The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids 19

According to the Anunnaki themselves, our solar system has one more member, a huge planet that is orbiting the sun in a 3,600 years long ellipse. They called their planet Nibiru, which means “the planet of the crossing” — because together with its moons they form a cross image, and Nibiru is located at the crossing.

Because the planet has such a long orbit around the Sun, the Nibiruans relied on its very thick upper atmosphere to shelter them from cold, like a warm blanket. It also had the task of keeping the oxygen from escaping in the outer space, hence making life as we know, possible.

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The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Artistic depiction of our solar system — not scaled


Unfortunately for them, they were faced with extinction when, the “volcanoes, the atmosphere’s forebears, less belching were spitting up! Nibiru’s air has thinner been made, the protective shield has been diminished! (…) pestilences of field made appearance; toil could them not overcome.”

(…) “From circuit to circuit, Nibiru’s atmosphere more breaching suffered. In the councils of the learned, cures were avidly debated; ways to bandage the wound were urgently considered.”

Long story short, they’ve tried everything: from creating an artificial shield (which eventually fell down to the ground), to bombarding the volcanoes with nuclear-like weapons in order to make them active once again, but all their efforts ended in failure.

Nibiru’s scientists had one final suggestion to heal Nibiru’s atmosphere: to pulverize very fine, sub-atomic, gold dust into the breach. Because it was so fine, the nano-atomic gold dust would remain suspended and, in time, completely repair the breach. But gold was extremely scarce on Nibiru, though “within the Hammered Bracelet (inside the asteroid’s belt) it was abundant.”

“For days before the Day of the Deluge, the Earth was rumbling, groan as with pain it did;Soon, “rains were withheld, winds blew harder; springs from the depths did not arise.” The Nibiruans grew restless and  stopped worshiping Alalu, for not being able to bring them salvation. Anu seized the opportunity and dethroned Alalu from Nibiru’s kingship. 

Fearing death, Alalu boarded a “missile-throwing celestial chariot” and set its course for Earth, where he discovered gold. He delivered the good news back to Nibiru and requested the throne back, but instead, Anu promised him Earth’s leadership. 

Anu and his two sons, Ea and Enlil, arrived on Earth to make plans for the future. He decided to give Earth’s leadership to his son, Ea, and renamed him En-ki (Earth’s Master). Alalu was greatly offended and challenged Anu to battle, but lost again.

Alalu was sentenced to die in exile, alone, on a foreign planet. I will continue this story in the final chapter, where I will make some interesting connections.

Another very important aspect is the enormous life span of the Anunnaki, who live for hundreds of thousands of years. This means that many of the Anunnaki mentioned in this article are probably still alive today.

II. The Great Flood

According to the tenth – of the so called “lost” – Sumerian tablet (written in Enki‘s own words), the Anunnaki built the pyramids of Egypt as beacons for their new main spaceport on Earth, after the old ones had been wiped out by the biblical Great Flood. In the Sumerian tablets it is known as the Deluge and it was activated by Nibiru’s passing, but not solely caused by it.

Here is how the events unfolded:

Long before Nibiru reached its perigee, other significant changes were already taking place: black spots appeared on the Sun’s surface, Earth’s magnetic field became weaker, the temperatures raised and the ice caps begun melting. 

(All these events are similar to what we experience today, including the more recent sun’s black spots).

The tablet does not explain what caused these important galactic changes, but presents the concern of Nibiru’s scientists. They understood that Nibiru’s passing will cause huge tidal waves, which will cover most of the lowlands. And this is exactly what happened.

For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru as a glowing star was seen.”

(This means that Nibiru was not necessarily seen as a huge object in the night sky, otherwise it would have been mentioned as such: half the size of / as big as / bigger than the Moon, for example).

This may imply that Nibiru’s passing could go unnoticed by most people. What if comet Elenin was really a smokescreen for Nibiru, as so many people and amateur astronomers suggested? According to the Sumerian tablets, Nibiru enters our solar system from the direction of the Leo constellation — the same as comet Elenin did.

There have been many videos and articles from amateur astronomers and people with above-average knowledge who presented evidence of a possible brown dwarf approaching our solar system from the constellation Leo, at the same time as NASA and the MSM were chatting non-stop about merely a comet — NASA’s most studied comet in history, I might add. 

