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Would you be afraid if extraterrestrial life existed? >>>> VISIT SITE TO VOTE!!

Would you be afraid if extraterrestrial life existed? >>>> VISIT SITE TO VOTE!!



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  1. If you look at the images of the Anunnaki as presented in the renderings of Egyptian petroglyphs, they are not ugly. After all, we are in their images. I believe that the images we are seeing now are those of the Igigi. Those are the beings they originally brought with them to earth to mine for the gold. However, they mutineed and refused to do the hard work. That is the reason that we were originally for; to feel the need.

    • We as humans have not evolved quick enough, everything is energy brother, you and I should be able to communicate via collective to help one another, also everything we see is not what it is it is all energy. We should be able to put ourselves literally into or throuh what we perceive as solid.

      Do this brother, research sun gazing and earth walking this is a mandatory event for me it is part of my position. To do what I do you need clarity. And sun gazing etc. Brings complete clarity. I literally see things others may not for my perception is far advance do to our mandatory meditation .

  2. i represent no groups my opinion is my own according to facts and knowledge that i have researched .now that don,t make everything true either does it or does it.

  3. yep i used to laugh at people and said its all n your head ,but when it really happen your whole life changes ,everything u been taught is a lie ,religion AND GOD Is a cover for the real deal ……3 times for me.

  4. I think theres worse people to fear here on planet earth if they are intelligent enough to journey across the universe they must have a better perspective on this existence…we live an inner worldly existence…controlled by government media and religion…they potentially have the means to enhance every aspect of our existence and they are the ones kept secret while corruption rules our planet? The question should be who do we fear most those who bid to free us or those who bid to destroy us all….i’d take my chances with an e.b.e. or e.t. before i trust the shills running this planet…the human race used to be full of hope….due to the circus we are all looking the wrong way.

  5. To ever think we was the only lifeform in this universe is really saying to them. That we are not fully ready for them to come out to the world public and say hi. But there are things that are shell we say,moving up the time table ahead of time. So yes some will be scared while others will be fine.

    One of the most outstanding UFO experiences involving a group of children took place on September 16, 1994. Approximately 60 children between 5 and 12 years old were playing outside their school on the outskirts of the capital of Zimbabwe when they saw a large spaceship and several smaller craft gliding over the scrubland.
    The spacecraft landed beside their playground. The children claim that they were approached by beings from the ships and that the whole encounter lasted about 15 minutes.
    Emily Trim was one of those children. As a young student at the Ariel primary school near the town of Ruwa in Zimbabwe, the incident was made famous when it was covered by the BBC, who interviewed the children soon after the incident. Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack traveled to the school to interview the children and recorded their extraordinary accounts.
    To this day, she says, the incident still effects her. Standing only a few feet away from the beings she believes that she was given messages.
    She has been painting and drawing mysterious and beautiful images she feels are a manifestation of the messages she received.
    In this video, Emily Trim speaks publicly of the first time at the Alien Cosmic Expo 2015. Her emotional testimony conveys the depth of her personally moving experience as a child who was face to face with an extraterrestrial being.
    EMN apologizes for the sound issues. Best if used with headphones.

  7. Part of me yes, no matter what context they arrived under. That is because if they could make it here it is assumed they are so vastly technologically superior, they could extinguish humanity like a candle. The other part of my sentiments would depend on the circumstances.

  8. Yes and no 50:50 moor 55:55 if it overlaps 😛

    This would be so awesome

    I think the movie can be is true.
    Why it wouldn’t be possible that some fantasy films have a wharen background of the past mixed with parallel unviverse

    This is a really nice movie with perfect animation i love it xD

    What’s with Man in Black, nobody knows because it never happened for everyone 🙂

    • Actually, if the Laws of the Universe are consistent, and Life evolves in the same predictable way, then all life on other planets when highly evolved are exact replicas of Humans.
      These “Big Eyed so-called Aliens” are just Robot type Androids used to explore other more primitive planets.

      We do the same thing here, we have tiny robots with cameras that explore Ant Hills and other places where insects live.

    • Yep. You only have to look at what is happening in the UK here right now & our “leaders” to see why any intilligent aliens would choose to stay a million miles away from us. Who knows should they be thinking of visiting they may have to negotiate with Boris Johnson over some things. 👎👎👎🙁 erm, no thank you. Avoid contact at all cost!!! 😁

    • Maybe it is not us that insterest them the most, but our beautiful and rich planet, what do you think of that? it would make sense.
      If this is the case, they would probably show themselves as friendly to gain our trust, at first.

