Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens)

Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens) 1

Take me to your leader.

That’s what you hear in classic sci-fi  movies when the little green men land. But those words are also apropos in this election season.  When the 2016 presidential race ends, what leader will those ETs be taken to?

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We’re not saying that otherworldly beings are getting behind a candidate just yet, but a UFO was reported following Donald Trump’s helicopter earlier this month at the  Iowa State Fair.

Of course, just because an object in the sky can’t be immediately identified, it doesn’t mean we’re being visited by ETs. There’s probably a perfectly humdrum explanation for whatever it was trailing America’s foremost reality TV billionaire. But until officials know for sure, we’ll file it under UFO.

Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens)

 Trump was at the fair Aug. 15, offering kids a free ride on his chopper. At 1 p.m., an onlooker snapped a picture (see above) that later revealed an unusual-looking object in the sky.

“We were walking down the street to the fair. Donald Trump’s helicopter was flying overhead so I got my phone out and snapped a picture,” according to an unnamed witness who submitted the photo, which became Case 69530 in the Mutual UFO Network database.

MUFON is a nonprofit organization in California that records and investigates sightings worldwide.

“It was very hard to see the helicopter because of the glare on the screen. Later on that day when I was sitting in the shade I got my phone out to see how my picture had come out. That’s when I noticed the object in the photo.” (see enlargement of object below.) 

Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens)


OpenMinds.TV reports that the Iowa chapter of MUFON is investigating the case to determine if the UFO in question might have been another helicopter or a bird, or something else.

Why might ETs be fascinated with Trump? Let’s just blame President Obama. That’s what Republicans tend to do, anyway. 

At the 2011 White House Correspondents dinner, as controversy over the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate swirled, Obama addressed “The Apprentice” star directly … and sarcastically.

“Did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell?” Obama asked, trying to conflate conspiracy theories about his supposed Kenyan birth with alleged UFO coverups. 

Throughout this video sequence, Trump is clearly not amused:

Of course, Trump isn’t the only candidate in this race, though, given the excessive coverage he gets, that sometimes bears mentioning.  

UFOs are swirling around the Clintons — yes, both of them.

Last year, former President Bill Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel (see video below) that he actually tried to find out what was going on at Area 51, the top secret military base north of Las Vegas. According to many UFO activists, that’s where clandestine U.S. military groups have hidden remnants of crashed flying saucers.

Clinton also said he looked into the story of whether or not a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947:

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Hillary Clinton’s current bid to take up residency again in the White House includes a highly intriguing and credible UFO connection — John Podesta.

Podesta — who served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff — has often publicly encouraged the Washington powers-that-be to reveal the truth about unexplained UFO cases, as seen in this 2002 video:

In February 2015, Podesta completed a year as senior advisor to Obama. On his final day in that position, he tweeted: “My biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.”

Shortly after that tweet, Hillary Clinton hired Podesta as chairman of her second presidential pursuit. In a Clinton pre-campaign story back in April, independent news outlet Mother Jones reported how UFO activists were excited with the possibility that Podesta might have the UFO-friendly ear of another Clinton in the White House.

According to Mother Jones:

Asked for clarification of Hillary Clinton’s stance on UFO disclosure, a spokesman from her office responded via email. ‘Our non-campaign has a strict policy of not commenting on extraterrestrial activity,’ [Clinton press secretary] Nick Merrill wrote. ‘BUT, the Truth Is Out There.’


Source www.huffingtonpost.com

Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens)

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65 responses to “Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens)”

  1. If we let in to fear, it will consume us, blind us, and separate us. America is about being united. Fear is not the path to unification. Specially if the fear isn’t real. If the fear is brought on by media who’s agenda is to feed the public’s ignorance.

  2. The Clinton’s have been in bed with the elite for so long that they will already have access to the classified information and ufo technology so it wouldn’t surprise me if they spy on their enemies with drones that use UFO tech.

    • I don’t believe that for one second. Don’t forget that presidential candidates try to appeal to people in categories. This one is to sway urologists her way.
      She won’t have the security clearance to do it even if she’s president as you may have the highest clearance but you don’t have a “need to know” of what’s going on in a different compartment of that clearance.
      Security clearance compartmentalisation is a labyrinth in which even the president can get lost.

    • UFO Technology would mean free energy for the world and the powers that be would not let that happen, as you can’t market it and the world economy depends on fossil fuel. For that reason we will never ever get official disclosure.

  3. I’ve always liked him (I don’t know if it’s his larger than life persona or his Celebrity Apprentice?) I just don’t like how he is going about this “illegal aliens” bs! He needs to use some tact. Having people sneaking in through the back door- IS DEFINITELY an issue and not just in the USA. You’d think with all the years Trump has dealt with the press, he’d know better- AND, HE DOES!

  4. He will be elected, and he will do exactly what he says. ..MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. …I truly believe this…..he’s like the average American, tired of the country being run into the ground by someone who should have never been elected in the first place. ..

  5. Trump is a man scorned, he knew these GOLD-DIGGERS weren’t after him for his good looks (HAIR) or his great personality(??) His ego gets away from him, he can be a blowhard at the best of times & ONLY NOW, has he figured out that these women that he married, were illegally in the USA? What a crock of shit!! I truly hope for everybody on this planet that he doesn’t get elected (especially for all Americans, that’s for sure) like we’re not already living in a 3 ring circus!

  6. No disrespect to the dead cop but life’s a bitch without a tit. Had to say that. On a serious note, it’s our governments involvement in illegal drugs and arms that should be addressed. The root of the problem, so to speak.

  7. I can understand what kind of damage some of these “illegal aliens” do to those people that come into ANY country legally. Here in T.O. Canada, a young cop was murdered in cold blood (executed!) by a drug dealer that had been deported 9 times back to Jamaica. The REAL KICK IN THE FACE was, finding out that his father was a Police chief in Jamaica! This whole crappy incident should have been an eye opener for EVERY country on this planet! You go to another country & refuse to work, suck on the WELFARE TIT, put innocent peoples’ lives on the line – NO COUNTRY NEEDS YOU & chances are, their own country don’t want them either!

  8. The anchor baby chump

    Does trump knows illegals come from all over the world?
    Not only the hole in the south
    Russians come from Alaska , Seattle , Asians come on containers , Europeans come with visas then they expire end stay here illegally
    Facts liar chump
    He is making this a race war !!

  9. Carl, I really do ….I think he is exactly what this country needs to turn it around. …because it is just a shell of what it use to be…..maybe they just simply want to meet him before hand or be airial protection

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