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Pat Robertson says aliens are impossible because God just wouldn’t allow it

Pat Robertson says aliens are impossible because God just wouldn’t allow it

On Wednesday, Pat Robertson spent time on “The 700 Club” telling NASA not to waste money going to Mars or searching for life beyond Earth. Why? Well because in Robertson’s non-expert opinion there’s nothing out there in space besides “barren rocks” and “gaseous balls.”

“This planet is where God has got an experiment in what he wants to have accomplished,” Robertson stated. “But somehow, people want to spend a lot of money to go to Mars! I don’t want to think that Mars is someplace I want to visit, and it would take a lot of money to get there!”

One could roll their eyes at this rhetoric and dismiss it as Robertson’s typical bombastic and close-minded blather. But his “NASA is too expensive” thoughts are shared by politicians who hold the purse strings.

This line of thought displays not only a lack of imagination, but also a lack of understanding of Earth’s finite resources. This sort of limited scope of ideas also stifles innovation and scientific discovery. Space travel is responsible for so many incredible technologies that we use today, which NASA has helpfully enumerated here.

Scientists including Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking have all made the case for space exploration as a necessity for mankind.

Bill Nye:

Stephen Hawking:

“Not to leave planet Earth would be like castaways on a desert island not trying to escape…Sending humans to other planets … will shape the future of the human race in ways we don’t yet understand, and may determine whether we have any future at all.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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  1. So called God is not male or female,the entity created the universe,the entity is not good or bad,but will at any cost protect the universe.You and I are grown from seed for our souls…bad ones can be healed but good ones are better…we are farmed nothing is wasted in this universal plan.

    • They sat on their bums and wrote history to calm the human barbarians….Religion grabbed it and used it as a tool,adding or taking out at random.Aramaic was in fact a forgotten language,so they made it up in latin and greek. and anything else they could add.Jesus was a good man they tainted his being with stupidity…Men in expensive frocks and golden chalices …how disgusting.

  2. I think there must be alien life out in space with all the different planets and galaxies NASA is discovering. I wouldn’t be listening to what any preacher has to say about god, they don’t known anymore then me or you.

  3. So out of touch with reality????? ——-You know your right, It makes more sense that God, who created the universe and everything in it, decided to make thousands and thousands of planetary systems, All so Humans, (who must be the most special, wonderful, balls of divine greatness), have something pretty to look at in the sky!?!? Wth?. Learn to use your brain!!! If We are the only thing in the entire universe…….well, then God sure doesn’t know how to efficiently use space or resources, for he wasted 99.9999999% of the visible universe. Doesn’t sound right to me?!?!? But you can believe whatever floats your boat buddy !?!?

  4. The simple fact that we exist on this planet means that out of the trillions of planets out there that it is highly possible and more than likely, on a way more advanced level than we are, that self aware beings exist on many of the remaining planets.

  5. He lies! Because God Himself said that the kids of God came on earth and took the girls ( daugthers) as their wives and had children…..who were giant peoples .
    God may be an extraterritorial being more intelligent than human beings. I’m sorry for shocking some of you!

  6. GOD is and never has been real! Stop believing in this shit!! One day there will be hardly any churches left on earth.. People are realising (apart from brain washed) that it’s all just utter crap!!

    So much evil goes on in the world! If he is up there and that powerful then why doesn’t he do something!! Exactly

    Stop being small minded. How can this vast of space only house us?!

    Wakes wakey..

  7. Pat Robertson idiotic statement clearly shows his fears and inability to earn decent living without using religion as his personal piggy bank that made him rich and famous!
    Of course, Pat would be terrified and threatened with the possibility of Alien life that would immediately cease his money making scam of religious dogma.

  8. Does he know why there are gaseous balls, why the natural timeless chaos of a perception less reality has distilled to this shape and form?


    We are like a metronome. Our hearts pulse at set rates and our brains absorb the chaos at set rates, resulting in the universe appearing how it does.

    Seen this way, the universe becomes less of a place in space and time and more simply, a point of perspective.

    We’re all viewing our own version of it and to think that in this moment of equilibrium where so many planets are formed to balls, that we are the only eyes to see it? Is kind of absurd.

    There are possible an infinite of planets out there the same shape as ours, while we are here to view them at that shape, and if none of them except this one have life, what a fucking waste of space

  9. 7 million different types of living species on Earth which is a billion times smaller than the atom compared to the universe. The mathematical probables state that it is probably teaming with life in the centillions out there and is a process that has been going on for billions and billions of years. There is one thing for certain, this process, life creating life, hasn’t a fucking clue what religion or god is! Fact!

