward to this next part and meeting all the like minded people. I think every one will bring something incredible to the mission.’


Source metro.co.uk

‘I will die on Mars – and give birth to the first Martian’

‘I will die on Mars – and give birth to the first Martian’
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  1. True sign of a lack of intelligence is when you explain something to the masses that they don’t understand, and they choose to ridiculed instead of seeking mmore knowledge.

  2. I hope that you realize that the child of Mars will look nothing like us humans on Earth ….There are many variables that make it almost impossible to have a Martian child look like a Earthling!!

  3. 10 years of training before going would make her 34 at blast off. And it might take her a little while to find the right Martian. So not an optimum age to be having a first baby…Martian or human.

  4. No you won’t because you will never leave Earth…we ain’t going to Mars…we will be lucky to survive another decade without making ourselves extinct through war caused by liberal Marxists, global banks, Zionist syndicates and media propaganda

  5. Bruh when they go there I guarantee there going to see life intelligent life and if they stay there then they might even make face to face contact let’s hope they share it to the public unlike when apollo astronauts didn’t share what they saw on the moon even though its leaked now thanks internet

  6. There is a Tribe in Africa called the two-toed people. They tell of their ancestors being brought here from Mars to escape the oncoming disaster. Some chose to live underground and not evacuate. The Dogon Tribe in Africa tells of being brought her from the Sirius Star System. They describe the landing of the rocket ship, precisely, We have to realize all of the knowledge in existence is not on this earth, and thankfully, has not been rewritten to favor one class of people.

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  9. Should she wander to an underground habitat she will find that there are black Martians there. In the Bible you will read: “…they came down from heaven and saw the daughters of men and found them fair, taking unto them all whom they desired.” That happened millions of years ago, when Marduk and Sappanit were married. The Igigi of Mars plotted to take wives for themselves and carry them back with them. LOST BOOK OF ENKI by Zecharia Sitchin.

  10. They will accept this as a challenge to living on a strange world imagine the brave people going into the unknown if I was young enough El Paso Texas I would love to go knowing that I will die out there so be it

  11. not so fast – don’t forget what happened to the Roanoke Colony … they disappeared and still no one knows with certainty what happened to them. .. not a sure deal, for sure… there could be hungry martians up there with their own version of barbecue sauce just waiting to celebrate their version of Thanksgiving.

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