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NASA Astronaut Gene Cernan: USA Already Went To Mars??

NASA Astronaut Gene Cernan: USA Already Went To Mars??
According to last man on Moon Gene Cernan, Americans went to Mars. Gene Crenan was the last human to leave footprints on the Moon. Recently Obama canceled NASA’s plans to return to the Moon, so Gene Cernan went on Fox News to voice his disapproval.
The video is worth watching just for his take on the situation, but listen to what he says at the 3:00 minute mark.”Buzz” Aldrin has released a statement saying that he thinks canceling the Moon mission was the right decision, but Cernan says that “Buzz” does wants to go back to Mars!! and he also support that but not on this issue.
Maybe Cernan did make a mistake, but not by saying Mars when he went to the Moon, but instead that he just let the cat out of the bag when it comes to what we have really been up to.He did not only say it once, but twice..

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  1. I had the same problem with the Neil Armstrong story of how we were warned to stay away from the moon. That story was posted around the same time, but I don’t know the source, offhand.

  2. Damn it why must we have all the speculation I just want the truth I want to see physical evadance, I want to sit on another planet hanging out with some chill aliens talking about how it all started while drinking some weird space beers or something like that.

    • Wake up and do some research people. We’ve been going to the moon since the 60’s. Check out these disclosure project and listen to Captain Kaye. Government lies more than you will ever imagine.

  3. Yeah he said Mars twice. The second time he mentioned the planet, he said something like …………we may have been the first generation that went to the moon……THEN ON TO MARS, but not the last generation……

  4. The Russians seem to know everything about the moon and Mars, and are willing to tell the public, have even stated that if our government wont inform everyone of the truth, they will.

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