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Kongka La Pass, Himalayas: UFO Base

Kongka La Pass, Himalayas: UFO Base 2

The existence of extra-terrestrial life, as unfathomably obvious as it may seem, has been the subject of countless books, comics and movies until now, all of which have sketched them to be disfigured, twisted and sometimes super human (or super alien, whatever). There is however, solid proof of their actuality in close proximity, as tell us the clandestine proceedings in Kongka Paas, an Indo-Chinese (disputed region) low ridge pass in the Himalayas rumoured to be frequented by UFOs. There have been innumerable sightings of undesignated shuttles or saucers hovering about the region, which clearly indicate the possibility of the hugger-mugger anecdotes being true.

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Poised at a natural elevation of 16,965 feet from sea level, Kongka Paas, is a high mountain pass near the actual ‘Line of Control’. China considers this region to be the line of control, whereas India marks the line further east, at the Lanak Paas. The issue about this area is beyond a ‘mere’ border dispute between two big nations. The stigma surrounding alien life, and their sightings on Earth all come together. The locals of this region which is nestled in the Himalayas, think it is a well-known fact that Kongka Paas houses an underground UFO base, and that it is nothing new. Rife with suspicion and curiosity, a group of pilgrims once questioned the locals and the security personnel on both sides of the border. Apart from the fact that they were stopped from venturing out into the Paas, they were told by the locals that UFO sightings were common in the region, and that it was known to both countries. The fact that they were denied entry into the area on both sides of the border despite having their visas made it very clear that there indeed was something fishy transpiring inside. Another shocking fact that was brought up to them, was that as a part of a mutual agreement between both the nations, it was restricted and both did not patrol the area.

Kongka La Pass, Himalayas: UFO Base

Back in 2012, the Indian Army saw a 160 km-long, object shaped like a strip of fabric hovering over Pangong Lake, which is in the vicinity of the ‘Line of Control’ between China and India. The peripatetic army-men brought their spectrum analyser near the object and also their portable ground-based radar at some distance from their base camp. Although the thing was perceived by the naked eye, the radar would fail to detect it, which made the army come to the obvious conclusion that it was non-metallic. The startling fact though, was that it was fairly sized and gave the feel of an awkwardly shaped shuttle. Additionally, their spectrum analyser could not detect any signals. The army also tried to fly a reconnaissance or exploration drone which when plunging into the floating object but lost picture of the mystifying object when it reached its limit in loftiness.

Recently, a group of Hindu pilgrims reported sightings of triangular flying objects in the sky near the Aksai Chin Lake region on their way to Mount Kailash. They also said that it gleamed with phosphorescence in an unusual manner. Appallingly, the local guide told them that it was a common sight of these triangular objects appearing and vanishing almost vertically into the sky. As a matter of fact, the depth of the Earth’s crust in this region is twice the usual depth of the crust in other regions, which makes speculations of the underground UFO bases somewhat justified. There could be underground bases deep into the tectonic plates.

It’s funny,that the aliens chose the border of the two most populous nations in the world. Ironically, the region of Kongka La Paas is one of the least accessible areas in the world. For all we know, there is no smoke without fire. The truth remains, even if it is refashioned and transfigured into a lie, to save the present. Only the time shall reveal what was hidden.


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  1. They are not aliean,they are advance human being who live peacefully in beneath of Himalaya from long long time ago. News are true or false i dont know hitlar send a team to meat and discovered mystery during second world.Something mysterious happen with team and only one are two member get back alive with classified document.I have read in very deep somewhere but i cant say is this legit or not.

  2. I have read on this subject for years. I have come to believe, these creatures are from the inner earth. A kingdom or in modern terms an advanced creatures of beings. Advanced in science,engenering,architecture. This is what I believe, one of many thoughts. I’ll site the story’s of admiral b

  3. They have had bases here for a very long time. ..and the government’s and military have known about them for decade’s. ..it’s all part of the abduction for technology agreement. …which by the way I didn’t sign….so I’m not up for abduction and probing

  4. RE: The Himilayan photo. I have to wonder why this whole picture is so out of focus. Could it be hiding that the UFO is really a rocky outcropping with a shadow under it? Why would someone do that? I don’t doubt ER presence at all. …Or the desire and ability of some people to falsify an image for their own personal intentions.

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