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Did a highly advanced society once exist globally?

Did a highly advanced society once exist globally? 1

In my last post we talked about the Great Pyramid of Giza and how our ancestors were far more advanced than we could have imagined. But there are more sites that are far more advanced that make Giza look like child’s play.

One such place is Puma Punku, Bolivia. High in the Andes mountains close to the shores of Lake Titicaca, the ruins of this once beautiful structure lies strewn across the countryside, destroyed from some unknown cataclysmic event.  No evidence of a written language can be found amongst the ruins, and archeologists cannot identify the original purpose for this structure. The stones found at this site are mainly andesite, which is very hard with a high concentration of quartz. Today, we would have to use diamond-tipped, high-speed tools in order to recreate these kind of cuts. The cost for us today would be prohibitive because of the amount of time for all these inside cuts. How could they have created such an elaborate and intricately detailed structure without a written language? Most people in the construction business understands that a structure does not come together by accident. The more detailed the building, the more complex and detailed the plans. So, where are the plans to create Puma Punku, much less the Great Pyramid of Giza? 


In spite of locations like Puma Punku, historians still insist that the cradle of humanity is in current day Iraq, once known as the land of Sumer. Ancient Sumerian texts tell a number of stories that appear very similar to passages in the Torah or Holy Bible. These Sumarian clay tablets are much older than the oldest known copies of the Torah, leading many agnostics to believe that mean the Hebrews and Christians incorporated these stories into their own scriptures. I don’t believe so. I believe that the original scriptures from the God of Israel simply have yet to be found. How many times in our past have the certainties that we understood be proven absolutely wrong? Is the Earth flat? No. Is the Earth the center of the universe and everything orbits around us? Again, no. So the search continues. Maybe the answers are all around us and we just don’t recognize it?

Historians have a general idea based on archeological finds on many of our ancestors back to about 4,000 years. However, they do not have a very complete picture of how they did things. Historians understanding of ancient technology has huge holes in it. The very thought that ancient Egyptians could have cut granite with copper chisels is laughable at best. I liken it to using a plastic knife to cut down a giant Californian redwood tree. What’s more, our understanding greatly diminishes as we go further back in time.

Moving from Sumer to the Giza plateau, we once again come across the Great Pyramid, aligned along the 31st Longitude line, and perfectly squared off with the four cardinal points of a compass that had not been created at the time the structure was built. Many people will immediately say “It was the aliens” without considering the fact that just maybe our HUMAN ancestors were far more advanced than we thought. The proof is all around us, but we must put our arrogance aside in order to accept that. But what’s more amazing is what else can be found on the 31st longitude line.

Deep in South Africa there are many sites made of stones with such a high quartz content that they are called bell stones. In the link below, Michael Tellinger demonstrates some that he has found:

One such site found on the 31st longitude line made of these bell stones is Adam’s Calendar. There are strange issues with GPS coordinates and cell phone connectivity inside the circle of stones. What energy forces are at work here? I have found no convincing proof just how old Adam’s calendar is, but some have said it is many thousands of years old… much older than historians believe that mankind has been on Earth. Some have said as far back as 75,000 years.


Here we must take caution. I like to think of timelines as practically useless whether for trying to predict the future based on prophetic writings, or to try and establish a timeline of the past. It always seems to make people look foolish when proven wrong, which happens frequently. For those who have faith and believe in God, why would you dare to try and place human constraints on an all powerful God who lives outside of time as we know it? I accept that things will happen in the time they are intended, and the past happened sometime prior to yesterday. I can accept that, and don’t care one way or another if it was 12,000 or 150,000 years ago.

But one thing is undeniable: the flood of Noah’s time is a widely accepted fact. So little is known about that time prior to the flood, both in the Bible and historically. But archeologically we can see evidence of a thriving society that once existed in the most surprising location: South Africa.

The picture below is accepted by main stream historians to be cattle “kraals” or pens used by the hunter gatherers that inhabited the area thousands of years ago in limited numbers. Most historians believe there were only 10,000 or so inhabitants, firmly discounting any thoughts that a thriving society once lived here. However, the ruins just don’t make sense with the narrative. First, there is no entrance to these pens. So how would you get the cattle in and out?  Second, the walls range anywhere from 8 feet to 12 feet in height, though many appear now to be filled in with large amounts of sediment. Sounds like a massive flood to me. 🙂  Lastly, there are thousands upon thousands of these ruins. There are also miles of terraces created on the mountainsides, assumably to plant crops. That’s lots of food capabilities for a few thousand people sparsely spread across the countryside.


