For more than 50 years, we’ve been eavesdropping on the cosmos, searching for transmissions that would reveal the existence of intelligent, extraterrestrial life.

To date, nobody’s bothered to call.

Is it something we said?

One possibility is that we’re alone, or at the very least, the only intelligent civilization with a Zip code in the Milky Way galaxy. (Read “The Hunt for Life Beyond Earth.”)

And then, there’s the morbid alternative: Intelligent life periodically emerges on other worlds, but has an unfortunate tendency to self-destruct.

Sadly, it’s not implausible, given the devastation we’ve wrought during our relatively brief span as the dominant species on this planet.

That’s why a trio of scientists recently published a guide to help astronomers detect alien apocalypses—whether it’s the chemical signature of a world filled with rotting corpses, the radioactive aftermath of nuclear warfare, or the debris left over from a Death Star scenario where an entire planet gets blown to bits.

Call it SEETI, the Search for Extinct Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Picture of the Allen Telescope Array
For more than half a century, radio telescopes scanned the skies listening for alien signals.
Planetary Post-Mortem
Ironically, the idea of searching for ruined civilizations began at an academic workshop on “Building Habitable Worlds.”

“One of the concepts that we came up with was detecting the presence of life by detecting its own destruction,” says Jack O’Malley-James, an astrobiologist at Cornell University and one of the authors of the paper. “On top of telling us that there’s life out there, it also would give us a clue as to how common or rare we are as a civilization—and how long we could expect our civilization’s lifetime to be.”

The SEETI study builds upon techniques being developed for the next generation of telescopes to detect extraterrestrial biosignatures that would indicate the possible existence of alien life.

For instance, when looking at an exoplanet, oxygen in its atmosphere that is continuously replenished may suggest the presence of photosynthetic organisms.

SEETI research, however, is not looking for biosignatures—signs of life. Instead, scientists have to hunt down necrosignatures—signs of death—that would indicate destruction on a colossal scale.

Consider a scenario in which biological warfare rapidly wiped out a planet’s population. Microorganisms that cause decomposition would gorge themselves on alien corpses. In doing so, they would excrete chemical compounds, dramatically increasing the levels of methane and ethane in the atmosphere.

If the population size of the alien world were comparable to that of Earth, the methane and ethane gases would dissipate in about a year, so there would be only a short window of opportunity to detect the cataclysm.

However, if the biological arsenal included a genetically modified virus capable of jumping species, then the planet’s casualties might also include its animal life. In that case, the telltale signs of catastrophic biowarfare could be visible for several years.

An Unhealthy Glow

We’ve narrowly averted nuclear war more times than we care to think. Other worlds might not have been as fortunate.

One clue that a civilization nuked itself into oblivion would be a change in the planet’s airglow. You’ve probably seen this phenomenon in dark night skies. High-speed electrons and protons, carried by the solar wind, smack into oxygen atoms in the atmosphere, causing them to produce a faint green light. Particles emitted by nuclear weapons would have a similar effect, generating “an order of magnitude increase in airglow brightness,” says the SEETI study.

Picture of a mushroom cloud from the first atomic explosion in 1945

If a planet destroyed itself through nuclear war, we’d be able to detect chemical changes in its atmosphere.

An atmosphere’s chemistry would also be altered by the thermal effects of a global nuclear war. When a nuclear weapon explodes, the surrounding air reaches extremely high temperatures and then cools down relatively quickly. This results in a chemical reaction that produces tons of nitric oxide, which depletes the concentration of the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

These atmospheric changes would be observable for several years after the catastrophe, but their visibility would be impaired by yet another consequence of nuclear war: the significant amount of dust that would be lofted into the atmosphere.

Although unlikely, it’s possible that astronomers could see the “before-and-after” evidence of a nuclear war, if they observed a planet’s transparent atmosphere that later become opaque.

Of course, the atmospheric dust also could also be explained by natural causes. Instead of nuclear weapons, a large asteroid might have collided with the planet—although, granted, that distinction would matter little to anyone who was living there at the time.

Coming Unglued

Some of the doomsday scenarios contemplated by O’Malley-James and his co-authors fall into the category of speculative technologies. For instance, they raise the specter of the infamous “grey goo” apocalypse.

The theory, first postulated in the 1980s, considers the possibility of self-replicating nanobots that use carbon-based material to build more of themselves. If maliciously programmed, they could be a devastating weapon, turning all life into dust.

