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Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial Or Possibly An Anunnaki Hybrid?

Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial Or Possibly An Anunnaki Hybrid? 1

The Jesus Anunnaki Connection

Is it possible that Jesus was an Anunnaki hybrid? From what we’ve seen over and over again, the truth is always hidden under a pile of lies and is twisted and turned upside down until what little truth remains is so obscured that we don’t know what to believe any more

Jesus and The Council of Nicea

From my studies of theology, I have learned that the figure known as Jesus was created by the Council of Nicea in the year 325 AD as a way to bring together all of the Yeshua ben Yosef cults via Emperor Constantine. The council added the supernatural abilities of Mithra, Horus, and Osiris to the Jesus entity they created and from that point forward, Christianity was created. 


The bible has missing chapters such as the Book of Enoch, The Book of Jubilees, the Book of Numbers and the Book of The Wars of Jehovah, so one must question why any books would be eliminated and why. What we know through these missing books is that Jehovah (El Shaddai and eventually called, YHWH) was known as “Lord” and was a god of vengeance and wrath. Is it possible that when Jesus replaced Jehovah that people are unknowingly worshiping the same god of vengeance and wrath?

What is known about the bible is how it was written in perfect, reverse astrotheological order as we move through the precession of the equinoxes, which explains the reverse order of the astrological signs.

For example, when the Israelites idolized the Golden Calf when Moses went to the mountains, it symbolized the Age of Taurus. When Moses blew on the ram’s horn, it symbolized the Age of Aries. When Jesus fed the masses with two fish, it symbolized the Age of Pisces. When Jesus said to follow the man bearing the pitcher of water, it symbolized the Age of Aquarius. If nothing else, the bible teaches us about how astrotheology was used to control the masses because the bible’s timeline brings us to an artificial “end time” right now, which is why we’re seeing those in power trying to evoke the “Revelation” chapters when we could be living in a world of peace and harmony instead of chaos.

The Anunnaki timetable

What if the bible is an encrypted timetable for the return of our galactic family? Is it possible that the ruling elite know this and are trying to create the end times to prevent humanity from ascending in order to harvest our energy for their own, archontic reasons while keeping us living in fear as economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency? Perhaps these times will bring us the return of the Anunnaki, the creator gods?

It’s interesting that in Genesis 1:26 (Genesis = The Genes of Isis), it says, “Let US make man in OUR own image“. The “US” are the Elohim, who were the creator gods in the bible, but is it possible that they are the Anunnaki as well?

Secret society influences

What we do know is that name “Jesus” never existed at the time of his alleged birth because the letter “J” wasn’t invented until the 1500’s. This also means there was no official John, Job, Jacob, Jeremiah, Jude, Joseph, etc… The King James version of the bible wasn’t written until the year 1611 and was edited by Rosicrucian and Free Mason, Sir Francis Bacon. With ties to secret societies, is it possible that the truth was twisted and/or encrypted? What we do know is that there is a Christian bible on the main floor of any Freemason lodge, but when you get to the 33rd degree of freemasonry, the Luciferian Doctrine is followed by those who have been initiated into this level. Additionally, the 33rd degree mason motto is “Ordo ab chao” which means “Order out of chaos”.

You can do all these things and more

According to the work of Gregg Braden, we only have 22 of the 64 codons in our DNA turned on. Imagine what we might be capable of doing if all of our codons were activated? Perhaps this is what is meant when Jesus said that you can do all these things and more? John 14:12, KJV: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Is it possible that our DNA is about to fully activate after being genetically manipulated by the Anunnaki? Is this something we can do for ourselves?

I’ve been experimenting on myself by trying to find ways to activate these codons and fully activating my DNA in humanity’s best interests. You can read more about my experiment in the article, “How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?”

Is Jesus the same as the Maya’s Kulkulkan and the Aztec’s Quetzalcoatl?

It seems many things that are in humanity’s best interests are suppressed. Look no further than Stanley Meyer’s invention of a water powered car that could go from coast to coast in the United States on 22 gallons of water. He was offered $1 billion by the automotive industry but turned it down because he wanted this invention to go out to the people. Shortly afterwards, he was poisoned to death.

