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The Ancient Egyptian civilization, thousands of years older than previously thought

The Ancient Egyptian civilization, thousands of years older than previously thought 1

Is it possible that the Great Pyramids of Giza are over 7000 years old?

It looks like an Ostrich egg is questioning the age of the Pyramids of Giza postulated by mainstream archaeology.

Some evidence casts doubt on the actual chronology of Egyptian pharaohs. The Turin King List, also known as the Turin Royal Canon, raises many questions that science does not seem to accept. Despite attempts at reconstruction, approximately 50% of the papyrus remains missing. This papyrus as presently constituted is 1.7 m long and 0.41 m wide, broken into over 160 fragments.

The Egyptian hieratic papyrus thought to date from the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II contradicts the established dates and chronologies on the Egyptian world. Researchers are coming across great amount of information which suggests that Egypt is much older than what archaeology and history are telling us.

The Turin King List is currently located over 3000 kilometers from the land of the Pharaohs, deposited in the Egyptian museum in Turin, Italy. It was discovered in 1822 by Bernardino Drovetti in the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes. The list was translated by Jean-François Champollion, known primarily as the decipherer of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and a founding figure in the field of Egyptology. Even though the The Turin King List has numerous historical details, modern-day archaeology has chosen to ignore it.

The Shemsu Hor

turinroyalcanon-The Ancient Egyptian civilization, thousands of years older than previously thought

Accordion to the Turin King List, Egypt was ruled by beings -half man, half gods who received the name or title of Shems Hor (the “companions of Horus”). The 1.7 meter long list tells a different story than that accepted by mainstream Egyptologists. The Turin King list points to the fact that the first government in the Nile Valley was not that of Pharaoh Menes 5000 years ago as archaeology believes, but around 11,000 years ago. This revolutionary king list appears ratified largely by another story equally despised by archaeologists: The texts of Manetho dating back to 240 BC. Manetho, who was a priest of the sun-god Ra at Heliopolis was commissioned by Pharaoh Ptolemy II to write the history of Egypt from the beginning. According to Manetho, before Menes, the first pharaohs of the First Dynasty, Egypt was ruled by a demigods for thousands of years. The Greco-Egyptian high priest does not mention the Hor Shems like The Turin King list, but the coincidence is incredible.

There are more artifacts that suggest the history of Egypt is wrong. A Orstrich egg deposited in the Museum of Nubia, south of Egypt suggests ancient Egypt is older than we are told by history and archaeology. The discovery was made by English archaeologist, Mallaby Cecil Firth in 1907. The egg, painted and deposited in the tomb, had several different drawings on its surface, on one side it had depictions of plants and ostriches while on the other side, an impossible scenery: The Great Pyramids of Giza.

This discovery is incredible just because of the depiction of the pyramids. Why? Because according to researchers, the human remains found at tomb 96 where the Ostrich egg was found date back to the Nagada I culture; 7000 years ago. This is something impossible since Archaeology and history tell us that the pyramids at the Giza plateau are around 4.500 years old.

So who is wrong? Ancient texts and depictions of the pyramids that date back thousands of years ago? Or archaeologists and historians who firmly hang onto their beliefs?

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nubian Museum of history /


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  1. You kids still have no idea WTF is going on, what is the history of Earth and humanity 🙂 There is NOTHING solved or being found yet to solve truth, the things that ware existing are now hidden to never understand who we are, from US government, Germany and Russia, now without germany, they dont have anything

  2. Of course, discoveries by archeologists are suppressed to keep status quo of religious control over the masses!
    The Vatican is not only an independent mini-state within a country, it has its own sets of rules of government of religious dogma.
    One thing that baffles many, why would Vatican operate its own alleged scientific observatory!

    • Actually you are correct and wrong..! For now it’s perfect for the elite, they are not as in the picture as much with religion dividing the way it does … So it’s a terrific smoke screen for them… But mark my words , religion .. Just like us, is another one of their pawns..! When they have no use for religions control over the weak.. When they can use it to destroy its self and everyone around it.. That’s when you’ll see the demise of religion.. About the same time disclosure comes out about extraterrestrial’s👽… Can you imagine the weak minded religious finding out that their bullshit bibles and Quran’s are full of shit, that they have been mentally played for a couple of thousand years..? The religious will kill to keep their belief systems alive… Again , doing the elite’s work for them.. And since there are like 6billion religious muppets on this planet , imagine the death toll..🤔 the elite will get the population that they want for this planet.. Which is around 500million slaves.. Motions for this is already in play…😡 some of you just don’t see the signs.. But some of us do..👈🏼😉

  3. I have friends who are archaeologists, they tell me things that would make you cringe like how when they make a serious discovery, time lines are blurred… Misinformation is added certain things are left out, which in tail would change humanities history as we know it.. they are threatened , funding grants for digs are used as bribery or no more money for future digs you’d be surprised if you knew how much religion plays a part in theses deceptions, especially the Vatican their treachery knows no bounds…!