The SEETI paper suggests this disaster could be detectable for thousands of years, as some of the dust enters the atmosphere or covers the planet with unusually shaped dunes.

Among the most dramatic ideas, however, is the complete, physical destruction of a world, which could be accomplished by generating sufficient power to overwhelm the planet’s gravitational binding energy—in other words, blowing it to bits.

But, what sort of evidence would exist for this heinous act? One remote possibility is the detection of artificial compounds in the debris disc, indicating that the planet was once home to a technologically-advanced civilization.

Other than that, the only option would be to witness the actual destruction. If astronomers are unable to determine a natural cause, such as a collision with another planet-sized body, then they could tentatively consider “extraterrestrial foul play.”

“In time, the first evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence may come to us from the remains of less prudent civilizations,” the SEETI paper concludes. “In doing so, such information will bring us not only knowledge, but wisdom.”



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Interesting Facts · September 8, 2015 at 10:08 am

i love this facts !! thank you

Russell Smith · August 31, 2015 at 11:44 am

Yes they are. ….walking the streets with us

    L.A.West · September 1, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    THEY do not use the same methodology of communication that human beings do. Consider how everything else on the Earth does not talk. They use a combination of eye looking, body language, smell, hearing, feel, showing teeth, a touch, lick, and sometimes a howl, growl, snort, huff, roar etc.. to get a message across to not only their own kind, but an enemy as well. I firmly believe animals and insects have a type of mental telepathy going on too.
    Super Beings would not use radio or voice – they would have developed a type of sonar or mental imaging ability they could project into another mind or perhaps sharing a type of group think wave-length trunk line they are were all connected to – so they all knew what the other was thinking. Only a Queen would have autonomy. Which is what I believe some of the very Ancient huge CONE HEADED super beings here on Earth were – Some where QUEENS – that had worker soldiers-troops – who did HER bidding’s – She also had a Mate – or a KING – and they inter- bred for ascension superiority. Eventually – they ran out of genetic viability – losing both mental stability- health-and the ability to stay in Command. Again – those BEINGS were not human beings – they were another species. Considering that fact – I think we can be glad they are an extinct species as they were no friend of Mankind.
    One thing further – IF there is an omniscient GOD -mind ( I believe there is ) then GOD is not dialing up via some radio transmitter or microwave beam – GOD is projecting “it’s” ideas, thoughts, or voice into “it’s” subordinates and human minds. [” faith” is the frequency amplitude that GOD uses! ] [And what is FAITH? It is something that is inside of your mind only!]

L.A.West · August 31, 2015 at 4:24 am

This will be wordy – so I apologize.
Other “LIFE” out there exists! However – it is the NOT same as we human beings. We’re a unique species – by design –
limited to our physiology and grounded to Gaia. We are not interstellar comic beings. Nor will we be!