Looking at the picture above, you can see the connecting lines of stones that branch out like a network. What is going on here? Why was it built and by who? It certainly does not make sense to be pens for livestock. There is nothing close to this today, but then again we have not really studied sound technology, have we? These kraals are also made of the bell stones that I talked about earlier. It is well known that quartz crystals has many properties. They can be used to store large amounts of data, and rocks with a high quartz content will also ring like a bell, and reverberate to outside sounds.

If you have a perfectly tuned guitar, when you strike the low E string, the high E string will reverberate on it’s own. So what effect would sound have on some of these ancient sites? This should be humanity’s next greatest endeavor is to discover how our ancestors harnessed sound, and its effect on these ancient locations. We have examples all over the internet of researchers using sound to levitate small items like ping pong balls. If you could harness massive amounts of sound energy could you levitate some of the massive stones used to build the pyramids? I believe if you controlled the frequency and provided enough amplitude you could indeed levitate stone. You have to wonder if Nikola Tesla and Edward Leedskalnin rediscovered ancient technologies.

The link below is to a presentation by Michael Tellinger on sound energy. The video is over an hour long, but if you forward to the last 15-20 minutes he shows a great many sites and shares the “Ah-Ha” moment how our ancestors built the public structures to channel sound to create energy, and today’s modern equivalent: computer circuit boards.

So what is the one thing that ties in all these locations? Stone structures built using massive stones with a high quartz content. They are found in Egypt, South Africa, South and Central America, China, India, Pakistan, Bosnia, France, Great Britain, Turkey, and even on remote Easter Island. Additionally, pyramid structures have been found on nearly every continent. How much more evidence do you need that a highly advanced society once existed on a global scale that would rival any of today’s? I’ve really only scratched the surface of this. Go do some digging for yourself … this will keep you up at night! 🙂

So where are the plans to build all these structures? How do we know they are not saved electronically in the very stone that was used to construct them? I wonder what other wonders we would find there? I would love to see the hackers all over the world spend their time on this, rather than the destructive things they do today. If you REALLY want to change the world, think how things would certainly change if you discovered free, limitless and wireless energy and GAVE it away. Wouldn’t this wreak havoc with the big energy corporations? How much easier would your life be if you didn’t have to pay for electricity for your home or fuel for your vehicles? 🙂

My next post we will discuss the importance of constellations and other heavenly bodies on ancient construction. Until then, take care!


Source harmonicwars.blogspot.co.uk


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  1. 100%.we are their developed offspring. survivors. I feel that there have been discoveries of these exact Remnants of advanced human ancestors and that they may well be the cause of many conflicts.. wars and invasions throughout history.
    Russia and crimea being a recent example, where the u.s. gov’ wanted to intervene,is said to have been the site of at least one hidden ancient pyramid – claimed to be the oldest to date!
    I do also firmly hold a belief that there remain secrets of an inconceivable nature in reference to antarctica and all that this icy continent…byrd..hitler….magnificently captivating!!
    random one now… I am also curious of the baltic sea anomaly! What are your views on the origins of this beauty !?

  2. About 21 Million years ago animal – man made his appearance on the world scene as a separate species in the animal kingdom , please note that these specimens were as yet mindless and thus should still be regarded as animals , but with the physical build and appearance of primitve human beings , some 18 M years ago a group of Beings from the other planetary schemes were brought to Earth to assist in arousing the mind of animal – man you can called them UFO but i calle them white Brother hood 15 M yeas ago these efforts of Brotherhood led to individualisation of animal – man resulting in appearance of the first true but still most primitive human kingdom , historically this original race of men has become known as Lumurians named after their country Lumuria after a period of some three million years of slow development Lumuria was destroyed by volcanic action , those who escape become known as Atlantean race About 850 000 years before our present larger part of these human were swallowed by the seas it is this Atlantis which gave rise to the symbolic biblical Noahs Ark the survivors become known as Aryan ( modern ) man .

  3. This theory has been advanced before, i.e. that mankind advances in technology up to what is termed the “Nuclear Threshold” and then almost everybody is destroyed in a holocaust with just a few survivors and it all starts again. It’s reckoned a typical cycle of this type is around 10000 years.

