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The Sumerian Anunnaki and the Origin of Mankind

The Sumerian Anunnaki and the Origin of Mankind 1

One of the most interesting theories regarding the origin of mankind was proposed by paranormal author Zecharia Sitchin and revolves around the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens”). The Anunnaki correspond to the old Hebrew Anakeim and Elohim and the Egyptian Neter.

According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki came from Nibiru, the mysterious yet unconfirmed tenth planet in our solar system. They landed in the Persian Gulf area some 430,000 years ago and colonized our planet with the intention of mining monoatomic gold, which was scarce on Nibiru yet abundant on Earth.

Their mining operations went without a hitch for 200,000 years until their miners rebelled and the Anunnaki were left without their working force. Documents Sitchin claims to have translated tell of the efforts the Anunnaki undertook in search for new miners, efforts which ultimately led to the rise of Homo sapiens.

The Sumerian Anunnaki and the Origin of Mankind

After unsuccessful attempts to splice animal and Homo erectus DNA, the Anunnaki chief scientists Enkiand Ninhursag incorporated their own genetic material into H. erectus, fathering modern humans. Their success was shadowed by the fact that their new human slaves were sterile clones and as the demand for workforce increased, they genetically engineered mankind in order to be able to reproduce.

This ability led to overpopulation and many humans were banished from the safety of their cities, giving rise to the expulsion from paradise myth that so many cultures still recall.

Thousands of centuries later, the human species had evolved into stability and again caught the attention of the Anunnaki. They wanted to take advantage of the new genetic stock and some of them were chosen as sexual partners. The children resulted from these forbidden unions were called the Nephilim, “the giants of old”. This protocol breach also resulted in wiping out the resulting populace, save for a few chosen individuals who were protected by Enki, who still harbored sympathy for his creation. These events are present as the cultural heritage of many civilizations.

NibiruAfter hundreds of thousands of years of enslaving their creation to serve their obscure interests, the Anunnaki decided to leave Earth. Their influence reached every corner of the world, from Mesopotamia to India to South America.

According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki exodus happened around 6,000 years ago. Before they left, they decided to give humanity one more boost, which can be summed up as the Sumerian civilization, which was inexplicably advanced for its time. Indeed, they made a ‘sudden’ appearance as a mature and highly organized culture. The Anunnaki taught the Sumerians their way of life and established kingship. The king would act as their emissary on Earth and rule the people under their guidance. Their select bloodline was genetically enhanced with Anunnaki genes and they were taught astronomy, mathematics, technology and medicine.

Despite the skepticism with which this theory has been met, Sitchin cites several documents and discoveries in support of his claim.

The Babylonian epic of creation called Enuma Elish represents a history of the forming of our solar system. According to it, the Earth had not yet formed when a wandering planet called Nibiru was caught by our sun’s gravitational pull. It disturbed many of the planets’ moons and tilted Uranus’ orbit. It then collided with Tiamat, a planet that once orbited between Mars and Jupiter.

Earth was born out of this collision and Tiamat’s moon became our own. What was left of Nibiru settled into a 3,600 year elliptical retrograde (it spins opposite to all the other planets) orbit around the sun. Interestingly enough, computer simulations indicate such an event as the origin of our planet. It would certainly explain a lot of inconsistencies in our current theory about the Moon, which seems older than Earth itself.

Sitchin also believes that the existence of out of place artifacts such as the Baghdad Batteries or the Saqqara Bird can be attributed to an ancient yet highly advanced civilization. He also mentions the suppressed discovery of an Anunnaki gold processing plant on Mount Horeb by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1889.

Archaeological digs at the ancient Mesopotamian city of Niniveh uncovered 400 intact clay tablets in the library of Assurbanipal. These tablets contain continuous historical records fully encompassing the activities of the Anunnaki. The records place the location of the Anunnaki genetic laboratories in East Central Africa, which, interestingly enough is in the exact same area as our modern searches have placed ‘mitochondrial Eve’ and in the same time period. Even more interesting is that 100,000 year-old gold mines have been found in the area.

Sitchin believes that our evolution has been sped up beyond a doubt. He and others claim that our radical and anomalous differences should be evidence enough for this theory.

They also say the Anunnaki are not done ruling Earth.


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  1. Yes the Bible story of the Garden of Eden is mirrored in the much earlier Sumerian story of the Garden of Edinnu , and even the idea of Sabbath can be found in the Sumerian day of rest the sabattu , the Jewish peoples were held in captivity in Babylon and when they were freed by the Persian they took many of the Babylonian stories and beliefs back to Palestine .

  2. The arrogance of the Elitist’s, will not allow them to change their thinking about anything, including the Great Pyramids, and all the other Unexplained Wonders, found around the World? They must be able to explain, so they do, (Falsely) although their facts never quite add up? This continues, as the top 1% of Elitist’s manipulate the rest of the World’s Population, to achieve Globalization at the expense of every Culture in the World! Who knows the result when this Goal is finally achieved? First, Enslavement of the Entire Worlds Population, & Resources, for the Pleasure of the Elitist’s at the top? WHAT COMES NEXT< OR WHO?

  3. The first people is the giant and they are follows the command of the ancestor because they are no knowledge but the small than them will honest so the small people like us are the true ancestor they Are the slaves of the past they made the pyramid the large basement and buildings to the small people like us

  4. Annunakis are coming for Gold its their Gold anyone who dealing with it is messingup with the Alliens leave their things alone then they wont come out if you can follow Annunakis history humans are on Earth becouse of Annunakis they mould our bodys and stole soul from God to Earth to make us slaves to dig Gold for them

  5. But I don’t even come from earth and have no idea what’s even going on or where I’am and anyone I’am looking at, the only thing I know is I’am a fox God.

  6. Stichen in his last days …admitted that he maade up Anunoki…there is is sumerian word in any of the 38,000 tablets written in concuform for annunoki.. so how much make believe are you going to follow?

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