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NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snaps Pyramid On Mars, Is This Proof Of An Early Civilization?

NASA's Curiosity Rover Snaps Pyramid On Mars, Is This Proof Of An Early Civilization?

In the latest news on space exploration, NASA’s Mars rover found what looks like the image of a Great Pyramid found back on Earth. The images are part of a series of anomalies found on the Red Planet. This May 7 “pyramid” image has stargazers believing that intelligent life exists or once thrived on Mars.

In a June 20 report, ExoPolitics said NASA’s Curiosity Rover discovered a large triangle-shaped stone structure that conjures up images of pyramids. While the exact size of the Mars sighting is unclear – some suggest the image could be an outcropping of rocks made to resemble the familiar formation, a grave marker or even a “capstone.”

More in depth look from WhatsUpInTheSky37

Others say it rivals the size of a small car. Theories abound that suggest the peak is just the tip of a much larger structure buried by layers of strewn debris.

User, ParanormalCrucible, hosts the video footage of the Mars pyramid on YouTube. Reportedly, Curiosity Rover’s Mastcam on its right side took the photo. What stands out about the photograph is the symmetry. A telltale sign that differentiates a natural formation from a manmade one is its angles and lines.

In this case, the pic resembles smooth angular shapes that are equivalent in scope. Further still is the fact that the original timeframes spanned over 20 to 30-second intervals. But moments later, the operators of the NASA rover omitted any images of the so-called pyramid taken by Curiosity.

Conspiracy theorists claim this is further evidence from the space program of its deliberate attempts to cover up any evidence of life forms on Mars – present or past. They point to other images that emerged over time.

One such was a Global Surveyor Image from 2000 that depicted the base of a “flying saucer” that is nestled on a cliff, and has no discernible damage. Again, symmetry offers a hint. Allegedly, this spacecraft had what appeared to be observation windows.

As stated by previous NASA employees, the agency operates under a veil of secrecy, and much of what really is taking place on Mars and other planets is shielded from many workers, except those on a need-to-know basis. There are even stories from past staff members who claim to have knowledge of covert Martian programs and space bases.

It’s unclear if what the rover Curiosity found on the dusty planet is an artificial creation or an alien pyramid. However, one thing is clear: there will be no shortage of pessimists who believe the government is covering up evidence of life, perhaps, even in galaxies far, far away.


Source www.starpulse.com


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  1. Those pyramids right there is in Egypt–Nasa needs to quit this bullshit,already,Mars? right,out there in the desert is where thats at,period.got a lot of people deceived,LOL

  2. Here’s the thing… NASA stated “they don’t have the Tech to get to the moon” in 2016. So how do they have rovers on other planet’s? It’s all fake folk’s Trillions of dollars wasted on a few doctored photo’s/ NASA is a scam.

  3. Nope, it’s just a rock. Take a look at other rocks close by. If that was some ancient structure then the rocks close by would have been worked on or removed. It just looks like its plonked down in the middle of a pile of rubble. Also the picture is so zoomed in that it excludes the context of other surrounding features, which I’m betting are very similar in form. I’m not buying this one.

  4. No , No. The Egyptians​ port hole through a worm hole. That’s when they built it so many years ago. The door to the port hole broke and Kirk Russel couldn’t get back to Earth untill they found the 7th symbol. Wait, I think I saw this on TV.

  5. NASA hasn’t been nowhere not been to the moon nor Mars wtf is wrong with people wake the fuck up PLEASE!!!! Firstly NASA are pretty good with CGI!!! There is no breeze in vacuum, there are certainly no squirrels on Mars nor is this any validation of anything!!! They use remote places on earth and CGI the rest!!! Complete bullshit oh and when you see pictures of Rover on Mars who the fuck is taking that picture?????

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