Unfortunately, because their possible pole-shifting scenarios did not occur, they chose to remove important information from the internet, fearing ridicule. But they might have been right all along, because Nibiru usually passes without causing harm. The Sumerian tablets describe a period of about 500,000 years, or about 138 completed orbits, and there is only one reference to a disaster caused by Nibiru: the Deluge).

Just before the deluge started, most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru, but some of them decided to stay. Those who remained, watched the destruction from their “celestial boats”, while circling the Earth.

“Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed. The Earth began to shake, by a netforce (i.e. gravitation or electromagnetic force)  before unknown it was agitated.

In the glow of dawn, a black cloud arose from the horizon. The morning’s light to darkness changed. Then the sound of a rolling thunder boomed, lightnings the skies lit up. (…) On that day, on the unforgettable day, the Deluge with a roar begun.”


The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
How Ziusudra’s boat probably looked like, according to the on-site discoveries
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Mount Ararat’s twin peaks, in today’s Turkey

Next, the South’s Pole huge ice sheets smashed into each other, broke, and fell into the ocean, creating a gigantic tsunami. The waves traveled North, towards the lands of the Abzu, which was an Anunnaki gold-mining domain in South-East Africa.

(Actually, the oldest discovered Metropolis on Earth is located in the South-East African Continent, and it is dated 160,000 to 200,000 BCE. The metropolis measures and astounding 1,500 square miles, it is thought to be part of a 10,000 square miles community and it was built around thousandsof gold mines).

The tidal wave continued North, until it reached and submerged the city of Edin (meaning “[the] home of the righteous ones”, it was one of the first Anunnaki settlements on Earth. This is also the biblical Eden, and it’s located somewhere at the bottom of today’s Persian Golf) and all the inhabited lands of the Anunnaki, together with their gold mines, spaceports and cities.Some of the very few humans to escape the flood were Ziusudra (biblical Noah) and his family, who had been secretly instructed by Enki to build a boat, seal it with bitumen (in order to make it waterproof, even if submerged by the waves).

A great storm with heavy rains started. The tidal wave kept sweeping the Earth for seven days, until it finally came to a halt. But the heavy rains continued for forty more days and nights. When the rains finally stopped, Ziusudra and Ninagal directed the boat toward Mount Arrata’s (today’s Ararat Mountains, located in Turkey) twin peaks that were still visible. They were able to find dry land while heading for the peaks.

This event took place in the 120th Shar, earth-year 432,000 since the Anunnaki arrived on Earth.

But there were other humans who survived the Great Flood, not only Ziusudra and his family. Another group of survivors had been found by the Anunnaki in the Americas, and they were the direct descendants of Ka-in (the biblical Cain), who was judged and banished from the Edin (the biblical Eden), after killing his brother Abael (the biblical Abel) in a dispute.

III. The construction of a new Mission Control Center (MCC)

After the Deluge, the reconstruction begun with a new spaceport. The text describes how the Anunnaki made their buildings according to the position of the stars:

“Let the heart of the plain, the heavens reflect! so did Enlil to Enki suggests. Once Enki to this agreed, Enlil from the skies of distances took measures.”

Indeed, the pyramids and monuments of Egypt are aligned to the stars!

The Hidden Records Website: “Wayne Herschel contends that all 50 pyramids in Lower Egypt replicate the prime stars on one side of the Milky Way. He also confirms Robert Bauval’s theory that the three main pyramids of Giza conclusively represent Orion, however he identifies a new scale interpretation very different to that of Bauval’s. 

If one were to look for clues as to why the ancient Egyptians only represented one side of the Milky Way in their pyramid star map, what becomes evident is that all the stars, except for one, are not Sun-like. 

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
“Focus on the star pattern of the Pleiades and its important Sun-like star nearby. This is an obsession shared by virtually all ancient civilizations.” Also note the lower left pyramid formed by the “holy trinity” stars and the Pleiades (Leg of the bull): is this the infamous “elite” pyramid with the all-seeing-eye apex?
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon — Either Enlil’s abode, or Roman construction on-top of the Landing Platform. The ancient site of Baalbek encompassed a paved stone platform of about five million square feet. Important to notice: Baalbeck means The City of the Master or Lord, both titles being used by the humans to address the Anunnaki ‘gods’.

Also, it hardly seems coincidence that all except for one monument do not display the distinctive pyramid shape. It is the obelisk shaped Sun Temple of Ra near Abusir that exhibits this very unique scenario. It turns out that the pyramids at Abusir represent the Pleiades and that this nearby ‘sun’ monument may explain the reason for the entire star map.”