  10. That’s because most Christians only believe in their god and no other creation. I’m Christian but I’m not fucking ignorant. Can’t believe in a guy or female god you can’t see but in the same breath say et life isn’t real…

  11. Why!..r we the special one?…its understandable that if there is life present on earth then why shud somewhere else not!…even i cant see nd unable to see many things in my life which is present in this world but that dosnt mean they r non existed… the question is who comes first in the process of evolution…what is that process in which they said that our body is just a vessel nd soul can b transformed into another coz its immortal….is that another vessel falls on somewhere else ..many question’s nd .no one knows all the answer…i stand with Humanity first …i take birth here m gonna die here..atleast together we have strenth against any invasion…

  12. In my opinion if god created us didnt he want us to just wonder round aimlessly just worshipping him so technically as his slaves . then lucifer convinced eve to eat from the tree of knowledge she then convinced adam so correct me if im wrong but in my eyes isnt lucifer the real person people shud worship lol as he gave us the choice and knowledge?

  13. tuhan hanyalah manusia yang mengarang nya…apakah anda pernah melihat tuhan yang sebenarnya…seperti apa rupa tuhan…saya juga tidak tahu bentuk tuhan saya seperti apa…
    kalau alien saya yakin ada..
    alam semesta begitu luas..bermiliaran planet di galaksi
    tidak mungkin tiada makluk hidup…manusia jangan sombong..

  14. Cus he knows what God is willing to allow….Christianity is full of uneducated dumbasses who spout out a whole shit ton of bullshit that God supposedly wants or needs when it’s just their own values and beliefs plus, God won’t allow ufos or life on other planets but he will allow murder,rape,beatings,and child molestation wtf ever if that’s who God is I don’t want no part of that shit.


  16. God wouldn’t allow it.. We are a young species that does not even listen to the commandments of God and we allow ourselves to think what God wishes or does not wish…. crazy those who think we are the only ones in the universe…The human does not even know who he is and he claims that there is no other species in the universe. primitive

  17. Faith in a god, no one has met. A book written by men depicting this god, religions built on the word of man. It amazes me that humans read a book and listen to people preach about something that now of them has every seen or met and yet many humans around the world believe it. Why do you need to find something other than yourself! You are it, it’s not out there, it is you.

  18. Mr. Robertson must read the Bible again and think a thousand times before opening his mouth. The Messiah and other entities told their followers that they are not of this world. That was why HE said He would ascend and go back to HIS Father (who is not of this planet too) They themselves are EXTRA Terrestrials. And so with the Devil and his cohorts who were thrown out of HEAVEN (wherever that might be).

  19. haha it takes a mighty small and shallow mind to believe that we are the only life forms in the galaxy and GOD help us if he thinks that we are the most intelligent…i hope not! and who gives him the right to speak for God? Pat, God says he’s gonna kick your ass for putting words in his mouth! lol

  20. But “He” did allow slavery-past and present, many genocides( in the name of christianity at that), cancer, Nickel Back, child sex trafficking, relentless colonization of sovereign nations…

  21. I personally don’t believe in aliens. Here’s my reasoning. God only has 1 son and that’s Jesus. Jesus was sent to Earth to live as a man and die for our sins. Jesus only died 1 time. He didn’t go from planet to planet dieing for each of them. I don’t believe that God would create intelligent beings with souls and have them go to hell with no chance to go to Heaven. Remember Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the light. No man cometh unto the father but by me.” John 14:6.

    • And just to get you motivated there are houndreds of accounts in the bible of other worldly visitors described as best they could with the knowledge of that time. Wake up stop being a puppet.

    • Intelligent beings? So what about animals? Some apes are now using tools and are more intelligent than we were as we evolved. Are they in heaven? What about dogs that show loyalty and protect us when they sense danger. Or compassion and cuddle with us to try and cheer us up. Doesn’t that take a soul to feel compassion. Are they in heaven also?

    • No Laury Pelletier the sacrifice was the hours upon hours of torture Jesus endured. The hours hanging on a cross for us. He didn’t have to do it. He chose to do it to save us from hell.

    • Were they saved before Jesus died? Before Jesus God gave the law. They had to follow it to go to Heaven. Jesus died to free us from the law. “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9.

    • Bet there are aliens having the same chat now. If I was God I’d totaly dick about with different planets. All that space and one boring marble. Not a very good use of real estate!