There was a blonde hair, blue eyed man by the name of Kulkulkan who visited the Maya and taught them about astronomy, agriculture, medicine, and mathematics. It is believed that he came from the Pleiades to help the Maya civilization and promised to return at some future date. The same entity is described as Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs.

Could this story be the same as the story of Jesus? Is it possible that Jesus was an extraterrestrial from a neighboring planet or star system?

We know very little about Jesus from the time of his birth until his 30's. If the star of Bethlehem was a UFO, then is it possible that Jesus went back to his mothership to prepare himself for the teachings he would give to the masses until the time of his alleged death?

We know very little about Jesus from the time of his birth until his 30’s. If the star of Bethlehem was a UFO, then is it possible that Jesus went back to his mothership to prepare himself for the teachings he would give to the masses until the time of his alleged death?

As Michael Tellinger points out, the most compelling argument against the mythological gods theory is that roughly 9,000 years BC prior to the appearance of Sumer, the Mayan civilization suddenly emerged and astoundingly showed the same predilections towards agriculture, planting, harvesting, social organization, trade and commerce as Sumeria, all attributable to the teachings of the gods. It is possible, even likely, that more than one ET group or groups have left their mark on earth.

In this writer’s opinion, the story of Jesus was created by the church as a means of subservience, control, and conformity to religion and government. While it’s definitely possible that an entity with supernatural abilities existed, he was most likely an extraterrestrial or possibly an Anunnaki hybrid.

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  1. In the Evangiles Jesus refers to the Farisaei as “vipers breed” maybe he is more litteral in these words than it is commonly understood… and in other place he says: The house of my Father has many rooms (and he is meaning the heavens) possibly he is referring to the many planets with life in the universe…

  2. evrything in the visible universe and invisible universe is made from same material.comets and asteroids care the block of life even water true out of space .evrything is energy from the beging of a planet until last molecule or subparticle of atom who are in evrything.when star die or planet or galaxy collide with other galaxy evrything almost is again energy.all galaxyes in center got a black hole.this is the engine who creat the vortex to push evrything around.solar sistems and planets.and at the end evrything finish back in black hole transformed again in energy.if we exist in just 5 billions of years of this planet imagine what is outside there on others galaxies when is more then 16 billions years old.

  3. use your mind and u will find your answer.is very simple. ican explein u very quicly.we are not special earth is not so special and we are not created by anunaki or another zacharia sitchin idea.

  4. u see that photo? i saw ufos 3 times.first time more then 4 hours with another 5 familly members.second time somebody else show me and we watch for 10 min.when i will see jesus i will say i belive in jesus also.but i belive in ufo.human made or from another dimension or other planet i saw them.

  5. me i belive in something real not old stories without proof.i belive in what i can see and study and touch.material.words means nothing.and i real belive if we invented time machine and go back in time we will found thousands stories like this one generation after generation in last 1 million years.

  6. in school they teach u religion like it is the only one and the real one.how come all are true for everybody ? i prefere to belive in krishna and ramayana and mahabharata because we got his city underwater intact.and is not religion just one story many thousands years old.jesus and islam is just copy of other copys write in ur irak on tablets 7000bc.noe story and other story we got on this tablets.so again? how real was jesus and other bible stories? :)))))) and maybe soon we will find more old stories of same fake stories imposed when we are youn until we belive.if u say so many times a lie u will finished to belive is true

  7. No….he was just a figment of the imagination of the poor,the dispossessed, the ignorant, the just plain stupid, the ham sandwich just short of a picnic, those whose lights are on but no one at home and the disenfranchised who have no hope in hell of digging themselves out of the hole religious crap has dug for them!

  8. Lol coming from other worlds to just being a human being who wasn’t crucified. I don’t believe he’s either especially being annunnaki are one of 59 known species of ets of a different era. I question if he ever existed or if he was a product of religion.

  9. if the statement refers to the physical body of Jesus. . .

    not terrestrial nor anunaki

    Jesus was the child of mary and herod antipater.

    this is the very reason why the vatican cannot issue their official statement, neither the scientists that conducted the dna on blood on the Holy Shroud of Turin.