Other “Intelligence’s” exist as well. Again – that intelligence is NOT the same type of intelligence as we are accustomed to recognizing it and evaluating it by our measures of intelligence. Consider the computer program – and it’s algorithms. That is a type of Intelligence within a silicon-electrical paradigm. It’s memories are One’s and Zero’s. The human mind remembers via chemical-electrical processes – with a bizarre connection to quantum physics as well. ” We use cognition, therefore, we create our reality where there is none!” Our reality is actually two dimensional – within a multiverse of dimensions. Our reality is a holographic – biological sensory projection. It is what we believe ourselves to be – and we project that! “I think, therefore I am!” But, if you didn’t know what you were- what would you think you are? Think on that!
The other “intelligence” may only be aware of itself as an energy/ self realized power source/ impression/ evolving hyper knowledge/ a cosmic program/ or perhaps a store house of collected memories from the beginning of time to the present and a pre-set past already is there as well…
What might constitute cognizance of mind over matter with human beings – may not be at all what some other type of intelligence is to it itself in its reality. OUR thinking is attached to our senses and perceptions. We apply logic and rational to it as a type of filter. It’s how we separate imagination, dreams from reality.
What if there is a conscience that is nothing but a running recording? It doesn’t think or act or do anything – but just record every thing – from every where all at once! Every movement of an atom in the cosmos to a most minute of particle possibilities is recorded in real time- every second – into infinity. Nothing is missing or missed.
Then there is an active cognizance – it too does not rationalize or debate or question – all it does is set into motion endless and limitless possibility to be enacted. A grand design set into quantum chaos and perfect mathematical harmony like a symphony directed out of an endless thunder storm of intention.
There are micro cognizance’s that pop in and out of existence. They exist for only nano seconds and then are gone.
There are mini cognizance’s that exist for a minute – a half an hour – or perhaps 90 years!
There are macro cognizance’s that have existed for hundreds of thousands or millions of years.
There are beings that have multiple brains and multiple minds. Man is one of them. So do insects. As does most of the life on the planet GAIA. What about a another life form in the cosmos that might have four or five brains all working simultaneously and connected but possessing separate minds that work together? Sort of like five beings living in one body! A MEGA MIND!
There is organic brain-mind – electrical brain-mind – ether brain-mind – liquid brain-mind and the ineffable brain-mind.
There is space sensory memory- via electrical aura wave projection – there is magnetic memory -via the strength and direction of the push or pull of the magnetosphere emanating from core poles- there is gravitational memory as the planets obit its host Star – there is Cosmic vapor memory – as the matter of the universe is moved and pulled by it’s own existence.
There is Space memory as it moves and gives to objects within it – and then moves back to reclaim its place as the objects move. The point is – there is all manners of intelligence that is not human in origin.
Consider there might be intelligence so great that it could analyze and deal with 1000 things at once! It would take such a mind to traverse the cosmos while traveling at light speeds. A super computer can handle millions of calculations a second. That too is a type of intelligence. An artificial one- but it is real enough until its power source fizzles or is corrupted.
Aliens species that we know of currently are some type semi organic animated automaton pre-programmed to do the tasks of intelligence gathering. The real brains behind these entities remain hidden. “Cloaked”
Searching – – –
We think by listening into the noisy Universe – we might hear someone or something else “out there”. A signature from the past perhaps – a last gasp scream of another “intelligence” that had their time and ran out of time and luck! Then again- we might actually hear “E.T.” phoning home – and possibly getting it’s marching orders from home base to come and find out what the HELL is going on upon that watery rock that’s been making so much damned noise for over 100 years! That would not be a good day for us however!!!
Most of “them” no longer use radio or microwave. They’re mentally telepathically communicating. And we can’t pick that up on a SETI radio telescope!
However – let’s not be naive’ here. “THEY” already are well aware of us here on GAIA – or earth. They’ve been here and have been watching throughout the history of this planet. They’ve also occupied other planets as well. They’ve colonized the Moon, Mars, other moons, maybe Venus, perhaps the TITAN planets hold secrets we cannot imagine too. Is Saturn actually a massive machine?
Since the age of the cosmos is largely a man-made scientific best guesstimate – we really do not know the full history of it or to go one further – just what has existed “out there” – anywhere – at any one time up to the present day. That too – is by design. We’re NOT supposed to know it “ALL” and therefore garnering the secrets of the Cosmoses. Mankind doesn’t understand boundaries worth a damn and is an unruly warfare prone beast. We’re junk-yard dog mean to each other – so WHY would we ever be inviting to some higher Intelligence? We are creatures that are lethal to those not immune to us should they happen to be a type of chemical-biological entity. Mankind can barely survive itself or it’s host planet. If anything were to arrive here that was highly advanced with super technology – Mankind would set about to capture them and steal that technology! They are very aware of this too – so they avoid us! They do not want “US” out there bothering them – so they manage to keep a good distance from us as a self protective measure.
However- let’s be clear about one thing regarding Inhabitants of GAIA – Earth. Modern man as we know it – is not the first to live here. There were others. There were Super Beings that dwelt here many hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago. There were tribes of SUPER beings with an intellect and knowledge that was from ancient cosmic sciences that for them, gave them astonishing powers and abilities that no living human being today can actually fathom. These Beings not only understood the mystery of ROCK – Magnetism -Electricity – they also understood how to manipulate and harness harmonics and the secret breath of the Air and Water. An old Native American once told me – “The great secret is – the Rock of the Mountains listen, remember and whisper a secret language only the Ancients knew! It is the Voice of the Great One.”
There is a profound truth there…
The Super Beings of Old conquered the planets and they had great civilizations on them. These powerful intellects communicated across the great void of the Cosmos and they knew how to travel those distances as well. Therefore, when we are told stories of “GOD’s” coming from Sirius and Orion’s Belt – Believe it! When we are shown images of Jackal Headed Gods – I do not discount it. Flying Serpents of Myth were based on actual flying mechanical crafts that resembled a type of serpent or dragon. Long ago, Super Beings come to earth and they occasionally left again or had re-supply ships come for centuries. Then, for some reason – they were left high and dry here – and over time they interbred themselves out of existence along with disease, murder, and warfare. Even they with their greater knowledge couldn’t survive Earth… and the rise of humans.
We’re all too quick to use “OUR” (supposed) higher knowledge to ascertain that ” IF we can’t do that – then they couldn’t either, because they didn’t have the knowledge we possess today!” Which is mind boggling arrogance and stupidity on our behalf today. There were Space Suit wearing beings coming here – and we have the imagery on rock, in stone, pottery and worked metal. Get over it!

