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What On Earth Was This Mysterious Light In The Sky Above The West Coast Last Night?

What On Earth Was This Mysterious Light In The Sky Above The West Coast Last Night?

Last night a mysterious light lit up the skies over California, leaving people as far east as Louisiana perplexed. What was that weird blue glow in the sky? Naturally, there was some speculation that perhaps the light was a UFO or even a meteor – but in reality it was the launch of a Trident II (D5) missile by the U.S. Navy. 

The unarmed missile launched from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine that sits off the coast of Southern California in the Pacific Test Range. The test was pre-planned although not announced or confirmed until a few hours after the launch. These types of launches are routine, although rarely announced ahead of time, and help ensure the reliability of Naval systems.

According to the San Diego Times, Cmdr. Ryan Perry with the Navy’s Third Fleet said, “The test was part of a scheduled, on-going system evaluation test. Each test activity provides valuable information about our systems, thus contributing to assurance in our capabilities.”

The Navy frequently uses a test range just northwest of Los Angeles to test fire standard cruise and Tomahawk missiles from submarines and other ships. The airspace over the test range has been activated and all nighttime flights to and from Los Angeles International Airport have been diverted away from that area for the coming week. Neither the military nor the FAA have disclosed what activities will be taking place near the country’s second-busiest airport over the next six nights.

Since there was no advance warning of the test fire, witnesses across the state and several states over speculated that the object streaking across the sky could be part of the annual Taurid meteor shower, which is currently reaching itspeak and is known to produce fireballs. According to astronomer Phil Plait, “this was moving far too slowly to be a meteor, and the behavior was all wrong.” 

Brian Keating, an astrophysicist at UC San Diego told the Times, “The Taurid meteors would be coming from the east — and this light came from the west. We’d also be more likely to see meteors about midnight, and the flash came near sunset.”

Since the launch occurred at sunset, it made for a spectacular show. The missile’s exhaust reflected sunlight as it soared through the sky, producing a stunning view. You may remember earlier this year when an Atlas V launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral and produced similar striking views. An expanding halo can be seen in most of the pictures and that is most likely due to a staging event. The missile has three stages and as one is shut down and ejected, the next stage ignites via a small explosion known as an ordnance. If the staging event occurred when the missile was high enough in the atmosphere, it would produce a bright flash and a halo of gas. 

Who knows what else we may witness over the next week as the test range remains active. 


Source www.iflscience.com


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  1. Anytime a major media source picks up a ufo story it is a plant for disinformation the fact that there are so many ufos sent into the news stations and they are only gonna cover the ones the CIA send to them not the real ones, they are either there to make ufo spotters less credible so no one will listen or to try to fool the masses into believing it was something that it wasn’t to throw the masses off track. The down and dirty real live UFO stories are hardly ever run by major media sources.

    • There are Bizarre’ things going on’ in the skies; in the oceans; and indeed governments’ of the world are well informed; but’ when bored idiot savants’ take a blurred picture of the moon; all jiggly and outa focus’ all legitimate evidence ; loses it’s focus too.

  2. The old guys in the Military, having worked on ICBM programs say it seems to be a missile allright, .but what concerns them is why the night launch, over civilian areas and not the ocean. Sending a message it seems more likely. Warnings to Russia and China. Problem is, Russia has slightly more nukes than the US. Add to that China, and not even the paltry French and British stockpiles combined will redress the situation. But its madness. Mutually Assured Destruction is what kept the status quo. No this is just a warning, and the Mossad assets that planted the bomb on #A321 might be the reason. Because the Russians will find the evidence, and I fear that, for humanity will be in a terrible war soon. There is thus only one card left to play for Mr Putin. The one thing the US, The Zionists and the Illuminati fear. THE TRUTH…… PRAVDA…. !!!

  3. This story has just been aired on the BBC new’s (UK)….and they are reporting it as a missile test……..Let me tell you the BBC never cover’s UFO story’s,so i find it strange that they feel a need to play this story down which has gone viral….. have our friend’s across the pond asked the BBC to help play it down,not saying it’s a UFO but I think the US want it calmed down a.s.a.p for some reason….Hmmm!

  4. it wasn’t a Missie in the sense that we have seen Missiles it is new technology its a slow moving propulsion test Vehicle because the Technology is not how fast you can go instantly its how fast you can go with the least amount of energy applied the united states government NASA and JPL and the European space Agency are working on and testing a form of Nuclear Propulsion system like a plasma drive and if anyone knows anything abut Plasma that’s what powers the sun and Nuclear fusion and a very small test Vehicle out in space will make a very bright trail because after all look how far the sun is away and look at the way it brings Light to Earth. that’s all it is Just a Plasma Drive being tested out in space and we are seeing the effects of it spiraling. if you look carefully to the left you see one trail of a small rocket sending it up and then they engage the plasma and it makes another strange trail. if anyone watches the history channel in one show they will show you the plasma drive and in another show they will say its a strange Phenomenon. why they do that is beyond me But for now that’s all i think it is not attacking aliens from the Dog star nebula.

  5. OK here is the real deal on those strange streaming lights all over the sky’s this has been around for the last 5 years or so and what they are is plasma test rockets they are very small rockets But plasma being what is part of the energy created on the sun and what makes the fusion on the sun to make all that heat and Light that that we see and feel here on earth.they are by rocket standards very slow because the theory behind a plasma rocket Engine is to start off slow and since the Fuel is very cheap to burn for a long time and build up a speed close to or at the speed of light that is 186,000 Miles a second per second that means faster then fast and to get up that type of travel speed just might take up to one 6 months to one year. so that’s why when watching one of these rockets here on earth it Looks like its traveling very slow across the sky when in fact its really out in space and the plasma that the rocket produces and the trail seem so Bright is the same stuff that makes sun light but on a very very smaller scale. so for now i don’t think there is an alien invasion going on at all its just NASA and JPL white sands new Mexico testing grounds playing with there toys that’s all

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