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Interdimensional Alien Entity Caught On Surveillance Camera? (Video)

Interdimensional Alien Entity Caught On Surveillance Camera? (Video) 1

Video shows two mysterious home security camera UFO sightings.

The first sighting captured on March 31, 2015 shows a bright Orb which appears from behind the trees.

The second part of this video features surveillance camera motion detection activated photos.

The following was submitted to MUFON. It is archived here in the ghost category (as it is quite similar to other paranormal/ghost encounters) for reference and research:

I was shutting down my computer when the motion detection alarm sounded on my computer. I checked the camera video but there was nothing on it. Checked the still photos and that was when I found the images.

At first I thought it was a firefly or something of that matter, but realized that fireflies don’t leave trails like in the photo. I didn’t pay much attention until it showed up the second and third night.

That was when I thought it was something different. I was not able to observe it firsthand, I only saw it in the photos. After the second night I thought it was kind of spooky.

Source www.theblackvault.com


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  1. Has the owner had someone (professional) come and check the surrounding area? I’d be concerned about radiation, or are there burn marks on the lawn. Hopefully no animals get rad sick (or the owner)! Strange……👻 or 👽

    • Could be a drone with lights? Seems unlikely that it’s a bat as it seems to have its own light source, even at a distance (away from any security lights). Digital cameras have trouble capturing moving objects at night. Especially cheep security type ones. The wavy shape suggests some sort of flapping going on…

    • Hope so, for the home owners sake but, what is leaving the trails? Are there fireworks or maybe a fire & the embers are floating down? I GUESS IT WOULD HAVE TO BE A HOT FIRE- SANTA ANA’S?

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