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Elon Musk: We need to leave Earth as soon as possible

Elon Musk: We need to leave Earth as soon as possible

In all the billions and billions of planets in our home galaxy, humanity happens to find itself on one perfectly suited for life.

Earth isn’t without its hazards though. The planet has seen five mass extinctions throughout its history, due to cataclysmic disasters like giant asteroids and massive volcanic eruptions.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is worried about the next apocalypse.

He’s so concerned that he thinks we need to get off Earth and become a multi-planet species as quickly as possible, according to a post written by blogger Tim Urban called “How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars.”

Musk’s reasoning is straightforward. Maybe by the time the next giant asteroid heads our way, we’ll have the technology to shield the planet or redirect the space rock. But if it’s something more catastrophic, like a nearby star exploding, we may all get vaporized. Musk says we can’t afford to wait around and find out.

In his blog post, Urban gives us another way to think about it: Imagine Earth as a hard drive, and every species is a word document saved on that hard drive. The hard drive has already crashed five times (those five mass extinctions), and each time it loses a huge chunk of those documents (species going extinct). So you can think of the human species as an incredibly valuable document created on that hard drive:

Now—if you owned a hard drive with an extraordinarily important Excel doc on it, and you knew that the hard drive pretty reliably tended to crash every month or two, with the last crash happening five weeks ago—what’s the very obvious thing you’d do? You’d copy the document onto a second hard drive.

That’s exactly why Musk is so hell-bent on Mars — it could become humanity’s backup drive.

Musk doesn’t want to send a handful of colonists, either; he’d like to launch 1 million people to the red planet. If we want anything resembling the industry and infrastructure here on Earth, and ample genetic diversity, then we’ll need at least that many people to get things going. That’s the only way we’ll survive as a species on Mars, Musk reportedly told Urban.

Later this year, via his rocket company SpaceX, Musk plans to reveal a spacecraft designed to carry as many as 100 people at a time to the red planet. In the meantime, he’s teased the world with a vision of how he’d land humans on Mars in a capsule called Red Dragon:

Touching down

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  1. So a 45 year old Musk is worried this is going to happen in his short Earth life? Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works has been quoted as saying that the technology already exists to take ET home…somehow I suspect Musk, Branson and others know that has already started.

  2. I liked the way the aliens said it, where do these earthling think they’re going to go at the rate they’re destroying earth.
    The thing about mankind is not so much about looking after but more to greed. Sure Earth can recouperate itself which is why it’s been around billions of years and for it to keep on going to save itself it will need to get rid of the disease that is ruining it.
    That’s when the natural disasters will help with the cleansing and wipe out about 70% of the entire population. Then everything starts all over again. Like killing a cattle to feed a whole village an animals life is being sacrificed. Unlike now millions of animals lives are being sacrificed for being traded and if not being sold it will be. thrown away.

  3. I think our secret military industrial complex are already out there. Our sun is still there…. Not saying they haven’t encountered any nasty ones but they might be allied with the nasty ones and that gives a whole different picture. Many possibilities no irrefutable proof.

  4. Firstly I think the secret military industrial complex may have already found another planet or are at least out there looking for one.Secondly it wouldn’t be for the people of earth knowing how these people operate,yes they might take a few willing or unwilling slaves . The way mainstream science is going ,they will never find a way off planet because they have no idea of the science that is being used by the military industrial complex.

  5. Get rid of the money hungry, don’t give a shit people in the government’s and we’d…. I mean all us normal people who actually do care about our earth would do the right thing..

  6. From my understanding. Nobody can leave earth or come in the repilians who are left behind want to make a deal.. They will turn in thoughs of the illuminati people for deal on leaving earth. No joke i did my reserch as usual.

  7. We have to learn to love again, Respect one another, Remember it’s what we put out there that’s the problem, Yes we need to rid this planet of all tyrants and warmongers, Religion, We are all one and connected, So if you think your different then leave, 💖🌟

  8. Wen we have a human society that just live from the heart and respect for mother earth then we not have to move ,vanish all bad people ,vanish religions ,vanish greed,and vanish money !

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