    • Absolutely agree, I’m not a believer in main stream religions but I definitely believe in God as the creator of the Universe. I think that if and when a full disclosure takes place it may destroy a lot of people’s faith in which ever religion they follow. So many lives and belief systems would alter including during the grief process.

  9. no . they are welcome . if they wanted kill us , they have had more enos time . they are beautiful intelligent , peaceful begins . full of love . WE MUST BE AWARE ABOUT OUR GOVERNANTS , BANKS AND MONSANTO .THIS IS MAN CANCER OF THIS PLANET , AWAKE , OPEN THE HEART AND EYS

  10. My body was but I wasn’t. The have great intelligence and abilities because they are benevolent and do not harm others. Many compassionate humans will soon ascend to higher densities. Fear is bondage and Love is Liberation.

  11. What if they did exist and looked exactly like us except a little taller? With perhaps the millions of other Solar Systems out there we would have to be insane to believe that we are alone in this universe. Our Government tells us that there are no such things as UFOs or aliens, but, yet they are continuously sending out signaled messages into outer-space. Do they maybe know something that we do not? Well, in my new science fiction novel; ‘Refusal’, we are about to find out the real truth since one of these sent transmissions was finally intercepted. And, I’m afraid, that our first alien encounter will not be a friendly one. Barnes & Noble Books: # 978-1-4787-5996-6, or direct: http://outskirtspress.com/refusal

  12. < "We are moving into a position of extreme vulnerability. With the specter of resource depletion, environmental degradation and the risk of a further fracturing of the human family growing everyday, we are ripe for Intervention." > judging from your hopeful attitude, we are in big trouble.

  13. The aliens in my town are said to live below the rivers. Pretty private folk.They mind their own business generally but I hate when they wash their privates. The entire area smells musty!

  14. Well according to my research there are some good ET’S out there and bad ones. What worries me is why our military is trying to militaries space is something going on out in space we don’t know about like an alien war???

  15. < "You must resist the Intervention. You must recognize it is nothing more than competition from beyond the world. You must not be fooled by its promises of wealth and power and freedom. You must not become dejected or resign yourself, thinking that you have no power in this matter, for humanity has the great advantage.">

  16. Reasons for them coming here are either positive-but evolved spieces shouldn’t dabbling in other’s evolution, or hostile, ie resources, which would mean a hostile takeover

  17. Yes and I wouldn’t care if they they killed us all
    ,just to prove all the people that didn’t believe wrong and to prove religion is wrong and to prove that the government has been lying to us about alien life and to see the look on all my friends faces priceless.

  18. This is pure speculation… No way to prove any of it…
    Why would you want to?? Have you no understanding of the greatness of your own being?? You must imagine the greatness of that which you have no ability to even percieve, but only imagine?? Why not imagine the greatness of the FACT that you EXIST? If they existit’s outside of the human experience of this time and age!
    Why waste your life and time dwelling on such foolishness?
    Some things are not meant for humans…meaning that they are outside of this reality and therefore have no good purpose except to mislead and confuse humans as to their true purpose of THIS here and now! Yes they exist, but that really shouldn’t be any o our business….living our short little lives to the fullest should be! Then we won’t have to worry about whether or not someone’s coming to save us or not!

    • It is in our make-up as species, to explore the heavens and seek the truth! If you prefer to live your life as you see fit, you’re free to do so. No one is discussing some Alien race coming to save humanity. We are free thinkers by nature and interested in other life forms, whatever that might be.

    • Some days I really do have to question my existence… The people I encounter and know… The things happening in this world….and this evil system of dominance over one another.. The kings of this world, past and present..have created an awful atmosphere… I totally believe aliens have always been here and maybe even control our very existence… Just like there is good and bad people.. There probably good and evil aliens…I can’t stop thinking and believing that the one episode of “The Simpsons” where there are aliens up in their UFO, circling around the Earth.. Watching us on the big screen like tv shows.. Just think life and this planet could be so much more (better)…is it ment to be or can we change…… Oh well, just blathering … Got go do my routine… Sleep, eat, work, eat, pay the man, sleep👽

    • they are no death birds in the sky…..they always fall…. on the ground….. 🌏 📡🌏 👣🕖 💎👽☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀⋉🐺🐾☆▲▴◭

  19. It depends on what kind of ET it was, if they were angry and armed with blasters – then yes I’m afraid. If they’re smiling and want to communicate in friendly terms then no, not afraid.