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
“One of the three 64 foot long megaliths in the Baalbek terrace. Notice the man in the lower lefthand corner.”

Next, Enlil chose the spot for a new Mission Control Center:

A suitable mount he selected, the Mount of Way Showing (i.e. most probably the famous Temple Mount of Jerusalem) he named it.

A platform of stones, akin but smaller than the Landing Place (i.e. the so called “Temple of Jupiter” from Baalbek, Lebanon; where Enlil’s abode was also located) to be built there he ordered.

Before proceeding, I must share some mind-blowing facts regarding the Baalbek site. According to “fully qualified and practising American civil engineers”, the Baalbek terrace is an amazing achievement, because of the size and weight of the stones involved in its construction.

“The platform and large courtyard is still retained by three walls containing twenty-seven limestone blocks which have no equal in size anywhere in the world, as each of them weighs in excess of 300 metric tons.”


“Three of the blocks, however, weigh around 1000 tons each. This block trio is world-renowned as the “Trilithon”. Consider also the even larger monolith lying in a quarry over a half-mile away from the main Acropolis. It measures roughly 70 X 16 X 13 feet and weighs an estimated 1200 tons.” —Source;

“In its midst a great rock was carved inside and out, to house a new Bond Heaven-Earth it was made.

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
One of the biggest cut stones on Earth, weighing approx. 1,200 tons

A new Navel of the Earth (a.k.a. MCC), the role of Nibru-ki (i.e. the original MCC and Enlil’s city in Shumer; called Nippur in Akkadian) before the Deluge to replace.”

A new landing corridor for the ships coming from the outer space was also needed:

“The Landing Path on the twin peaks of Arrata in the north were anchored. To demarcate the Landing Corridor, Enlil two other sets of twin peaks required, to delimit the Landing Corridor’s boundary, ascent and descent to secure. (…)

Where the second set of twin peaks was required, mountains there were none,Only a flatland above he water-clogged valley from the ground protruded.Artificial peaks thereon we can raise! So did Ningishzidda to the leaders say.”

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Probably, a fairly accurate depiction of the completed pyramids


Ningishzidda = Son of Enki, he was a master of genetics and other sciences. Later, in ancient Egypt, he was known as Thoth. This is the reason why I warned you to be cautious about the so called “Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean” — it’s just another Anunnaki deception!

IV. The Construction of the “Artificial Mounds” i.e. the Great Pyramids of Egypt

On a tablet the image of smooth-sided, skyward rising peaks for them he drew.
If it can be done, let it so be! Enlil with approval said. Let them also as beacons serve!

The following passage is very important, though it may be overlooked if careless:

On the flatland, above the river’s valley, Ningishzidda a scale model built,
The rising angles and four smooth sides with it he perfected.
Next to it a larger peak he placed, its sides to Earth’s four corners he set;
By the Anunnaki, with their tools of power, were its stones cut and erected.
Beside it, in a precise location, the peak that was its twin he placed.

If you have read the suggested article in the introduction, then you understand how important is the description of how Ningishzidda aligned the great pyramid to Earth’s four corners. Here is an excerpt from that article:

“The geographical orientation of the great pyramid, is probably the most amazing characteristic. Its sides are almost perfectly placed from N-S and E-W. It is almost perfectly oriented on Earth’s True North!

The True North is calculated on a map, by using the longitudinal lines and it’s not the same as the Magnetic North, indicated by the compass.”

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Ekur, covered with white limestone and its electrum capstone in place

The above passage of the tablets also explains how the Anunnaki used their “tools of power” to cut and put in place the massive stone blocks. 

Erecting pyramids was probably a small effort to them, and as a result, we have already discovered thousands all over the planet.

The Great Pyramid was built to have “galleries and chambers for pulsating crystals”. As I mentioned before, we have a lot to learn about crystals, and I am sure that we will use them for multiple different purposes, in the near future.

When this artful peak to the heavens rose, to place upon it the capstone, the leaders were invited. Of electrum, an admixture by Gibil (another son of Enki, in charge with metallurgy and maker of “magical” artifacts) fashioned, was the Apex Stone made. 

The sunlight to the horizon it reflected, by night like a pillar of fire it was, the power of all the crystals to the heavens, in a beam, it focused.

According to different accounts, the pyramids had been covered in white limestone, and we can only imagine how beautiful they were, gleaming in the desert’s sunlight. Marcus Antonius, a Roman politician and general, described the Great Pyramid more than 2,000 years ago as “shining like a precious jewel”, while being visible from 100 miles.

