Humans will be cyborgs within 200 years, expert predicts

Humans will be cyborgs within 200 years, expert predicts

“It will be the greatest evolution in biology since the appearance of life.”

Within the next 200 years, humans will have become so merged with technology that we’ll have evolved into “God-like cyborgs”, according to Yuval Noah Harari, an historian and author from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

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Harari researches the history of the human species, and after writing a new book on our past, he now believes that we’re just a few short centuries away from being able to use technology to avoid death altogether – if we can afford it, that is.

I think it is likely in the next 200 years or so Homo sapiens will upgrade themselves into some idea of a divine being, either through biological manipulation or genetic engineering of by the creation of cyborgs: part organic, part non-organic,” Harari said during his presentation the Hay Festival in the UK, as Sarah Knapton reports for the Telegraph. “It will be the greatest evolution in biology since the appearance of life … we will be as different from today’s humans as chimps are now from us.”

Obviously, we should take Harari’s predictions with a grain of salt, but while they sound more suited to science fiction than real life, they’re not actually that out-there. Many researchers believe that we’ve already started down the path towards a cyborg future; after all, many of us already rely on bionic ears and eyes, insulin pump technology and prosthetics to help us survive. And with researchers recently learning how to send people’s thoughts across the web, subconsciously control bionic limbs and use liquid metal to heal severed nerves, it’s not hard to imagine how we could continue to use technology to supplement our vulnerable human bodies further.

Interestingly, Harare’s comments came just a few days after UK-based neuroscientist Hannah Critchlow from Cambridge University got the Internet excited by saying that it could be possible to upload our brains into computers, if we could build computers with 100 trillion circuit connections. “People could probably live inside a machine. Potentially, I think it is definitely a possibility,” Critchlow said during her presentation at the festival.

But Harari warned that these upgrades may only be available to the wealthiest members of society, and that could cause a growing biological divide between rich and poor – especially if some of us can afford to pay for the privilege of living forever while the rest of the species dies out.

If that sounds depressing, the alternative is a future where instead of us taking advantage of technology, technology takes advantage of us, and artificial intelligence poses a threat to our survival, as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates have all predicted.

Either way, one thing seems pretty clear – our future as a species is now inextricably linked with the technology we’ve created. For better or for worse.


Humans will be cyborgs within 200 years, expert predicts

Humans will be cyborgs within 200 years, expert predicts
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  1. I’ve been saying this for years. It’s the most obvious Darwinian step. Once we live forever as part machine etc. we can travel/ colonise the Galaxy. Nearly all the time in the world to do it……..

  2. Yeah the more far the prediction, the larger the margin of error. His prediction doesn’t take into account the potential for black swan events such as the sun belching a massive emp wave, or an asteroid wiping us out…or any other variables….My point, predictions are never accurate…

  3. The right of the few came about when the few saw a gap. That gap was getting people to believe in religion and state controlled systems and the right top a comfy life watching daytime tv. No doubt it’s taken various forms in the past but that’s out modern take on the control system.

  4. You probably know what I mean when I talk of fringe beliefs that have no proof of. Real far out stuff. They seem to know everything about aliens. Their species, where they come from, what they like for dinner… but they can’t tell you were they are or pass you their phone number.

  5. People have no place in the big picture. Only the politicians, religious elite and the moneyed elite have a handle on the big picture. The rest of us are fed a Hollywood (America saves the world…. again), while in fact they are going around the world plundering it like a failing Roman empire. Politicians are just the front men, of course. They only have the power to to enable a broken system and filling their pockets while doing so.

  6. Our inner reality is malleable as convincing ideas from outside can influence our belief systems. This in turn can influence reality, if enough people believe in that reality.

  7. Reality doesn’t change per person. It’s just that some people see reality the way they want it to be. We project what we believe onto the world. Whether scientist agree or not they all have to work with reality in the form of gravity, etc. There are boundaries to how much they can make up, unless they’re theorist. It’s their job to map out the possibilities. They’re the shaman of our time, I guess.

  8. Aliens being from the future or alternative dimension? I thought Fringe did a good job of serializing the conspiracy or theory but I’m not convinced that time travel is possible. Maybe other dimensions are possible but maybe only on a theoretical level that accommodates other theories. I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that it’s anything other than science fiction.

  9. I spent weeks doing research to find out what really happened I know it is hard to believe and I struggle with it still myself but then I hear Andrew Basiago speaking about project pegasus and time travel and I just couldnt afford to ignore the smoke even though I couldnt clearly see the fire.. They are all well over an hour.

  10. Sure, from the above clip does it follow the narrative you’ve picked up on. That people were experimented on? Mk-ultra stuff? Now that I can believe. My argument against alien involvement is that if they wanted do do such primitive testing they’d do it themselves.

  11. Not sure if you know much about the Montauk Project. The scientist and others that say they worked on that project have said that when they were trying to create the machine they had to get help from an alien race that they were working with in order to put the mathematics into a computer program that would allow their machine to run.

  12. Sure, but it’s still interesting to think of the forces that connect us with other ‘beings’ or aliens in other galaxies. Things like electric, fire and water. That we may have thought the same things or seen the same stars.

  13. Once you realize who god is,the several in the bible that is,you realize they are flesh and blood beings not gods. The creater god the force responsible for actual creation is not the one talked about. I despise religion because it determines that something is better than you and you should worship it, the truth is we are all part of the universe and the one. Your left arm is not better than your big toe they are part of the one body.

  14. Money and religion are incompatible. When they coexist you have something like the Vatican. It brings control, power and the individual has no chance against them. If you were to look at their faith without prejudice you would see that it’s actually a worship of money and power. I’m not religious but I would have to say that they appear to be Satanists, rather than Christians. And whether god exists or not, it’s what people hold in their minds that counts. It shapes reality.

  15. Hahahahahaha. And fifty years ago they predicted we would all be flying around the skies in personal spaceships. Hahahahahaha. It’s easy to predict future crap that no one will be around to see.

  16. In less than 100 years, majority of human beings would lose their muscle tone due to extreme reliability on digital technologies, drones and robots. Physical activities would be seen as old and primitive sport.
    Basically, the term ‘couch potato’ would be less offensive!

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