If these photos of the Hook Island Sea Monster were taken present day, they would largely be accused of Photoshop. However, they were taken on December 12, 1964 and have been widely circulated since then. And, in case you’ve forgotten, there was no Photoshop in 1964. Robert Le Serrec and his wife were off the coast of Stonehaven Bay in Hook Island, Queensland. When his wife spotted the alarming mass on the lagoon floor, they took several photos while trying to identify it. They are reported as saying it looked like a giant tadpole-like creature, with an estimated length of 75-80 feet long. The assumed creature didn’t move and the couple thought it might be dead, so they approached it in hopes of gaining recorded footage of it. But when the creature began moving and opened its mouth, they hurried back to their boat in which time, the creature swam away. 7. The Solway Firth Spaceman Mystery

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