The Vimana, flying machines from ancient India

The Vimana, flying machines from ancient India 1

What are the Vimana? Are they ancient flying machines? We have been told that the Wright brothers were the first to fly in 1903. Was it the Wright brothers who managed to turn dream into reality? Or is it possible that the dream of flight, was something present in ancient India, thousands of years ago? Today, Vimana is the name attributed to a flying machine used by the gods of ancient India. The earliest accounts of this amazing civilization are written in Sanskrit thousands of years ago, where different types of Vimanas are referred to. These strange flying machines were used in incredible battles, battles resembling modern-day jet panes engaging into action, but only hundreds of years before Christ. In the Mahabharata, these incredible battles are described. The Vimanas are mentioned forty-one times with sophisticated combat weapons that shoot beams of light.

The ancient texts refer to King Salva attacks against the city of Dwaraka, where the God Krishna lived. Salva leads a flying Vimana called Saubha that has the power to become invisible. Krishna returns the attack with lightning that locates and destroys his enemies through sound.

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The Ramayana also makes reference to incredible flying machines, telling the adventures of Princess Sita, kidnapped by the evil Ravana, where a Vimana called Puspaka is mentioned.


According to Dr. V. Raghavan, former professor of Sanskrit at the University of Madras, there are countless documents in Sanskrit, dating back thousands of years, that proved that extraterrestrial beings were in ancient India thousands of years ago. There extraterrestrial visitors were referred to as Gods. And these gods had numerous weapons and technologies that were interpreted by ancient people as heavenly.

But not only due to ancient text have the aerodynamic qualities of these Vimana but there are also texts that talk about how these flying machines can be built. The Ramayana indicates that 16 types of metals are needed to build a Vimana, here on Earth we only have three of the metals mentioned in the sacred texts.

According to researchers, these ancient texts also refer to incredible technologies like anti gravity. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University of Chandrigarh managed to translate some of the texts written in Sanskrit that make reference to “anti-gravitational” forces. Technology that the Yogis developed to “levitate”. According to research, the same anti-gravitational force is what allowed the Vimana to move freely through space.

The Vimana are mentioned in several other texts, apart from Hindu mythology, indicating that these flying machines of the gods were a possibility thousands of years ago. Doctor Raghavan says that the technology was brought by beings from other planets thousands of years ago at a time when the Anunnaki lived among people and the Sumerian culture flushed in ancient Mesopotamia. 

Many Ufologists believe that the Vimana are what we today refer to as “flying saucers”. These mysterious vehicles are piloted by otherworldly beings and we can find proof of them in ancient texts across the globe, like the Sanskrit where the flying machines are mentioned in detail. Researchers believe that there are many other texts that have not been translated yet, and hold important details regarding otherworldly visitations and their technology thousands of years ago.

“Those who came from above” is, in Sumerian language, Anunnaki. Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that the Anunnaki showed the Sumerians, then the Babylonians, how to build and manage these sophisticated machines. Some believe this knowledge extended all the way to ancient India pointing towards the iconography of some Hindu gods and some mythological accounts as being evidence of a possible connection to the ancient Anunnaki.

And if ancient texts don’t convince you about ancient flying machines, then check out the incredible similarities between NASA’s new Orion capsule and the ancient Indian Vimanas.

Below, the image of the Orion Capsule.


Featured image credit: Image Credit: / NASA

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  1. No,not clearly this figure is not relate to ancient indian aircraft.Pushpak viman who run by pilot’s mind.Really in vedas description its like flying charriot.Possibly run by solar energy with mac30 speed,as i research.

    • Even airplane invented this is the common knowledge by indian people.Because description in depth in old text in sanskrit mainly in Ramayana and Mahabharata.After britisher. take over india then after right brother invented first flying machine.So any relation yes I think in one old book has knowledge about hiw the built Vimana and study in detail one indian man if Maharstra in india and experimenting first flying machine in Mumbai .But after due to finacial shortage ,he abonded the project.And this is the time when british rule in india.And this news time frame about pre right brother era.

    • Dear Different generation using by flying machine,but here is the twist ,we have carefully verify which technology event and which technology gift? I am sure alien not belong to one planet,if alieans are there they have in multiple life form.Idea is what is the possibility to survive life in absence of OXYGEN and HYDROGEN?.Come to the point Many Generation using flying machine ,but one thing is sure In every description in old text are same.Means using of this machine by there Lord or king,No common man can use,So who they are? May be some technology gifted by there God/aliean.Or second possibility is They himself rule the thing.

  2. yes vimanas are situated right on top of temples or in front of them,and gods reside in temple built for them,i believe these gods were extraterestrials, the classic example is of lord shiiva -he has three eyes and was as tall as 11foot,his son resembles head of an elephant , but i think it was a space mask or some head gear he wore to breath on earth, but mistakenly scriptures build a story in which shiva removes the head of his son and replaces it with a elephant head,and there is a saying that lord shiva will return to earth to save humans from wrath of kaliyuga

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