The description of the Apex Stone’s role in the night, can be accepted both literally, and figuratively, and personally I think both description are accurate. Literally, the capstone was somehow able to emanate the light of the “pulsating crystals” from inside the pyramid toward the heavens, and figuratively, it was also used as a GPS-like landmark by the Anunnaki space ships.

Further, the Sumerian tablets describe the interior of the Great Pyramids:

When the artful works, by Ningishzidda designed, were completed and ready, the Anunnaki leaders the Great Twin Peak entered, at what they saw they marveled; 
Ekur, House Which Like a Mountain Is, they named it, a beacon to the heavens it was.” (…)

“Then Enlil by his own hand the Nibiru crystals activated.

Inside, eerie lights began to flicker, an enchanting hum the stillness broke;
Outside, the capstone all at once was shining, brighter that the Sun it was.

(On a separate account): “Its interior with a reddish light of heaven glows.”

Now we have the confirmation that the capstone was not reflecting the sun’s light, but it was in fact emitting an even brighter light, once the device was activated. Hence, my previous assumption (that the pyramid was used both as a visual landmark and Global Positioning System) is proven correct.

Click the following two pictures, in order to enlarge them:
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
NE: Mount Ararat’s tallest peaks, equipped with guiding beacons; SE: The approximate location of the Edin, the biblical Eden; W: Enlil’s abode and location of the 1st spaceport, after the Deluge; West (lower): The location of the Mission Control Center; SW: The Great Pyramids of Egypt, equipped with guiding beacons.
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Probable flight path, as seen from above the Ararat’s Peaks, towards the Great Pyramids of Egypt
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Ekur and the Lion with Ningishzidda’s face (artistic reproduction)

V. The construction of the Egyptian Sphinx

While the Anunnaki were still celebrating the construction of the “artificial mounds”, Enki offered a suggestion to his brother, Enlil:

“When in the future days it will be asked: when and by whom was this marvel fashioned?
Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the Age of the Lion let it announce,
The image of Ningishzidda (later known as Thoth), the peaks’ designer, let its face be,
Let it precisely toward the Place of the Celestial Chariots gaze,
When, by whom, and the purpose let it to future generations reveal!”

Enlil agreed with Enki’s suggestion and decreed:

“Let the gazing lion, precisely eastward facing, with Ningishzidda’s image be!”

Marduk, Enki’s firstborn child and his legal heir, was enraged of his father’s and uncle’s decision. He demanded for his image to be carved on the lion’s face, because the pyramids were situated on his domains.

This stirred the other Anunnaki to ask for more domains and human slaves, and the ceremony was about to degenerate.

Ninmah, a half-sister of Enki and Enlil, intervened and proposed a fair spread of lands and human slaves, among the ruling Anunnaki. The proposal calmed everyone down for the moment, but eventually led to many infamous wars, this time acknowledged by our history.

Marduk received the lands known to us today as Ancient Egypt, where he was later worshiped as Ra.

VI. Summary of the events that followed

The next chapters are long and not strongly related to the main subject of this article, so I will make a short summary of what happened next:

– Marduk (Ra) replaced Ningishzidda’s (Thoth’s) face from the Lion monument.

– Marduk lost the first war of the pyramids (a.k.a. the Great war of the Anunnaki) and went into exile. He became known to the Egyptians as Amun Ra, meaning “the exiled god, Ra”. Enki and Enlil divided Earth among their other sons.

– Ninurta (Enlil’s foremost son, mothered by Enlil’s half sister, Ninmah. He was Enlil’s legal successor) was celebrated as victor after defeating Marduk.
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids

– Ninurta, later established alternative space facilities in the Americas.

– Anu (Nibiru’s king for the past ~500,000 years) decided to come to Earth one more time, but accompanied by his spouse, Antu. The Anunnaki debated many plans for the future, including how to keep mankind obedient.

– To celebrate Anu’s second coming to Earth, a new year count was established by the Anunnaki.

– Pardoned by his grandfather Anu, Marduk remained rebellious and later usurped a site, planning to build an illicit launch tower. Frustrated by the Enlilites, he also seized the Second Region.

– Ningishzida, who was known in Egypt as Thoth, was deposed by his brother, Marduk. He took with him followers and flew to the Americas.