  10. I suggest reading the work of Gerald Clark. Thoth was able to incarnate himself in any form and the work of Gerald brings him to the conclusion that Jesus was the incarnation of Thoth the teacher of mankind.

  11. I always find amazing how quickly people will fight over the topic of Jesus. Everyone’s so sure that their idea of Jesus is the right and only one. Although I believe that Jesus was a great and wise profit, I doubt he was an alien, and no more the son of God than I am or anyone who walks the planet. Remember, the bible was a book that was written and assembled by men. Men that wanted to use that book to controll the masses.
    Don’t get me wrong. I am currently reading the bible and find that there is a lot of good information in it, and I have had many of my own expiriences that have proven (to me), that “God” or whatever it may be does exist. But it is important to always use common sense, logic, and sound judgement when trying to understand our past.

  12. They/we have lived many different physical lifetimes. They would love to have us confused in truthseeking enough to give up and just conform. I believe Jesus was Enkis son sent to show the way as to have never gotten to this point in humanity. But…. We chose…. Well now we choose again and we will create a new humanity. Agape to the core <3

  13. I think it does not help your cause in any way to insult Christianity like this. I follow your articles for the sake of increasing my knowledge of many mysterious occurrences that we observe in this world but, unfortunately, I am begginning to think you are being deliberately and scandalously against Christian faith… if not that you are on a paid but deffinitely futile mission to downright crush the religion. I wish you eyes could be opened. God bless you in Christ’s name.

    • I do agree some of the comments on this thread are rather insulting but the article itself asks a valid question. According to the Sumerian texts God is Anunnaki so to ask if Jesus is a hybrid is a good question. I more than want to know God but also about God. If Jesus was Anunnaki and Mary was human, it stands to reason……

    • which kids are those? if you are talking about the Vatican scandals I think you are a bit mistaken about theee whole concept of Christianity. If some American citizen decided to be a terrorist, would it be ok to say Americans are terrorists? Christ does not approve of such gross immorality as child molestation. If you happen to know of a paedophile its best you turn them in. Back to the issue, I think speculation on the “origins of Christ” is a clear disapproval of the scriptural content and, without necessarily judging anybody, a pledge of allegiance to alternative belief systems.

    • But Anna, if you read the Bible it specifies that Jesus was man, I think if you were to analyse his anatomy you would find he was 100% human like any of us. Not hybrid. The difference was spiritual and, for all we know, we have no possible means to physically measure spiritual content.

    • What I am saying is, at the end we are judged as individuals and not in groups. Each one paying for their own wrongs. Thats where paedophiles who escaped earthly laws would be sniffed and punished. Its good for you to create awareness about the problem but it’s also a very unrealistic to paint everu

    • What I am saying is, at the end we are judged as individuals and not in groups. Each one paying for their own wrongs. Its good for you to create awareness about the problem but it’s also a very unrealistic to paint every Christian with the same brush. Paedophiles are everywhere, possibly including among your own club of fans

    • If you don’t want to be condemned as a group then I’d recommend they don’t join groups and use the very real power of that group to do wrong. Whatever that may be. The public (as a whole) don’t know these people as individuals (neither the predictors or the child) but what they do know is that much of this was made possible by the power that religion seems to hold over some people and the wealth that they hoard while the poor go hungry. All in the name of god. The judgment you speak of is not the judgment I’m speaking of. Hell is too good for these people.

    • Mavsana Nkatha I definitely don’t want to debate what is fact. As for the fact that you say Jesus is a man. There are many kinds of men. So what kind of a man do you feel Jesus is? I was under the belief he was half God. What kind of a being is God??

    • Anna…Jesus was not half God, He was son of God or rather God in flesh. The difference is that if we talk of a hybrid then it has to have some observable physical properties that set it apart from the contributing parent. In that case I do not see God’s dna being possibly pinpointed from Christ’s body. I think he was physically the same as any human out there.

