Floating Spoon Spotted On Mars?

Floating Spoon Spotted On Mars? 2

Of all the strange things people think they’ve seen in images of Mars — from crab monsters to pyramids — this might be the oddest one yet: a spoon that appears to be hovering just above the surface of the Red Planet.

OK, it’s not really a spoon: it’s a bit of rock that has weathered out from the surrounding landscape, imaged by the Mars Curiosity rover. But the resemblance to a spoon is uncanny, both in the thinness of the “handle” and the bowl-like end. You can see it’s an actual outcrop by the shadow. This is no “woman on Mars“: it’s a real feature, not a shadow or a trick of the eye.

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A thin fragile rock feature like this wouldn’t survive long on Earth. Our atmosphere is much thicker and wetter: rain and other precipitation would erode a spoon like that away in a short time. Earth also has earthquakes and pesky organisms that interfere with delicate natural features, none of which Mars has. Of course, we don’t know how long this rock-spoon has been around, or how much longer it’ll survive. Mars has sandstorms and other abrasive weather, though they take longer to wear down rock than rain does.

So whatever that bald kid from The Matrix says: there is a spoon. It’s just not gonna be much use for eating, much less for spoon-bending.

(Tip of the pendulum to Emily Lakdawalla and Unmanned Spaceflight forum member “fredk” for spotting the spoon in the Mars Curiosity data.)

Here’s the “spoon,” seen in a NASA image taken by the Curiosity rover’s Mastcam on Aug. 30 (the circle has been added for emphasis; the raw image is available here):


But though it certainly looks spoon-like, it is, of course, not a spoon. It’s not actually floating, either, for that matter.

NASA says the unique — and very familiar — form is likely a ventifact, or a rock that’s been shaped by wind. (The space agency has a presentation explaining how ventifacts are formed, along with some examples of them here on Earth as well as on Mars.)

Source www.forbes.com and www.huffingtonpost.com

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  1. Mars is dead….A giant asteroid slammed into it causing the Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons…no life exists there…no one is hiding anything, simple life may have existed once, millenia ago but they are now Fossils which have proved extremely difficult to detect and find due to the surface of Mars being scoured by frequent sand storms and subject to extremes of temperature variasions and constantly blasted by solar radiation due to its thin atmosphere…Once life probably evolved there but it doesn’t anymore

  2. Ever heard of the term Pareidolia?… I’m no saying there isn’t life on other planets, because the possibility of life existing is high, and I’m not saying Alien don’t eat with levitating spoons either, all I’m saying is our desire to see them resemble us or to finally see them is so bad we’ll believe anything… what’s next toilet paper on Mars with shit still on it, UNDENIABLE proof aliens take big nasty dumps? Cmon…

  3. this picture is full of stuff. here is a cropped and enlarged section from the full scale image. this rock looks like it is floating in midair. or is this the spoon you meant? I’m clipping more so more to follow.

  4. so we all know about pareidolia, in this instance though there is a clear spoon shape form suspended and embedded in the rock. The suspended “spoon shape” casts a shadow that shows more of the form. This is a true mysterious form and should be investigated further. The other thing that is unclear is the size of the object? Anybody know what? It could be a petrified plant.

  5. It looks like a spoon shaped antenna or what we would interpret as a spoon shape sticking out of the sand??? Remember that our brains are interpreting shapes that are familiar to us!!! Who’s to say that anything alien made is going to look like anything we recognize here on Earth?? Thats why I feel the interpretation of some of the so called alien structures on the moon are rather unreliable but not impossible! !!!

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