– Marduk declared himself Ra, the sun god, and replaced the Moon/Lunar calendar used by the other Anunnaki, with a new one, based on the sun’s movement. He also started a new religion, in which he was worshiped as a god, and the sole ruler of Earth – which greatly worried and upset the other Anunnaki. He is the one who introduced the Pharaonic reign, with the intention to mark the beginning of a new civilization. 

– For the first time, demigods (half Anunnaki and half human hybrids) ruled as kings on Earth. They also served as priests in palaces and temples. They are today known as Monarchs, and rule mankind in the name of the Anunnaki ever since.

– Enki was known as Ptha in Egypt, which meant “The Developer”, and commemorated his greatness in reestablishing the civilization after the Deluge.

– The Anunnaki were known as “Neteru” in Egypt, literally meaning “The Guardian Watchers”. 

– Marduk proclaimed the coming Age of the Ram as his sign and demanded Earth’s leadership. Ningishzidda started building stone observatories to prove otherwise (this is clearly one reason for some of the dozens monolithic stone observatories erected all over the planet, in all major cultures).

– Marduk built Bab-Ili (Babylon) in Mesopotamia, literally meaning “The Gateway of the Gods”. Armies raised by his son, Nabu, attempted to seize the Anunnaki spaceport. Overruling Enki, the Anunnaki decided to use the Weapons of Terror (similar of today’s nuclear weapons).

– Ninurta and Nergal obliterated the spaceport and the “sinning” cities with nuclear weapons. The drifting nuclear cloud brought death to all in Sumer.

– Bab-Ili was among the few places to survive the calamity, so Enki saw it as an omen of Marduk’s inevitable supremacy. Finally, Enlil accepted Marduk’s supremacy and retreated to the faraway lands.

Apparently, this chapter was not strongly connected to the main subject, but my intention was to show you that important Anunnaki figures went to the Americas, where they built new space facilities (most probably including pyramids as well). This is important evidence that the great Mesoamerican and South American civilizations (Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Aztec, Inca) had also been established by the Anunnaki.

Important historical accounts were the same as those of the Sumerians: the creation story; accounts of flying gods which arrived on Earth from the stars; the story of gods revealing great knowledge to the humans; the practice of human and animal sacrifice in the name of their gods; demigods serving as kings and priests; worshiping rituals; astounding knowledge of the stars and the passing of time; incredibly accurate and complicated calendar; finally, they had the knowledge to build dozens of pyramids and megalithic structures across the Americas.

But one of the most amazing connections, at least for me, is Ningishzidda’s name in the Americas, according to the Sumerians. He was known as…get ready for it…the Winged Serpent! Does this ring a bell to you?

All major Mesoamerican civilizations worshiped the same god. The Incas called him Viracocha, the Aztecs Quetzacoatl, the K’iche’ Maya Q’uq’umatz, and the Toltec and Mayas Kukulcan. His name means the same thing, in all cultures: the Feathered Serpent — which means that he possessed the ability to fly!

My final connection refers to the story of how the gods of Mesoamerica returned to the stars in their flying vehicles, just like it happened in all major cultures. And since I’ve mentioned the flying vehicles of the gods…

VII. The flying vehicles of the Anunnaki

Here is how Endubsar, Enki’s scribe, described one of the flying crafts of the Anunnaki:

“I looked up and lo and behold, a Whirlwind came out of the south. There was a reddish brilliance about it and it made no sound. And as it reached the ground, four straight feet spread out from its belly and the brilliance disappeared. And I threw myself on the ground and prostrated myself, for I knew that it was a divine vision.”

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Egyptian papyrus depiction of Ra’s (Marduk’s) arrival on Earth in a flying disc Definitely a famous Anunnaki “Whirlwind”

(…) “The Whirlwind lifted itself as a fiery chariot and was gone. (…) It carried me swiftly between the Earth and the heavens, as the eagle soars. And I could see the land and the waters, and the plains and the mountains.”

The Anunnaki used the so called “Whirlwinds” for flights inside Earth’s atmosphere. The so called “Celestial Boats” were bigger flying crafts, that could host numerous whirlwinds. The celestial boats were also used for space travel (similar to the concept of a Mother Ship).

The celestial boats had been used by the Anunnaki to travel from and to Nibiru, but had also been used by the remaining Anunnaki in the time of the Deluge. For the entire period, they were able to stay aloft in their Celestial Boats, which did not require any kind of fuel.