WHO were they? Where did they come from? What did they want? Did any of them stay here and are they still here? We have answers to some of those questions already. IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!

THEY were not and are not US! Obviously! All of the remaining ancient megalithic stone architectures they left behind is proof enough of that! Yet- like rams butting the damn – we still try to apply our modern day engineering sciences to what they did – and we still are left baffled. That, right there, aught to tell you – they were super intellects on another level entirely.
The Super Beings that once had control of the planet – talked to and THOUGHT PROJECTED into solid Rock to lift up and walk to where ever they wanted it to go. You do not lug,drag or roll a 1,500 ton stone – you tell it to get up and walk! Telekinesis on an Ancient Wave Length!
Modern man’s Praying methods ( to a higher power ) are based on observances of the Greater Ancients using their minds to accomplish the seemingly impossible. The Ancients also used mental hyper- thought to pilot flying crafts that navigated ley-line flight paths. ( something Maria Orsic was trying to perfect by the way! )
The Ancients placed and built great Pyramids around the globe as both telecommunication – levitate source machines- but also to fine tune balance the harmonic spin of the planet. The earth is a gyroscope and it wobbles and tilts. They were working on getting it to spin like a finely tuned Top. In doing so- they could harness the Magnetism and use it.
In stone relief imagery showing the Ancient Super Beings – they are most often shown holding one or two devices in their hands – usually looking like a rod with a circular part the hand is inserted through. What seems to escape most is that these devices were some part of the technology they used to mentally hook up to and communicate with and through the vast networks of stone stella’s transmitting information. The Ancient SUPER BEINGS probably had a type of mental imaging capacity like that of Dolphins or Bats using sonic’s. Perhaps the sizes of their Pineal Glands were the size of lemons and they had full mastery of them. They seem to indicate as much in the reliefs with them holding out a pine cone looking thing – which is a representation of their inner eye! Today we use metal telecommunication towers to send and transmit microwave signals – they used charged granite and gold sheeting to transmit hyper-thought! The rocks talked! They may have also possessed mental telepathy with the aid of the devices they were never without.
Again – they were not US! They were something else that just happened to look a little like us in some way – only much much bigger! Plus, we already know they came from somewhere else as well! Other there! Far Away. Eight light years away.
So – there’s your proof. We were not and are not alone.
We have already have steady flow of communication now from “something else” that is making contact with us here – by using our own biology. Crop Circles! We’re just too stupid to understand what they mean! Many would rather dismiss them as hoaxes, rather than try to crack the CODE of them, which is our loss.
The “intelligence’s” making contact with us – do not use radio or microwave to transmit voice.. They use Pictographs. A type of comic Morse code set in vegetation as compressed swirls, tufts, piles, weaving’s, bends, to create an image like an embroiderer would do with thread and needle set upon a bare cloth.
What are these Pictographs telling us? Who is doing them? Why are they doing them – year in and year out? And we still cannot understand them. Personally – if the Black Knight Satellite is real – and of unknown origins and is indeed 30 thousand of years old – then – it is probably responsible for the crop circles. Who is controlling that – is rather spooky to think about . The Watchers!?!?!
Some circles seem to indicate celestial events, alignments, star mapping. Others seem to be a type of mathematical code for something. Perhaps some are representations of things only visible via a powerful microscope and are a warning of things we should be looking for. Remember – there is a collective “Intelligence” that already knows of the past-present-future and it is giving us “cheat sheets” to LOOK HERE! I think some of them represent sounds or sonic impressions that contain important knowledge. Some look like schematics to something technical.
If you think drunken old men or kids are stomping them out – then you are not very smart at all! However – some of them clearly are man made…which is a stupid thing to be doing…
IS mankind anything really remarkably special out of all the possibilities and eventualities in the Cosmological Record?