    • I know why so many religions are loosely centerd around three main bodies to worship and a reserection. It’s the three days the sun stays leval in the sky and the reserection is when it begins to rise again.

    • Like steve posted: the whole jesus story was ripped off verbatim from the story of mithra. And we can trace a lot of bible stories back to Sumer. Some people still prefer to live in their ignorant bubble and not embrace knowledge. Pity.

    • This is hilarious
      I guess I’m going to hell because I don’t believe in Jesus😂😂😂
      Religion is a hoax, the Bible is man made, we’re all going to heaven, the Church created hell to control the masses.

    • So let me get this straight you believe in other worldly planes, magic men who fell from the sky and eternal lakes of fire and all that BS, but you can’t accept that of all the countless Galaxies, in which are countless solar systems in which are countless planets in the cosmos we have the only planet capable of sustaining life and that we are the only life forms out there??? You need to re evaluate your beliefs man cos you’re delusional

    • Yeah a billion trillion planets in the cosmos… and us humans are the only living organisms lol
      God fucked up then because we are centuries away from being a loving race, not driven by money and greed.
      When the killing stops and I don’t have to pay bills anymore.
      I’ll believe in God 😂

    • Randy Counts, not all humans are intelligent. According to your interpretation of Christianity. Does that mean that a non-intelligent person is a living dead? … a zombie? If you don’t get what I am saying, read back your own post again.

    • You talk of personal belief as if anything in this post was derived from creative thought. Having an opinion about aliens when your basis, your foundation is hard wired closed minded religion, is like drawing a dick on a paint by numbers colouring book.

      Throw it away. Be free, man, damnit.

    • Heaven and hell are constructs of the imagination, also. Do you think pigs and cows go to hell or heaven after they die? Do you think there is a pig Jesus wearing sandals with long hair? It is a human construct, a story and nothing more

      Hells first modern imagery was depicted in the poems by Dante

      They were stories told by a man.

      The imagination is all powerful. If you end up in some vast time loop where demons are fucking you in the arsehole, after you die, then dude you’re doing it to yourself. Be free from it. The ‘gods retribution’ is human vengeance and guilt gone crazy.

    • God and religion was made up to keep people in line.
      Think about this. Adam and Eve had kids. How did they populate the planet? Incest.
      It’s all fu**ed up.
      And the churches still cover up paedophilia.

    • Randy Counts so what about other religions that believe in reincarnation? If you come back as an animal you will have a soul. Or are you so bigoted that only your religion is the only one. What about Hinduism, Budism etc?

    • Hey Randy,since you are so into the Bible and stuff like that,i suggest you to look for the 14 books that were removed from the old testament and think why were they removed lol

    • I love how all the atheist come out to attack someone because of their faith in Jesus Christ. So just to make myself clear Jesus was on the earth for 33 1/2 years. He was born from a virgin. He preformed many miracles. He was sinless. He died for our sins. He rose after 3 days. After he arose he was seen by thousands of people. He went back to Heaven. All of this was documented history. He’s coming back to rapture all of the living Christians up to Heaven. And if you don’t believe in him you’ll burn in a lake if fire for eternity. So keep insulting me. And keep making fun of Christians. We know how it all ends.

    • Randy I respect your belief and I also consider myself a Christian – I was raised Southern Baptist, I was a Lutheran for awhile, and then converted to Catholicism, but not practicing for the last 25 years – so I am Christian by environment because that what I grew up around and for the majority of my life it’s what I ‘be been around – let’s set that belief over here as a basis…going forward reading, studying, etc other issues start to appear – our knowledge base is much different today – even with our Christian faith it’s important to understand who wrote the Bible – and who it was written for – one small example – most Christians believe that God created the world in seven days because that what it says in the Old Testament – but if we go back to the Hebrew it doesn’t say that – it says God created the world in a complete period of time…so when the Greeks translated the Bible from Hebrew to Greek they were the one that selected a week as the complete period of time – so they could have selected any period…yet there are Christian groups today that still believe it was seven 24 hour periods – period. Another example is the story of Jesus – if you believe in a literal translation who’s right – Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John?? They can’t all be right – also many if not most civilizations have a creation story, a flood story, etc. so were one of these “borrowed” for the Bible?? I hope you see my point – plus how much control did/does the RC Church have over what was included in the Bible we have today?…I am still open to evidence of alien life which doesn’t affect my beliefs – I knew radar operators in the Air Force in the 60’s that tracked objects moving at over 5,000 mph and then make a 90 degree turns – as far as I know there is no man made object even today that can do that – many folks that experienced close encounters in the 40’s and 50’s have died leaving death-bed confessions of what they experienced which we would consider irrefutable – so much more – try not to let your religious foundation override everything else you experience- research and investigate 😎 have an open mind