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Original 1976 ‘Face on Mars’ image, from the Viking Orbiter. Credit: NASA

Finally, the third flying craft model of the Anunnaki, were similar to the concept of a rocket, and were used to send the refined gold from Earth to the Anunnaki bases on Mars.

VIII. The Martian bases of the Anunnaki

During NASA’s Viking Missions of 1976, the orbiters Viking 1 and 2 took aerial photographs of Mars’ surface. In an area that is now referred to as the ‘Cydonia Complex of Mars’, the orbiters took some very controversial pictures, consisting of a large and detailed humanoid face, the size of a small mountain, and several pyramidal structures in its vicinity.

NASA, of course, rushed to deny the possibility of anything else than a natural rock formation, stating that the resemblance to a humanoid face is nothing more than an optical illusion.

The second released picture, of a vaster area, was even more controversial, because there was also a pyramidal complex visible, and what appeared to be the ruins of an ancient city.

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
The Face and the ‘City of pyramids’ from VIKING 1 — July 25, 1976. Credit: NASA

According to author Wayne Herschel, the Martian pyramids are a replica of the Pleiades:Even in black and white color, to the untrained eye, the resemblances to pyramids seen from above and a humanoid face are striking.

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Mars – Pleiades Connections. Credit: Wayne Herschel

As I have promised in the introduction, I will now continue the story about Alalu’s exile, and make the necessary connections.The Anunnaki built permanent bases on Mars

After sentencing Alalu to die alone in exile, Anu continued:

Neither on Earth nor on Nibiru shall the exiling be! On the way, there is the Lahmu (Mars) planet, with waters and an atmosphere endowed. Its netforce (gravitational pull) is less than that of Earth forceful, an advantage in wisdom to be considered. (…) 

On my departing from Earth he with me shall make the journey. Around the planet of Lahmu we shall make circuits, to Alalu a sky chamber we shall provide, to the planet Lahmu in it he will be descended. Alone on a strange planet an exile he shall be, his days to his last day by himself to count!

Anzu was the designated spacecraft pilot for Anu on his way back to Nibiru. He decided to “make his name” and stay with Alalu on Mars until his death.

***   ***   *** 
As I have mentioned before, for space travel the Anunnaki used the so called “celestial chariots”, which were large mothership-like spacecrafts. There are many references in their accounts of how the space chariots were influenced by the gravitational pull (or, how recent alternative studies suggest, electromagnetic force) of the planets. Which meant, that these crafts were not “anti-gravitational” vehicles, which are entirely unaffected by gravity. 

(As alleged insiders from our real space programs suggest, we currently have very advanced space crafts as well, which are able to create and “ride”, so called, “anti-gravitational waves”. This concept is similar to a surfer riding a wave. And it is only logical that this type of craft has limitations when it comes to entering inside a planet’s atmosphere, because it is not shielded by an “anti-gravitational bubble”.

For example, even the most advanced of NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiters, the S.S. Discovery, faces serious challenges when reentering Earth’s atmosphere. It needs to enter at a certain angle and at a certain speed, otherwise it would break into pieces. For example, in 2003, the Columbia orbiter broke up during re-entry, over Texas — all 7 astronauts died).

***   ***   *** 
Anu’s daughter, Ninmah, who was a medical officer, was sent to Earth. On the way, she landed on Mars where Anzu told her of Alalu’s death. He found a cave inside a big, mountain-like rock and buried the former king of Nibiru there. Alalu ruled his home planet for 9 Shars = 32,400 Earth years.

For the first time in our annals, a king not on Nibiru died, not on Nibiru was he buried. So did Ninmah say. Let him in peace for eternity rest!

And now, here is the most interesting part!

The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain, with beams they carved. They showed him wearing an Eagle’s helmet (astronaut helmet); his face they made uncovered.

Let the image of Alalu forever gaze toward Nibiru that he ruled, toward the Earth whose gold he discovered! So Ninmah, in the name of her father Anu did declare.

Weekly World News published this artistic reproduction of the so called Martian Face:

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids
Artistic reproduction of Alalu’s tomb and face

This is how the construction of permanent bases on Mars started. Six hundred Anunnaki came to Earth in the beginning, while tree hundred more went on Mars. The second ones were called the Igigi. For the next approx. 500,000 years, the Anunnaki sent refined gold from Earth to Nibiru, via the Martian base.”Anzu, to you Anu the king his promise shall be keeping! Twenty heroes with you here shall remain, the way station’s building to begin. Rocketships from Earth the golden ores shall here deliver, celestial chariots from here the gold to Nibiru shall then transport.