    • The main purpose of a pyramid , its to generate free nuclear energy , every civilization had this kind of power .. i have no idea how that would by dangerous , or even how long did this worked…

    • So sorry , I don’t believe in them and never will, the Nazis already had the so called bell that defies gravity when they lost the war, that’s when the Americans continued to work on flying saucers. That’s 50 years ago.

    • They are now even paying thousands of dollars to liers to pretend to interview them to tell lies to the world,
      and those liers are saying that they were abducted by UFOs. Please be very careful not to believe in Satan’s work.

    • Oh your God! You religious nuts need to stay off of pages like this if you’re just gonna spread your nonsense. Think about this, genius: there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the earth, each with its own solar system of three or more planets. In what fairytale do you live in thinking there are no other beings of capable things like star travel? On top of that do you even think there’s only this dimension? Go post shit on Joel Osteen’s page because you’re not welcome here, especially amongst the ones who’ve had physical encounters like myself. So.. row row row your boat the fuck away from me!

  4. Loved the article,,fully agree,,its becoming a nutshell of truth, 31st parallel ive seen on tv i know all ur saying is prettywell spot on in my opinion.

  5. I believe They all live in middle earth now and all planets…tru hollow earth…pyramids are also markings and symbols of territories…thats y theres also pyramids in other planets…and they also occupied other planets and moon including humans…classified…thats just my theory

  6. So it seemed you can’t lift some and hope other to learn and follow.so all at one go besides we don’t know what lurks underneath the vast areas of ice covered of both north and south poles it’s assumed at the time you referring to both were ice free then

  7. Yes and they where the atlantians.
    Those where from mars and came here, some other extraterrestrials have a war with them and now we will see when those spiecies are here to make the contact we will know the whole history.
    For now we are just speculating what was and what were.

  8. If you read the Qur’an, you would know how the pyramids were built. It says that the stones were man made from a mix of sand and other materials heat it up then cooled and this is how They were made.

    • it doesn’t matter anymore…..what humans think today….because everyone is free…to believe whatever they want…..but ….the romans had the technologie…..(a same like in egypt….where they had cubit ,,or royal cubit …much more precise than the meter today….not just to measure stones) to mix cement like marmure look or granit…… +++++itibira++++

  9. What advancements we think we have pale in comparrison to the technologies of past civilization, and the knowledges of past civilizations are light years beyond what we know. We are bound by the invention of computers,everything is controlled by this technology. Past cultures knew how to utilize the elements as well as many other sources, computer technology was secondary to them.

  10. As I have commented on other post of this topic……yes several times. …but the aliens or as I call them “the watchers ” have restarted mankind a few times when we head down the wrong path. …..only leaving subtle hints of a previous civilization. ..that through time has been forgotten

  11. somebody had to have told them how to build these monuments or helped them .i think that they hold a message for all of us even if they are some sort of machine built to generate power. i dont think that they were ever meant to be a tomb

  12. Yes, I do agree with advances in the Mobile Attack Robots,that our Intelligent society have created,to replace humanity,in their Matrix system to contrail, I’ve also heard that robots Machine are creating robots, and they don’t how to stop it! , this Intelligent society aren’t human, they are being from another planet and many of them, they are worldwide Mind contrail, and they made an agreement to destroy humanity and every living things on earth and bless regards.

  13. Of course they did and they fucked off into space as soon as the stupid people got religion and started killing each other. That’s why they just hang around in there light ships, checking to see if the idiots have all gone yet before they come back

  14. Yep…im sure about this 100%….to many things show this
    ..i belive the real ones who are in control of this planet are et ppl are old enough to say that they are imortals….once we had good connections with other plantes and maybe we still have….the entire planet is not ready for the truth..but daily more and more ppl are going to awake.

  15. Yup – the tablet ‘ The Kings List ‘ recorded this, using Neanderthal Man as slaves in the mines, and finally evolving the human in Sumeria for more complex slave tasks.

  16. I tried to sign up to this site and got a note saying I was not authorized to join this sight could you tell me why I am not authorized to join your site? am thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter.
    Ron Baker

    • Hi Ron, I don’t have the site set up for join ups as I get a lot of spam joins if I do. What where you looking to do once joined?

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