  20. Of course not. However, a more direct question would have sounded like this: would you feel offended if you found out we were created by some Reptilian species 🙂

  21. Depend of what they want. If its peace, no i would not be afraid. Apperance dont matter event from outter space. What matter is the heart. Maybe i would be surprise to meet one suddenly out of no where. But afraid… no.

  22. They are like you and me, but shit loads more advanced. No need to be afraid of them. Not bug eyes monsters. If they wanted to the people of this planet, they could do it in a heartbeat.

  23. Everybody says no until they stand over your bed unannounced in the middle of the night. If it’s the middle of the day and they show up, no…. but don’t lie to yourself that you wouldn’t be scared otherwise

  24. as long as they aren’t the attach to your face burst out your chest bitey ones….I’m not keen on them coming here lol…..friendly ones or ones that can teach us to live peacefully they would be more than welcome xx

  25. If??? And NO im not afraid YET. Havnt been givin a reason too fear them YET . . . In due time we shall see though… Im more afraid of mankind actually. . Ya never know what too expect next out of this human race!!!!!!!!!

  26. i have an alien shadow on my door every night moves at any sound goes by 05.00am.was scared at first got live night mares no more.that’s how it will be when they show up.fear then no more fear.friends

  27. There is one group of Aliens who teach that all of this world is
    Think about all those “opposing religions that have been created here on Earth” Talk about “divide and conquer”

  28. If they didn’t exist, we would still be clubbing our women over the head when we wanted to go to the bushy valley.
    Some “people” on this world (like the aborigines) seem untouched by any outside forces like aliens and therefor look more like what a human should look like. They also still live in harmony with the earth and don’t require any part of this terraformed, sterilized, ready made, ready to use bubble world within a world we’ve had to create in order to survive here.
    Only problem is, our plastic bubble constantly spews toxic wast into the real world where if anything real still exists, it is bound to be genetically modified or totally extinct soon.

    My freakn’ rant of the day… shut up.

  29. maybe they come forward when we can overthrow our corrupt governments and overcome interracial violence! and “proove” that we can be a peaceful race. right now from outside perspective, humanity must be shocking to observe. i dont think they understand why we are still burning oil and letting our planet be controlled by greedy petrogiants when we could since long time have free energy and peace

  30. voted…not afraid..we welcome them. went outside around 4:30 am this morning…i always use a special flashlight to flash into the sky. we do get flashes back but too far to get on cam.


  32. its a big big big difference in your life when u experience the ultimate is really witnessing manifest right there in your face the real E.T. OR what ever u want to call it ultra dimensional being ,shape shifting being or what ,folks seeing is believing i,m one that has experienced it .not once 3 times ……………i,m not afraid.

  33. theres about 6 alien species that went rogue and yes we are on some of there food chain ……….. u never hear reports on missing people ???? its unbelievable how many in the world per year per country.

  34. Has nobody heard of “stranger danger”. I would want to meet and communicate first, to make sure they didn’t want to eat me or worse, before I just jump on board. Don’ t get me wrong, if their friendly, then I’m all in.

