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If Aliens Are Out There, They Aren’t Advanced

If Aliens Are Out There, They Aren't Advanced

No Dyson Spheres out there. Nothing to see. No sir.

Iain Banks fans, we’ve got bad news for you: the Culture is probably not out there. Recently, a team of scientists used information from NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) to look for any energy signatures from galaxy-spanning advanced civilizations. They found nothing.

Now, this doesn’t rule out the existence of complex life or intelligent life. But what it means is that the type of advanced civilizations that have conquered entire galaxies or vast regions of space – the backbone of sci-fi – aren’t there yet. At least as far as we can see.


Controlling the galaxies

The scientists’ idea was to look for heat radiated from advanced technology, which would stand out against the ambient radiation. The idea was first proposed by Freeman Dyson in the 1960s. Essentially, he said, the civilizations might essentially cannibalize their home galaxies, using stars and black holes as energy sources.

Jason Wright, an assistant professor of astronomy at Penn State, told Astrobiology.com:

That’s interesting because these galaxies are billions of years old, which should have been plenty of time for them to have been filled with alien civilizations, if they exist. Either they don’t exist, or they don’t yet use enough energy for us to recognize them.

But there was no such thing to be found, meaning either that there are no advanced mega-civilizations in the area or that they can cover their tracks really, really well.

Still, the scientists found about 50 galaxies that had something interesting going on in the mid-infrared spectrum. Maybe the signatures come from unknown or unforeseen astronomical phenomenon, or maybe they’re signs of a great galactic civilization. For now, the team is leaning toward the former.

Where is everybody?

You can’t dive into the issue of advanced alien life without addressing the Fermi Paradox, which asks, essentially: If there are advanced civilizations, why haven’t we heard from them or spotted them?

Through the lens of the paradox, one could interpret this study in a few ways. One, perhaps we’re looking too far back in time through WISE, and alien civilizations have advanced since then. Two, the civilizations out there are about on par with humanity, and no more advanced. Three, there really is a “Great Filter” and civilizations destroy themselves before they become interstellar. Or maybe there’s just nothing out there.

We hope the advanced aliens are hiding themselves, because an empty universe would be no fun.

Source www.popularmechanics.com


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  1. Given the fact so many people seeking the truth DIED, as in murdered, to get the truth on ET life public, this article is bunk, the bad guys would not go to so much trouble is 99.999999999% of life out there in the universe are either primitive cavemen or little creepy crawly slimes swimming about in ponds of goo.

  2. Considering that there are star systems far older than ours, and if a species was around for millions, if not BILLIONS of years before us, they’d be well beyond our technology….lightyears beyond. Once again, in our human arrogance, this fellow used human ego to make this claim, we humans don’t know SHIT. This article, to me, is just more disinformation tactics to make us think ‘we’re the center of the universe, nothing to see here, go back to paying taxes and shopping, people!”

  3. Its our weakness that we either becomes extremely rational and denies every possibility or becomes irrational and believes blindly.Possibilities or probability of anything is always there.
    As we on this planet have emerged to this much complex and intelligent life,we cannot ignore the fact that there are probabilities like
    1.there are millions of such planets(out of the infinite planets) sustaining complex life .
    2.Many of those life will be much more primitive and advanced in every respect and subject known on earth.
    3.Many such advanced Aliens will have developed technologies we just imagine and we have not imagined.
    4.Many of such developed Aliens are moving from one planet to other ,and even crossing Galaxies.
    5.Such developed Aliens might have discovered or contacted with other similar Aliens ,and exchanging knowledge too.
    6.Now if ever any Alien civilization visits us ,it will be definitely much more advanced then us.They might have conquered the gravity,space-time The Aether filling space.
    7.Our technology could be toys for them and intelligence may be like to that of our pet animals to us .

    They might not be interested in our low end technologies and selfish people.

  4. shit they been coming to earth for meetings and we been in contact with them since the 50 EBEN,S ,,,,,,,,,,,,,GOOGLE ,serpo.org zeta reticula exchange program release 32 , and theres 34 more pdf,s to read.

    • Non taken,you’ll have to give me insight to this,I also believe there isn’t 57 species of aliens,so the article is saying the alien life forms can be anything from a biological entity just starting out to advanced civilization destroying there world.The thought is endless for the universe is.oh well just babbling I’m not the smartest but I am blessed.