    • Jesus is an amalgam, an aggregate, a composite of stolen stories myths and gods. Organized religion with ‘Jesus’ at the fore is the ultimate human control mechanism. Fear and brain washing the species for eternity….😏

    • It’s not nothing bad to says what do you know obout Jesu? Only what is written in Bible, and who is write a new bible? The Vatikan! Do you blindly believe everything Vatican is say? If you do ask your self why? What kind of sin come from Vatican and cristianitis church?? They are some of them the worst siner ever, pedophile and so on.. ask your self is Jesus aprove and forgive and want that someone who is leading in his name doing thing they do!! Don’t be hipocret be realistic.. that stuff should a fend you not this thing.. that is for Anna Boehme Reynolds..

    • Mavsana Nkatha I have no belief, that’s the whole point. my ability for independent thought is no longer sullied by fear of eternal damnation, hellfire or…. For humans to read about and believe in a ‘god’ that was written about BY HUMANS more than ONE HUNDRED YEARS after this is alleged to have taken place THEN for the bible to be edited and have other points of view dropped by HUMANS is more than laughable. ‘jesus’ wasn’t even a god until the nicean counsel decreed him to be!! Does this sound familiar? A boy was born to a virgin on 25th December, whose father was a revered and respected all powerful god. His ‘funeral feast’ also coincides with the feast of Ishtar (which the nicean counsel also decreed – first sunday after the full moon after the march equinox. or something) Name that boy 😉

    • Derek, I think cessation of belief and fear of damnation is what has sponsored the rise of paedophilia, ISIS and like phenomenon. I am surprised you choose to believe in a series of disconnected literature picked from anywhere around the world-anything discrediting Christ-over the Bible. I dont think you seriously believe in nothing, either you know (and its too sinister to disclose) or you just believe in anything other than Christ.

    • Matsaveli, its always good to check the credibility of our knowledge and yes, ideas are cool but, why is it exclusively Christ that gets lampooned? We have a great deal of other characters that we can talk about .

    • Mavsana – ISIS (the terror group? Or Horus’ mom?) the ‘terrorist’ group is completely funded and armed by the CIA… It is a direct descendant of the Jimmy carter idea: the mujahideen. I see nowhere in ancient texts to show that paedophilia ceased after the story of Christ began. Have a link? The most disconnected literature IS the bible, the Torah, the Koran. eg the four major gospels tell exactly the same story BUT are completely different… Could you be historically accurate, piecing together an unknown mans life story from a century ago, and sell him as a god? 325AD Jesus was declared a god by a very slim vote. THAT is historically recorded. I make no apologies for not having blind faith, and cannot agree that to know him is to love him, because whenever I have entered a religious building, everyone else kneels or bows to a great empty space. THAT I find very pertinent to all religion….

  14. YES, I think so how else can you explain “born of a virgin Mary,” his magneticism, numerous “miracles” he performed, and the fact that he his body “ascended into heaven.” May be he ascended to a mothership. What I have read is that Jesus is an ET, and he brings belief and religion to other worlds,and each time they the beings on those planets, crucify him and he becomes a messiah and religious figure. !!@@!!

  15. For all we know, Don King, the human race may not have originated here at all, as you say. I’ve read many times that the Reptillians exists here on Earth underground/in caves. What if they were here first? And humans drove them underground as we began to dominate this planet. We’ll never know.

  16. his mum was told by the angel (a guy from the sky) that she was chosen to bare a child of the gods, so yes, a hybrid. virgin birth, we can do that today, its called “artificial insemination”….

  17. Every religion on earth had a higher source as well as a person that was a part of that source according to their culture. That amazed with healing, death, and was filled with knowledge. Only their names are different.

  18. If Jesus Christ performed supernatural miracles and rose from the dead, based on Christian texts, that could mean only one thing, JC was an Alien ET representative to teach humanity social skills. Sadly, biblical writers, turn the events into mythical / dramatic made-up horror stories with the creation of hell, heaven and other unrelated anecdotes!
    This is why there’s no image of JC or his actual burial spot on earth.

  19. Пить нужно было меньше на вечерии, и аннунаки рогатые, или только я вижу, что они поработители-пираты САДОВ Творца=хоть и в подчинении Творца, и как искусители (редколлегия передтечи будущего главного экзамена)Истинной ВЕРЫ+стойкости Людской? :::666 ХХХ Ъ

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