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The legend of Naylamp: An alien “God”?

The legend of Naylamp: An alien "God"? 1

The myth of Naylamp goes back many centuries to a time where the ancient Peruvians at Lambayeque witnessed the arrival of this “legend”. Legends say that a large fleet of rafts led by Naylamp landed near the mouth of the River Faquisllanga. They found an ideal place to settle down and build a palace, which they called Chot. At the most notable location of the palace they placed a sculpture carved in green stone, a figure that was supposed to represent Naylamp. According to studies, this could have happened, between 900 DC and D.C. 1300.

Many years went by, and Naylamp lived a prosperous life raising many children until he abandons his people, flying off, just like a bird.

lambayeque-compressorToday there are several theories that speak of Naylamp and his origins.

José Kimmich, who studied the Chimu origin, published in 1917 a study claiming that Naylamp was of Asian originoffering anthropological, linguistic, paleographic and architectural evidence.

There are quite a few researchers who believe that Naylamp is of Maya origin. Among those supporters is Uhle who based on archaeological evidence supports this theory. Riva Aguero supported this theory because he claims that a lot of words, names of places and people have similarity to the Mayan and Nahuatl languages. Researcher Hermann Leicht believes that Naylamp was only one of the many who originated from central America and arrived at the coast of Lambayeque. All of the previously mentioned are certainly very valid theories; but there are alternative theories that are worlds apart, which are also very well supported by various pieces of evidence. But mysteriously, Naylamp is very similar to Quetzalcóalt and Viracocha, two of the most important ancient ditties of central and south America. Stranglet, just like Quetzalcóalt and Viracocha, Naylamp abandoned his people flying off to the sky, promising to return one day.

Some believe that the legend of Naylamp actually speaks of a member of the Anunnaki. It is believed, by ancient astronaut theorist, that Naylamp belonged to the ancient Anunnaki and arrived at the coasts of Peru in search of Gold. Peruvian ancient legends tell the story that Naylamp abandoned his people flying off like a bird. Curiously the Anunnaki figures left by the ancient Sumerians are represented by winged men.

Many ancient astronaut theorists suggest that legends such as that of Naylamp actually speak of the Anunnaki who came to Earth for a specific purpose, leaving behind only legends. It is worth mentioning that ancient cultures for the Americas such as the Maya, Aztecs and Olmecs, which predate the previous two, are very skillful sculptures, and their main ornaments were made from Jade stone. The Yampallec figure which is believed to represent Naylamp is also made from jade.

The correlation between cultures of ancient America such as the Pre-Inca, Inca, Maya, Aztecs and other, who not only share similar customs and traditions, but had very similar knowledge in fields such as astronomy, construction, etc.. point toward the possibility that all of them shared a common teacher, one that, according to legends, came from the stars.


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