    • John Atwell I respect others opinions even if I don’t agree with them. Including yours. I’ve studied the Bible my whole life. And I do believe what the Bible says. It says that God created the universe in 7 days so thats what I believe. I don’t believe in aliens. And so far there has been no proof of them. If one crashes and I see it I’ll change my mind. Till then we’re all entitled to our opinions.

  22. Someone tell this dip shit. God is an alien. In the recruitment book it say in the beginning God created the heaven and tbe Earth. God NOT from Earth so he is an alien.

  23. Hahaha all the religious crazy ppl on here. I bet y’all believe in Thor and his big hammer too. Stop reading a fake book compiled by at interpretation so old that it surpasses Greek mythology hahaha. Go open a science book. Dinosaurs were on this planet for more than 200 million years and they never made civilizations, nuclear weapons and so forth. We are perfect and that is not by a so called God ,but by something way higher intelligent and more suffisticated

  24. Ezekiel 1:4-28 seems to suggest UFOs are fallen angels or demonic in nature, not intelligent life forms from other planets or galaxies. Apparently these entities from another dimensional realm are capable of producing matter and energy. I think that soon this will become self evident as time goes on.

    • My same thoughts exactly. They could be a deception by a demonic force. Everyone that supposedly had an encounter had a negative experience. I’m not a religious person but I believe that people are looking for the devil that has a pitchfork and horns. Wasn’t Lucifer the devil once a beautiful angel and his name meant bringer of light or son of the morning star. People are being deceived. Just my thoughts.

  25. But didnt god create everything.. Who created him? So on so forth like did the chicken or the egg come first… The egg cant hatch unless it stays warm jus like we cant grow unless we in a snatch

    • It is kind of surprising Brother to know that God (meaning God The Father) had a beginning. There are other GODS beside HIM only HE is the one assigned to govern us in as much that it was HIS SON Jesus who created this planet and everything on this part of the cosmos under the direct guidance of HIS Father.

  26. Open your eye you dumb fuck, the evidence is there just look. The universe is so vast we cant be the only ones here. And why is this so called God when innocent men, women and children are being murders every day in large numbers world wide.

  27. “in my fathers house are many mansions”….John 14:2. Hebrews 11:3: ‘Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.’….wowwww…and how about this ….“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth” (Colossians 1:16 NKJV). “And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth …

  28. FUCK you,your going to hell. You MAGGOT you will die a slow painful death , because God isn’t judgemental, like you are. You are a piece of shit feeding on terror! Doesn’t sound godly to me!!!!

  29. and a few million years pass with dinosaurs and what not and then .. time for man . I’m sure there are a few things in between that we don’t know of… Pat

    • Many books and scriptures were lost. They were mentioned in the Bibile but nowehere to be found. They might contained other infos regarding the creation. Example: The Books of the wars of the Lords etc.

  30. And how does he know? Does he hear from the Lord a lot? I’ve heard Robertson talk a number of times over the years on tv. He always sounds like he knows what God is “thinking” and Everything about God.

  31. God is what you make him to be, but in reality he is a made up figure in your head that brings you comfort when you are taught to believe such things and now people think it’s God they talk to in there head when really it’s there imagination.

    • Andrew Mouton, if that is true, then I have met my imagination face to face and watch him snatch me from the brink of death, more times than one. But, if you say so, who am I to argue.

  32. how does one create a cage ,lock one,s own self inside the cage throw away the key and forget there is a key or cage ,and forget there is an “inside” or “outside”and even forget there is a self? create the illusion that there is no illusion, the entire universe is real,and that no other universe exist or can be created .On earth the propaganda taught and agreed upon is the the GODS are responsible and that humans beings are not responsible beings.You are taught that only god can create universe, so, the responsibility for every action is assign to another “is be” ( spiritual being ) or god .Never oneself .no human being never assumes personal responsibility for the fact that they THEMSELVES individually and collectively are gods . this fact alone is the source of entrapment for every ” IS BE “. WE ALL R SPIRITUAL BEINGS nothing to do with religion and god .cjbsr.