  4. Just listen to Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. They explain it very clear with the procession of the stars to prove that the Pyramids are circa 10.500 years old. The Great Sphynx at least 7000 or more years.

  5. This would make perfect sense as the ancient egyptians in the first Kingdom worshipped the three indistrctabes wgich clearly is the three stars in the belt of orion and also the pinicle points of the pyramids line up with them perfectly also we need to take the sphinx into consideration here as this structure is always overlooked I would surmise that these structures together form a complex and woyld easily date the whole unit to 4500 BC at least also the sphinx shows clear sighns of water erosion which would support this theory whats also interesting is these pyramids are builr on the same axis lines on the earth and contain the highest level of magnetic energy globally. Whats your thoughts on this and how it can be tied to the sumerian people.

  6. Looks like Joe Rogan is gonna be right after all. The today’s Egyptians were the retarded children of the slave stone workers who realized the super smart rulers went away or died so they decided to take over and lie it’s all theirs. It makes sense cos 85% of all gypsies are lazy as fuck, lie, steal and look just like Egyptians.

  7. And I still say some of the ‘pre-fabricated stone’ were brought here from Mars, Sirus, and a few other civilization-bearing planets that, at that time, were closer to Earth per convenience of travel. Just as this known space-frequency has been expanding outward since its realization, there was a golden age of trade, travel and exchanges eons ago when planets orbited closer to center.

    • closer to the center of what?if you mean the milkyway,planets go toward the center as their suns get older,not away,its called the main sequence,suns gravity decreases with age,so they get pulled toward galactic center,if thats what you were refering to…

  8. Finally some vindication to all those nonconformist scholars who have been doing research that challenges the current paradigm. It’s always when you think outside the box that we get the true answers. Somewhere along the way scientist have lost the true purpose of scientific research which is to keep an open mind and enhance long held believes that won’t necessarily rewrite history but enrich our understanding of our ancient past. What are people afraid of? What are the real finds in Egypt that have been suppressed due to contradictory dichotomy. Shame on those people that keep secrets that truly belong to all of humanity, not just a select few. Wake up people we are no longer in the Middle Ages. I hope we finally get to see some new and exciting finds!!!!!

  9. Mainstream archeologists have been wrong all along about the Sphinx age, including the great pyramids of Giza.
    The Alien Gods, Anunnaki built these majestic structures by using high tech anti-gravity / sound wave laser energy beams. The ancient Egyptians perhaps, assisted but did not create / design these giant monuments. The great Pharos, like Khufu and others, took credit to control and rule over Egypt!

  10. I believe ETS created the Egyptian pyramids and Sculptures,Arts, the Egyptian Pyramids else means true wisdom and connections with ETS Ancients Civilisations, bless and regards.

  11. I wonder if anyone has considered the similarity of the names Hor Shem to that of the similar term Ha Shem, in Hebrew History.

    There are references to Shem, the Son of Noah, blessed by Noah after the Flood.

    There were references to a Sphinx like creature married to Adam, I think it was Cain.

    She was called Lillith, she may have been a Watcher, with features of four animals watching over the world.

    Allegedly, Lillith had the form incorporated in her, of a wolf.

    The wolf was the creature that suckled Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

    So it may have been a Spiritual guardian of Rome and Egypt for some creatures.

    There’s a biblical reference to one being put on guard to keep the way to the Garden, called a Seraphim.

  12. I keep on posting this and I will never tire because it is something anyone, ANYONE, can check and question… all you need is a tiny bit of know-how with google maps… first, find the wonderful Easter Island, with the fascinating giant head statues.. stay there a while and soak up the history and mystery of the place… now go to the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt, as I’m sure you have already, and soak up a bit more of the history and mystery of here too… Now draw a straight line directly from Easter Island, that tiny little spec of land in the middle of the ocean, to The Giza Pyramids… When you see what that line crosses in South America and you don’t get a shiver, I don’t think you’ve paid enough attention to what you have just done.., with 21st century technology…. I don’t know the hows or the whys but I’m working on it…. I personally believe it explains a one world philosophy from ancient times that has slowly been diluted fragmented and corrupted by the powers that be, through the ages… but now, more and more are piecing together our true history, our genuine roots, and it’s the best time to be alive because the answers are coming… I, just like hundreds and thousands of others, I am learning more now than I ever had the chance too, I am doing it for me, but also for all the others who never had this opportunity, taken too soon, without justice, I learn for them too… Life is a learning curve and we must all keep learning… but please remember to focus on the message, the content, the truth.., don’t get caught up questioning the delivery, the gossip, the distractions…

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