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Someone Flew Drone Over These Pyramids Which Are Unknown To Majority Of Humans

Someone Flew Drone Over These Pyramids Which Are Unknown To Majority Of Humans

When we think about pyramids, the first picture we get in our mind is Egyptian pyramids. But do you know Egypt is not the only place in African continent, which have beautiful pyramids? This war torn country called Sudan located almost in middle of Africa, also have amazing pyramids which are at least 3,000 years old and untouched from very long time.

These pyramids were built by Nubian civilisation, there are some 255 of these are located in three known sites dotted across the Sudanese desert.
This is first time the National Geographic guys took their drone’s to film these Sudanese pyramids from sky and final video is just badass awesome.


Source www.bratbaboon.com


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  1. It’s just amazing, to me, that we are finding out new stuff all the time about our ancestors Stuff, sometimes, that cannot be explained by normal mainstream Archeological dogma. we WERE helped by Extra terrestrials there is NO doubt about it.Some of the stone work is fantastic so fantastic, in fact, that we CANNOT, replicate these buildings today with ALL our modern machinery. It just blows me mind it really does.

  2. enter “Pyramids of Meroe, Shendi, River Nile, Sudan” on google earth and it will take to them. I read somewhere that ther a about 80 pyramid sites on or near the Nile river. I’ve been to the Giza pyramids, but would like to tour all of them.

  3. Awesome place, I was there in those pyramids a couple of months ago om a scientific trip out of Khartoum.
    Amazing to be walking between thousands of years of history of civilization 🙂

  4. amasing these pyramids bear traces of some sort of bombing from z sky n fire burns at a time when Man WAS still cavemen

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