Hundreds of heroes their abode on Lahmu shall make, you, Anzu, shall be their commander! Thus did Ninmah, in the name of her father Anu, to Anzu say.

According to the Sumerian tablets, the Igigi left Mars in the time of the Deluge, and never returned, because Nibiru’s gravitational pull made Mars’ atmosphere and waters to “escape” into space – hence making the planet unsuitable for life.

History is written by the victors!

In closing, I can only hope that I was able to make some interesting connections and live up to my promise. This article brought us closer to the truth, but I want to remind you that history is always written by the victors — in this case, the Anunnaki. I’m sure you understand what this statement implies.

The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids


The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids

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65 responses to “The 10th Sumerian Tablet: The Anunnaki Built the Pyramids”

  1. Sitchin could only read 1 in 4 sumerian words. Therefore his translations are not accurate. Sumerian is a reasonably hard language to learn. I am trying but only have the basics

  2. I’ve seen several documentaries about the Annunaki and their influence on ancient civilisations and their involvement with ancient buildings. I’m a follower of the ‘ancient astronaut’ theory and think it’s more possible that the Earth was either regularly visited or colonised in ancient times than the modern day UFO theories. Unless, of course, the Annunaki are still watching us.

  3. What if not the UFO that built the Pyramid…. What if is the Advanced civilization like today….. But with the passing of time they dissappear and moved on to another location because the weather has changed and region has become arid land….. There’s no proof,evidence of alien building the pyramid….. Never assume that the dissappeared civilization are not intelligence than us… We have never reach that peak point of intelligency… To compared with them…. That why we just blaming the Alien of everything… Am just saying…

  4. I had a dream recently where the Egyptian Gods had to fight the Sumerian Gods and that Horus I believe switched sides. Thousands of years later the Egyptian Gods were revived and asked me to guide them in the new age and what’s happened since they were gone and I believe Isis (The goddess and not the terrorists) had a crush on me and that her and set were always trying to kill each other and whatnot. It was weird.

  5. The pyramids are an enigma from every point of view. How could Paleothic people with crude stone chisels execute such marvellous engineering feats as cutting,transporting and putting megaton blocks of stone neatly in place for the drab purpose of a royal tomb just cannot hold water any longer. The pyramids were built by a technologically advanced civilization. They survived the flood and the people who came to live in the vicinity of these cyclopean structures claimed them as their own.As a connection to the gods who built them when the world was young and then, inexplicably left for the stars or ,perhaps ,another dimension .No wonder every Pharoah wanted to be buried in a pyramid!

  6. I believe that you are getting stories to fit. The technology to move blocks at the pyramid, Stonehenge, etc. were all mentioned in their hieroglyphics or records. They were built to create the atmosphere, magnetic field, and stabilize the earth. You need to realize this was the period where angels and demons were on earth. The flying serpent (death) and other pictures are mentioned in Peru, Gobekli Teke (?), etc warning us about the demons on earth. The openings to Urantia are mentioned, etc. I would tell everyone- don’t pay attention to any of these stories. God tells us we are creatures where our mind cannot have two paths. He tells us to concentrate on Him, the promises, the Words, etc for a reason. Man has to choose- this world or the heavenlies. I’ll take Jesus anyday!

    • throughout history (false or not) the ‘Snake’ is a bringer of Knowledge, and LIGHT to the World. the word; ‘EL’, is equivalent to Sumerian god of the Anunnaki ENLIL who is the Enslaver of Man, for mining Gold. Brought War to Man as YAWEH . His Brother ENKI travelled the World to give Man Consciouness, to Peru & North America as Quetzocoatl. the Medical Association has taken his Trident; (double Helix) Entwined Snakes and the ‘Winged’ Disc of ENKI, these 3 points also represent Poseidon (builder of Atlantis), as another attribute of ENKI. if you require Medical treatment, you should thank the Snakes, I you got hurt as a victim of Wars, you should Curse YWH (Jehovah). maybe you can see how Awareness & Intellectuality have been ‘Demonied’ by the Fears of the Church. as for E…I choose the ‘Sons of Light’, mentioned in Dead Sa Scrolls, also in the Emerald Tablets of THOTH, also known as Queztocoatl

  7. I don’t agree that on one of the above pictures ‘Luna’ is seen as planet. Luna is our earths moon and does circle around our Earth and not around the sun (well it actually does circle around the sun too since it follows the Earths path too ). There are scientists tho that think that our asteroidbelt could be the remains of a planet that has been detroyed. So then , yeah , you can say there were 12 planets.

