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‘Mars Henge’? Is mysterious stone circle found on Red Planet clearest indication yet of alien civilisation?

Strange stone circle has got several alien investigators excited about the possibilities of an ancient civilisation on the Red Planet

If Stonehenge is a symbol of an ancient civilisation here on Earth , then does ‘Mars Henge’ represent the same thing on an alien world?

The latest in a line of potential discoveries on the Red Planet , alien hunters have come across a mysterious pattern of rocks on the surface.

“This is something remarkable,” said Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily.

“It’s two circles of rocks and one square in its centre.”

The pictures were found from a cache of images taken of Mars from a NASA probe in the 1970s.

NASA/YouTube/MISTERENIGMA The line up of rocks on Mars’ surface that has been dubbed ‘Mars Henge’

Videos of Mars Henge have already been posted to YouTube and have been gaining views.

NASA currently has a rover on the Martian surface and eagle-eyed ET hunters have seen several interesting things on the planet .

But experts have explained it away as a case of pareidolia – where people’s brains trick them into seeing familiar patterns in naturally occurring objects.

Source www.mirror.co.uk


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  1. The Mars henge could be seen as just that but our eyes do play tricks. It could be a small crater with the remnants of what ever made it lying broken in the middle. A bowl rather than a mound.

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