  33. While I respect the thoughts and beliefs of others, this claim by Pat is unfounded and there is not even a scintilla of evidence to support his belief. Well, basically, he is full of shit. …

  34. Linda Tucker, I totally agree. There are many worlds throughout the universe. There are many living beings, perfectly suited for their environment. However, we have allowed the white man’s religion to screw us and our minds up; turn us against each other; think that what we have learned from the books white folks wrote is all there is. Once we figure out that everything he wrote is a LIE. However, what Eternal God writes upon the pillars of our hearts is all that really real.

  35. Today’s modern English translation of the Wisdom Literature of the past, includes all ” intelligent thought and awareness” regardless if it is based in secular liberal ethical humanism, the various religions, or various wisdom literature, or modern books, or even Satanism – there are in all things time and circumstance NOTHING absolute and without error in all situations. Trying to apply one holy writ, to all times and all circumstances is probably the greatest ” blindness” that is possible.

  36. And if Robertson would blow the dust off of his bible, wipe the mold off of its pages and actually begin reading what it REALLY teaches – he would then learn that the “gods’ of the bible are actually extraterrestrial and not supernatural

  37. Months ago when I seen this , I also thought he was an idiot , cause, enough said .. right? Well I now agree with him actually, because there isn’t any such thing as a universe, god wouldn’t allow it , he never mentioned anything about solar systems and planets name by false gods, so there can’t be aliens from other planets , call them what you want but they are from within our bubble, and this alien from other planets thing is just a story put in your heads , do you want proof ? Here it is , if we have been in contact with aliens for years ,since the 30s or 50s , we have ufos , for all that time , and no one asked them how to get out of lower earth orbit ? Right……you have to piece together a pretty big fn puzzle here, wake up!

  38. The fact that this guy said , God wouldn’t allow it , is wrong HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT GOD IS THINKING , in the universe there is a balance that has to be kept for life too excite , that’s the most important there is life out there whether you believe that life is there or not , with all the things that’s starting to show up around the world there has to be something to it .

    • Look at it from another perspective and you’ll see why it undermines religion. God is the Supreme Being, however there are many levels of life or intelligence beneath the Supreme Being that are still above man or come in contact with. From our micro understanding and perspective of the universe all we see and acknowledge is they come from the heavens…meaning the stars also.

    • He’s not a total retard, you have to remember he’s following a Godly inspired and divine Book along with a training that was designed to divert man’s attention, evolution, and capabilities to build foundations of a political agenda and financial backing known as the church that it has acquired a massive amount of wealth, knowledge, and mans history of the last five thousand years for the past two thousand years and only a select few get to go to the libraries and read up on it. The organization is its own entity and answers to no other country on this planet. Chew on that for a moment, that is the Vatican City.

  39. God gave us brains. God gave is the ability to jump the pond. I’m a huge fan of science though I think god is bigger than we can imagine. Why not see the beauty and maracles he created.

  40. This guy is absolutely nuts .There is no God eh .Tell that to people who are being raped slaughtered or tortured eh !!!. There are Aliens and we have more evidence than You think eh !!!

  41. Aliens are cool. Why wouldn’t I allow it? They’re just alternative people pretty much lol. And some are goths. Lol. Anyway, they completely transcend that too limitlessly and limitless is all good so they can come here later when more people want them.

  42. The thing is the bible actually talks about alien and ufo sequences in the bible. Ezekiel 1. Wheels in the sky. It talks about the giants of nephalim …..it talks about ” in my house are many mansions” …. and much more. Limited thinking is limited God thinking.

  43. From my book SURVIVING THE STORM Written in 1996: “One day, Celia, she say to me, ‘Manuel, I look into the place where the Pope, he live, you know. I see many things I do not understand. There in his vault, I see pictures of strange beings, flying machines, people from the heavens, and many, many other things. When I ask to know what it mean, they tell me I cannot speak of these things. They say it is not time for people to know.’

  44. How can anyone think we as a race are the only beings in the solar system? That’s probably one of the most ignorant comments that can be made….. God or no God, how can it be only ‘Us’???

  45. Anything to put more money in his pockets. Greedy scumbags , bet he takes money off people who can’t really afford it but says it’s gods donation or some shit yet he’s driving around in a rolls.

  46. I’m a born again and believe 100% the universe in thriving with life. Anyone who says they are Christian and doesn’t, ask them if they believe in angels or what all the weird creatures in heaven are? They weren’t born on earth so by definition are aliens!