    I noticed that the number 12 does come back a lot , our horoscopes , our hoursystem (12 hours x2 ), the religions use the number 12 a lot too.

  8. The builders of the global pyramid network were a feline race, the leading pyramid architects of that time, who donated their time and energy to the first seeding of your species called the Turaneusiam-1 Project Avatars out of love. The many statues remaining today with lion faces around Egypt were erected in their honor for their dedication to your evolution. The great Sphinx’s original face was that of the same race, removed and recarved many millions of years later.

  9. Ewa Fryszkowska-Pawlikowska moze ciebie to zaciekawi bo kiedys cos podobnego mowilem. Znalazlo sie tu nawet miejsce na Biblie i wytlumaczenie informacji w niej zawartuch. Nie mozna tez brac wszystkiego napisanego tu jako pewne fakty tak samo jak i wszystkich interpretacji religijnych (jest duzo religji na swiecie) bo i tak kazda nie jest prawidlowa a niktore fakty sa albo moga byc.

  10. I think I have found (at least) one Starport that Thoth built in North America, YES, USA now has a true Megalith. this area is in the Presidio area of Marfa, Tx.a discovery of Atlantean proportions, and made my 1rst video about this area in early Aug. this finding was originally dismissed, by everyone, including the FAA. although I have my feeling that they were not only aware of, but have been complicit in Hiding and Obscuring the area in and around Marfa, Tx, Oct 15, 2015 became an Historic date, for all People interested in Truth, the FAA, rather than explain their Military Restriction over Public Land, has chosen to remove the only reason this area has NOT been previously found.
    These Marfa, Tx Lines, only make sense from Altitude (between 1-4,000 ft), the Art expressed there reflect a Sumerian/Atlantean/Anunnaki History. With the assistance of Gerald Clark, the leading Specialist in Anunnaki History, who verified some of the findings, and also concurs that these lines may be Electrical, in nature, ALSO an expertise Mr Clark is noted for: Mr Clark is an Electrical Engineer. Gerald Clark is an Author, whose new Book, entitled: The 7th Planet, Mercury Rising, also tells of the Power that the Anunnaki gave us, Consciousness, and the Paths to higher Levels. here is a link to a Video of my journey to get this area opened to Public View;
    Within days of this Video release, the FAA Emailed me, to tell me that they were removing restrictions, with NO explanation. Here’s a link to the Update of this removal;
    Real Research can now begin on an area obviously designed by the same Peoples who did the Nazca Lines, equivalences abound and this area does not carry the same restrictive access, as Peru’s Nazca.
    Some of the Geoglyph Images in this area include:
    Bighorn Sheep & Mate, Horse, Buffalo and Porpoise, all approx. 3-4 miles long, where they apparently shaved-off whole Plateaus, just to picture these images in the Cliff Faces created BY the shaving operation.
    7 mile x 4 mile Wolf
    5 mile x 3 mile African Face
    Female Pharoah 2 mile x 13/4 mile
    full figure ‘Priest’ 1 mile x 1 3/4 mile
    As you enter Marfa, Tx, from the West, Soil and Line ‘Mosaics detail;
    6 mile x 6 mile 2-Humped Camel, 1.8 mile high Giraffe
    and a Goat feature located DIRECTLY over the City, I have dubbed, ’Marfa the Goat’, applicably.
    ALL this Art is made of Geographical features that PPL will try to claim are ‘natural’, but the sheer amount of Art says this is all ‘man-made’.
    THEN there’s the Religious implications, as many of the World’s Religious Icons are featured there, I would like to think this represents a time in Lost History, that Peoples of ALL races and Religions, not only Tolerated other’s definitions of Spirit, they REVERED each other, and showed that when we Cooperate in Life, we can Create Monolithic Things that can even Survive the Ages.
    maybe that’s HOW to ‘Live Forever’?
    Dan Hoquist

  11. pis gozer le destructeur la dedans… moi c le seul dieu sumérien auquel je crois…. niburu c dla marde pour les naifs… meme la nasa disent que c juste les cave qui connaissent rien en astrologie qui croient a cette planète la qui existe pas soit dit en passant… mais gozer pis zuul ca c the real shit!!

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