Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings This Month?

Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings This Month?

It’s been a good month for UFO believers.

Mysterious lights flew over Los Angeles earlier this month, causing wild speculation about extraterrestrial activity. Strange clouds over Cape Town, South Africa, inspired a similar flurry of questions. Now, a photo taken by astronaut Scott Kelly has prompted even more paranormal theorists to cry “aliens.”

On Nov. 15, Kelly tweeted a photo of the night sky over India from the International Space Station, where he’s been living for more than a year. A light in the picture’s upper right corner prompted a few UFO aficionados to speculate as to whether it could be a carefully constructed spacecraft…or whether it’s just a trick of the light.


The UFO looks more like a glowing barbell than a flying saucer, but we’ve got to admit it’s a little out of place in Kelly’s scenic snapshot.

On Nov. 7, the internet buzzed with UFO mania when a series of mysterious lights flashed over California. Apparently, they were caused by a Navy missile test, though not everyone bought that explanation.


During the same weekend, clouds shaped like flying saucers hovered over Cape Town — but those were easier to explain. They’re called lenticular clouds, and they form when damp winds blow over uneven terrain.


Did you notice the UFO’s flying over #capetown yesterday? 👽 Photo by @mijlof 📷

A photo posted by Instagram South Africa (@instagram_sa) on

So far, scientists have not explained the cigar-like apparition in Kelly’s photo. That UFO remains unidentified — for now.


Source www.mtv.com


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  1. Even if 95% are hoaxes, or have logical explannations, the remainder still begs one to question, who and what are they…..? In light of current world events, complete disclosure would not lead to mass hysteria, as I think we already drove off THAT cliff, and we would most likely just carry on with the way we do things. F@£€ up.the planet, killing each other and voting for the same bunch of pricks who got us into this mess in the first place.

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