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Bob Lazar: 25 Years After Spilling the Beans on Anti-Gravitational Flying Saucers Inside Area 51

Bob Lazar: 25 Years After Spilling the Beans on Anti-Gravitational Flying Saucers Inside Area 51

It has been 25 years to the day since a live interview with a shadowy guy named “Dennis” changed everything for America’s most secret military base.

“Dennis” turned out later to be a man named Bob Lazar, who claimed he worked at a secret facility built into a mountainside just south of Area 51’s main facilities.

Lazar claimed to have worked in 1988 and 1989 as a physicist at S4, which was allegedly located at Papoose Lake southwest of top secret Area 51 near Groom Dry Lake, Nevada.

According to Lazar, S4 serves as a hidden military location for the study and research of extraterrestrial spacecraft, or flying saucers using reverse engineering.

Lazar says he saw nine different extraterrestrial vehicles there and has provided detailed information on the mode of propulsion and other technical details of a disc-shaped vehicle he called the sport model.

Here is the latest Bob Lazar interview:

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  1. Don’t know about bob lazar but could tell him they radiate green at speed and make not a noise or air wash so seemingly in my view manipulate the environment around them in some way. Oh and they have a band round the perimeter around a metre in width for some reason

  2. Bob Lazar is a real person. I used to wait on him at Van’s Midtown Volvo. I also met Stanton Friedman there. I hope they are still alive. Reverse engineering was Bob’s favorite topic.

  3. I actually lean towards the theory that this information was leaked purposely I think the information we have heard about a lot of things are smoke screens. But there’s no evidence and the possibilities are endless

  4. It’s a complete joke the way this story plays out. Bob lazar first told the world about a new element used to power reverse engineered alien technology element 118. He was ridiculed by the press and media. Then in 1999. The scientific world announces they have des covered a powerful new element. 118. Ununhexium. Proving Bob lazar was telling the truth all along. But obviously he didn’t receive no credit.

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