    • Thats one thing I do trust my brother,if you’ve been shown the things I have and all its truth,you my friend would know and trust yours,my biggest problem is why me? Why would they show up after I prayed,show exactly what I asked for and shot off back to the stars I’m glad my friend witnessed that encounter I he was a mile from me,that’s one dreams come true many,one dream was a green eyes girl who first dream was her face 2-3-4dreams crying lots of tears I meet her 5 weeks later no courage to tell her she was about to have a bad year ,I talked to her but couldn’t tell her so any way come to find out in July her daughter dies in car accident, now my problem I was to be her destiny and as I’ve done all my life I changed my destiny by not doing the reality I was shown.peace brother

  5. I know they can’t drive always crashing into shit ,probably high, kidnap people and don’t ask for ransom,can’t even talk have to use an iPad,yep bunch of dummies,they drink the real moonshine

  6. Well, they’re going to be at different levels of development. Some may be still scratching through the dirt, others may have outgrown (maybe having destroyed) their planets. I’m not from the belief camp that there are 57 species of alien who are buzzing around our planet, etc.

    • Considering how big the universe is, and with so many planets being found, and according to witnesses who encountered ET’s I say the universe is teaming with life and many of them so advanced, that they will make our so-called state of the art technology look like prehistoric JUNK.

    • Sure, I’m sure you’re right but I just that the very thing that surrounds us (SPACE) is the very thing that keeps us safe. The universe is one big playground and I doubt there are alien bars, like in Star Wars, where different breeds can get together and watch a pole dance.

    • Carl Thomas What you do, is that you first you use a meditation to clear one’s mind….you know, unwind and relax, and most importantly, to remove any fears or anger. The ET’s are very powerful mentally, and can detect fear…”fear STINKS” according to what some witnesses were told from some of the ET’s, it stinks like hell. Anyhow, you then remote view, if you will, and once you spot a starship in your mind’s eye, you then invite them to Earth….you first focus on our galaxy (some of them are from other galaxies and can get to ours FAST), then zoom to our solar system, then to our planet, than to the hemisphere you are in, then your continent, then your country, then your state/province, then to a rough area to where you are. Also, in addition to this, we also use electronic devices to help out a bit, primarily the recordings taken at genuine ET made crop circles. We also use powerful laser pointers to assist as well (the electronics are good especially is you are totally new to this, a CE5 virgin if you will). Each time we’ve done this something always appears. We’ve seen amazing light orbs in the sky, as well as our electronic detectors go crazy, sometimes the ET’s can go inside the electronics (they can ‘shunt’ themselves and their ships into small spaces….a ship the size of an aircraft carrier can ‘shunt’ into a ball of light the size of an apple, believe it or not.) and make electronics do stuff that they were not designed to do. Also, the first time I did it in a group, the next morning….I woke up and found a series of ‘rings’ in my black lawn….the grass grew in these perfect rings, dense rings of grass that were NOT there the previous day, and they were in patterns like a braille cell, almost. Also, back in August, when I did a solo CE5, it was cloudy as hell that night, but about 10 feet in front of me, a face materialized in front of me…looking a lot like a grey. I jumped back about 5 feet…not out of fear, mind you, but surprise….it could have been Bill Cosby, Moe Howard or Santa Clause, and I would have still jumped back in surprise, since it appeared out of no where. And no, I was not drinking or anything like that, I just finished a meditate inside the house just before this happened, so my mind was sharp as sharp could be. And even now, sparkling, multi colored objects appear in the sky nearly every night, and my mother, who lives with me (we’re all that each of us has left) , who herself spotted MANY UFO’s over the past 30 years, spotted one we’ve seen many times, with our group, E.T.C.A.R.E. (we got a youtube channel, which I posted already prior) and it was sparkling, and changing colors…and it was NO star….because this object will go left, right, up , down, moving in ovals and circles. Stars don’t do that. And they always do this when we, in our minds, say hello to them. So, regardless of your opinion on Greer, I say he’s legit and and the CE5’s WORK. We’re not gonna get results from NASA, SETI and sure as hell not from the government or military. And I did not pay a single dime. In fact, Greer strongly suggests those of us who learns the CE5 protocols go around and teach others….not the words of a snake oil salesman. And remember, Greer gave up a job as an ER Doctor, a 6 digit salary, to do this. And the Disclosure Project needs funds….no way will the government ever fund this, since Disclosure Project and CSETI stand against everything the Military Industrial Complex stands for. And you ask why he won’t give names of his contacts, look at this video, the first 5 minutes states WHY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6psv6f3jF3g He HAS to protect them from being killed….our government and military are so evil that they will, without hesitation or remorse MURDER their own people to maintain the artificially created, and maintained, status quo that’s making all our lives so miserable. Human life means nothing to them, with exception of their own. So, give the CE5 a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  7. We have been in such low vibration we are a threat and quarantined on this planet until such time as we reach 5d. And ladies and gentlemen… Gaia is graduating along with every sentient being on this planet. We will remember everything. We have finally chosen. There is an awakening of epic proportions going on right now. A beautiful time to be alive on planet Earth. Namaste <3

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