Probably not! Or not just yet. So why are we here – on this itty bitty little hunk of rock and water – way out at the ends of an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy – which is a moderate sized galaxy out of countless billions of other galaxies? Again – it’s by design. We’re essentially in quarantine and isolated so that we can do no harm to the “others”, being whatever they are.
What was here before us – is now gone. We are not them. They left, died off or were killed. Now – the lesser being is here. Modern day man of the C.E. probably has a total time limit of about 3,000-3,500 years and he’ll self destruct. Seemingly sooner from the looks of things. It is clearly evident we cannot handle or be responsible with Nuclear Technologies.
At some point in time – if we survive our-self – the progenitor/s will reveal our true purpose. Many of us already know what that answer is. “it’s to feed the ALL knowledge two sets of quantum experience – One Light – One dark! Humankind has known this from its conception.
Throughout time – intelligence’s of every conceivable and inconceivable type connected to something has existed – and all of it – feeds the ONE master program of which no human mind will ever peer review. The master program- the ALL POWER – The ALL KNOWLEDGE – the HALL of RECORD – is self aware and it most likely has the Ability to update and reprogram itself as needed. It’s a humbling feeling to realize I am plugged into it and there will come a point in time – when it’ll decide, time is up, and it’ll pull the power feed from me. Scary actually.
All of my thoughts, actions, inaction’s, will, intentions gathered, recorded, stored – forever more – as the quantum projection of my biological hologram extinguishes.
What ever the SUPER BEING races were originally here for and what they were supposed to accomplish – is up to debate. Some of it was good- other things were very evil, nefarious and led to nothing but a dark path and death. Some of that unspeakable darkness and horror is again reigniting and reconstituting itself in the here and now. So we could deduce that we are facing a type of ALIEN APOCALYPSE right now with the current crisis like a plague of death and destruction in the Middle East and spilling out across the lands like a Vile of Death poured from a Horseman of Revelations. The Evil demons out kill mankind are not human beings. They are Alien entities out sourced by a Demonic force out of Hell. Hell is a real place. It’s anti-existence. Anti-life. Anti-Goodness and Purity. A void of emptiness and nothingness. Just Death and Agony. Eaten in perpetuity by black fire. Hopelessness and Loss of God! Just unfathomable evil and horror. That is why – we must save and spare ourselves from all evil knowledge’s and actions that can lead us off the pathway to the fountain of eternal all-life.
Gaia’s or Earth’s History is complicated. We’ll never unravel it all. We’ll never know it all. Everything has a time cycle – So do we. How long that is – Unknown. My inner presence of self tells me – I am surrounded and penetrated by – a presence other than my own cognizance. When the quiet times allow it and I can settle into the right mental and physical place – it’ll vibrate and hum through me. It’s a very different experience. Within seconds – I lift out and take flight. All I am then is just pure conscious. An OBE let’s me know – this is NOT all there is. To be truthful – each and every time I come back into my body – I am disappointed a little bit! Why? Because when you get a glimpse of the greater pure ethereal reality – and the sublime peace and happiness that fills you there – that is where you know you came from and will return to. That is HOME. Not here. Nor is it the center of the galaxy – where ripping madness and writhing insanity disembowels and shreds souls into nothingness. It is from that endless, bottomless pit – that Hell’s madness and insanity is spawn upon mankind as various anti human life entities masquerading as godless minions waging a holy war against the angels of light and innocence.
And that’s the great lesson Human Beings have yet to learn. We’re not Bodies. We are not gender. We’re not the image in the mirror. We’re not an education certificate. We’re not a title. Or a bank account or line of credit. Or Likes or Friends. We’re pure anima on a flying carpet of karma-memory!
We are not alone. We will never be alone. Just open your mind and you see that for yourself. Just make sure the doors you open do not allow dark things to enter your mind.
What ever those things “out there” are and what or where their ultimate end point it is – I don’t know! But- they existed then, they exist now and will in the future. Stop looking for them. We will not like what we find!

thank you for reading my post. I tried my best – but it words always fail me.

L. A.West

Russell Smith · August 31, 2015 at 12:27 am

Interesting. ….that would explain why they have bases on our moon and in our oceans

Wtfsatellite Pictures · August 30, 2015 at 8:05 pm


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