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Mysterious underground cities; what was their true purpose?

Mysterious underground cities; what was their true purpose? 2

For centuries we have heard stories of caves and tunnels leading into the Earth, underground passages that mysteriously lead to the realms of demons and monsters.

Is there a chance that these “legends” actually hide an amazing truth? Perhaps, these supernatural places actually exist on our planet.

Cappadocia in easter Turkey might be one of those incredible supernatural places that hides an incredible story. In 1963, what was just another home remodeling project turned out to be one of the most incredible archaeological discoveries of the decade, leading towards the discovery of a giant underground city, which is thousands of years old and has a depth of over 85 meters.

Until today, now one is really sure on how this ancient underground city was built and what was its original purpose when it was built. Ancient Astronaut theorists speculate that this underground complex is tens of thousands of years old and was created with the help of otherworldly beings who visited the Earth in the distant past.

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This incredible ancient city has around thirteen levels that descend deep into the Earth. It has a complex system of vents and shafts that bring air to the deepest levels of the city. The size of the city is another incredible feature, it was built so that it could shelter 25.000 inhabitants. Archaeologists have found remains of religious centers, warehouses, winepresses and sheds for livestock. The city benefited from the presence of underground rivers and wells. It was a completely self-sufficient underground town that still amazes scientists and engineers today. To think, that a work like that was achieved in such a remote epoch is simply amazing, and is only comparable to the pyramids of Egypt.

According to many archaeologists and scholars, Derinkuyu is likely to have served as a refuge to temporarily protect the population during invasions and was built around the year 800 BC by the Phrygians, a people of the Bronze Age related to the Trojans. Others believe it was built by the Hittites, a people mentioned in the Bible. But is it possible that the underground city is even older? According to the Ancient Astronaut theorists, it is much older than what scholars believe, and it dates back tens of thousands of years.

Cappadocia was part of the Zoroastrian empire of Persian origin, one of the oldest religious traditions of humanity. It is believed that the Zoroastrian religion was a religion based on “opposing forces of good and evil”, which strongly influenced Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity. The Zoroastrian religion was founded around the sixth century BC, and their chief god was Ahura Mazda.


Interestingly, in the second chapter of the Zoroastrian sacred text of the “The Vendidad or Videvdat ” Ahura Mazda saved all mankind from a global cataclysm – something similar to the story of Noah in the Bible. The great prophet Yima was commissioned by the creator to build an underground shelter, similar to Derinkuyu in order to protect all creatures of an impending disaster. According to the ancient astronaut hypothesis, these descriptions could be identified with the achievements in Derinkuyu.

According to the sacred texts, Yima built an underground city with several floors to protect a select group of people and animals, the only differences from the bible is that it wasn’t built to protect from but a flood, but a global glaciation. According to the Vendidad, these epoch is called the “Evil Winters”.

According to many renowned climatologists, the last glaciation occurred 18,000 years ago, ending around 10,000 BC. Is it possible that Derinkuyu was built as a refuge from a devastating global winter? Since its impossible to carbon date the city, anyone can take a guess on how old this underground city is. In the sacred texts of the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda is responsible for everything that occurs on planet Earth. This can be understood in different ways; Either as some sort of universal consciousness, something that protects life in the universe, or it can be interpreted as an extraterrestrial beings, with great capabilities.


But there are numerous scholars who propose other interesting theories for Derinkuyu. An unusual security system of the city might point to the fact that its inhabitants were trying to hide from someone or something. Wheel shaped doors protected the entrances to the underground city, the doors were made with incredible ingenuity and could only be opened from the inside. This suggests that anyone who lived in Derinkuyu was hiding from something or someone.

The Underground City of Cappadocia: Unity and The Great Persecution

According to the ancient Zoroastrian texts Ahura Mazda flies in the sky with his divine chariot and wages war against his eternal enemy Angra Mainyu, the demon of destruction. Is it possible that this is, as many ancient astronaut theorists say, the depiction of two extraterrestrial forces battling for control over Earth and its resources?

Reference: Turkish department of Culture http://www.nevsehir.gov.tr/ Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. 


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