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NASA totally found a squirrel on Mars and didn’t tell anybody

NASA totally found a squirrel on Mars and didn't tell anybody 5

And then – get this – THEN they accidentally posted a picture of it online. And then some people spotted it and called a spade a spade squirrel a squirrel. Hey everybody! Look! It’s a squirrel on Mars!

LINK TO NASA PIC: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/msl/multimedia/pia16204.html

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NASA totally found a squirrel on Mars and didn't tell anybody

The proof, via UFO Sightings Daily:

NASA totally found a squirrel on Mars and didn't tell anybody


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Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a rock. And a case of pareidolia.

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Source io9.com


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  1. and THEN there are morons who gonna belive there is actually squirrels on Mars!! and I guess those arent rocks all around it but Martian acorns that fell off the Martian oak trees?

  2. And that wash area behind it has recently had water running through it. I don’t think NASA spent billions to go to Mars, I think the money went into a black project or some politicians pocket and they are filming areas in Nevada, New Mexico and eastern California and telling us it’s Mars. How would we know any different unless someone accidentally posted a picture of a squirrel.

  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense to say that maybe NASA isn’t on Mars at all, and they’re just filming in a desert somewhere?

  4. We should stop believing what ‘truths’ others come up with…in who’s interest is it to make us dribble and grovel and believe instead of using our own common sense? It is as far as I am concerned not our purpose to go out there…let’s get rid of the tyrants first so we can live in peace and heal the earth and it’s inhabitants en then we’ll see about the cosmos…we are not in the position to see the whole anyway…We are like microbes looking at an elephant…

  5. I think the point is to hide a few things from mankind and control us as well…1) the fact that they can’t go up there… 2) The fact that earth is flat and that thàt would invoke a global revolution…3) Useless fundings…and a pacifier for the masses… 4) The ones having the ‘truth’ can manipulate others…and those others are willing to pay, manipulate and kill for that ‘truth’…control.

  6. Ok big picture, we all know about Darwins survival of the fittest…..right?……so lets say this squirrel/ guineapig is real……go with me here……it has addapted over time to look like its surroundings, example being the bricks rocks it is near……there can only be two reasons why this happens….. to help it hunt! Or to help it hide from predators!……so that being said its a guineapig/squirrel! Prey animal………what the fuck is it hiding from? Should be the question we are asking!……right? 😉

  7. prolly because this isnt even mars.. prolly arizona .. just like the last time they got cought lying about making it there a few years ago and putting a channel up on tv where the picture never changed until they got called out then they took the channel down and said ya we never made ,, sorry

  8. ummm this is not Mars lol! Nasa have a studio where they build a fake Mars for Astronaut’s training and so I bet there is a hole somewhere in studio that Squirrel came in ! duhhhhhhhhh

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