  35. Now.. One day in either 98 or 1999 , in Frankfort Illinois… All were seen in Frankfort except the triangle… I was working outside painting an old farmhouse and it was a beautiful clear sunny day, i was laying across my seat eating my lunch, and was just enjoying the quiet when I happened to see something moving very slowly behind the trees. I jumped out and stood in the driveway and watched as this HUGE, and I do mean HUGE, UFO moved Nearly above me, it was slightly west of me Making Absolutely No Sound. It was heading north very slow. ( my mouth actually did drop open ). I could Not Believe What I was seeing. I could clearly see that it was an oval shape with windows around the full length of it, as it was only a hundred or so feet up possibly two hundred, it went from right to left in front of me, as it got 2 or 3 hundred yards so very close, I started hearing a rumble in the distance, getting louder. Tw Fighter Jets came Screaming over the trees directly behind it, it started speeding up. One I’m assuming was an F-16 the other was a single engine jet it was well above the UFO , They were Screaming Towards it …. I never took me eyes off of it, But as they got free close to it…… You could fit about 8-10 of the jets under it…it was that big.. Well anyhow, as they got near it… That sucker Didn’t Turn… It Just Jumped 90 degrees and was now situated a thousand or so feet away, now moving West… It did Not Turn ( I’m emphasizing that). It just reappeared in a different spot in the sky. Well Now I could Really Feel in my chest the thrusters of the jets.. They went into a really hard banked turn and Fast as Hell Went after it Again… This Time, When they Got Close it fucking sped up a bit Then Zipped Away so Damn Fast all I could do was watch them until they went out of Sight… It didn’t disappear… It sped away so fast kinda like Hyper Speed in the movies… And This, I Swear.. Is The Honest to God Truth ! Oh What I Wouldn’t have Given to Have a Video of it…. But I’ll always have my memory of it…. Nobody Can Ever Tell Me Different ! ( I know why I saw to be Real ) I’m so Glad I could share this with you !

    • Yea it is brother 2-25-2014 I was praying to the skies at 6 :35 pm and when finished they showed up big circle in the sky,Now 20% of circle was Bright light that’s what caught my eye,Now I see the other 80% was black and pulsating ,I knew right then what they were showing me and knew what they wanted cause I just asked for guidance and strength to change,So I watch for 15 seconds and then they shot off into Eastern sky even left tracers it was a miracle to me ,But check this out on the following Saturday I call my best friend up whom I’ve known since I was seven I’m 56 now and this was a Tuesday when my encounter happened so I tell him to come over smoke some bud and to tell you what happened to me so he comes over and before we smoke I tell him what happened too me so he stops and says bro when was this so I tell Tuesday 6:35 close enough and he says bro I Seen It don’t know what I saw but I seen it he tells me where he was and he was a mile away from me driving home he only lived two blocks from me,So there’s my witness he couldn’t believe it either ,but my friend I’ve told my encounters of all our lives and he never believed until that night.it ain’t the first

    • Well what ever you want to call it I was contacting the greatness of the universe’s energy knowing that the good is out there and to help keep the negative energy out of my enlightenment of Energy/ Soul.But it did happen they even answered me the night of eclipse last month had five wittiness there.peace my brother vhave a great day

    • Long story but they showed me what I’ve told people and my self since 14 years old that my soul is black that I have a black soul,so I ask that night what do you want me too do?And they come back by showing me 20% beautiful bright light and80% black ,I couldn’t even believe it but I Knew what they were showing me,but more than anything my doubting friend saw it too now I asked him was your s black he said No just light big huge light then it shot off to the east.So I’m on a path too seek the enlightenment of soul cause that’s what matters in this life.

    • The difference is spiritual, and yes my God’s come from great air ship,why is that so hard too comprehend ,they had us made they’ve changed history they gave there best soldier too tell us how and what there about,they’ve given us signs of our past and our future and yet you still can’t figure out why there here and the bad ones what ever you call them have a plan just like the good ones and that’s been told right along with the good and there time is now and you see the world as it is you think it gets better, I’ll tell what when there soldier arrives the bad one and brings false peace to the world I bet he proclaims too be hybrid god ,now can you all comprehend that.

    • Your right Ken Lamson just like the black Shadow that chased me for 2 1/ 2 blocks home at 14 years of age and has a hold of my life at times,hence the reason for the black soul,this blackness of another realm has made me make decisions I regret but can over come,henceforth the enlightenment.

  36. Ok now, the better one… ( my God I hate typing.. Lol ) in 1999 my wife and I saw two separate crafts in the same summer, that were lit up totally green the first one was completely silent,,like the triangle I saw, but the second green one was slowly moving from west to east when it stopped , then started making a strange humming and or whirring sound and started to actually kind or Drip what seemed like Molten metal , green like the ship… Reminded me of the old Flash Gorden tv show.. It moved I’d say a hundred yards and simply Blinked out !

  37. I know what I’ve seen, the two best ones were VERY Close UP SIGHTNGS. I saw a very large black triangle last year here in Illinois, it had absolutely no seams or visible openings or places for Windows, it was probably about 50 feet thick and 200 feet long… Just above the tree tops, when I got close it sped off at only what I can assume to be around 300 miles per hour… And it was not the so called TR – B.

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