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EXCLUSIVE: French MoD ‘contacted’ aliens during bizarre experiment, document reveals

EXCLUSIVE: French MoD 'contacted' aliens during bizarre experiment, document reveals 1
Dr Steven Greer, a US former hospital medical emergency doctor, is now calling on governments worldwide to publish all withheld documents on alien visitations and UFOS.During a visit to Westminster last night he alleged to have the French government on board.

He revealed for the first time what he claimed to be a genuine letter from the French ministry detailing an experiment he convinced them to take part in to make contact with extra-terrestrial beings.

The medic turned Ufologist, who set up the Disclosure Project and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), also called on London and members of the public worldwide to “rise up and change things” by demanding an end to UFO secrecy.

Steven Greer reveals his
Steven Greer reveals his “French MoD document” to the crowd
Photo of an alien partially forming according to Steven Greer
Photo of an alien partially forming according to Steven Greer
[irp posts=”15605″ name=”EXCLUSIVE: MOD to release UK’s top secret UFO ‘X-Files’ that ‘could prove aliens exist'”]He unveiled paperwork, which he claimed was “the most important UFO disclosure document in existence,” during a seminar in London which was also broadcast live on the internet.

Dr Greer, who claims he is threatened by so-called “Men in Black” on a weekly basis, said top French MoD officials summoned an alien craft in 2010.

It was confirmed on radar as passing overhead at 120,000 miles per hour.

He also claimed an “alien ambassador” from the Andromeda galaxy partially materialised in front of the French leaders during the experiment on a sealed-off 220-acre estate. It had a no-fly zone above to prevent any normal aircraft passing.

He said: “This is not classified so I can share it with you, I did not release it before because I was just giving them time to prepare.”

Another alien he claims to have captured forming on camera
Another alien he claims to have captured forming on camera
The “French MoD document” he claimed was about alien contact
During his talk to a packed audience at the Cavendish Conference Venue in Westminster, Dr Greer made other bizarre allegations including: •He can summon aliens to earth for “peaceful contact” by tapping into a cosmic consciousness and ETs have developed technical craft so advanced they are living entities themselves

•A secretive “illegal” organisation of corrupt global and military leaders is based underground where it actually runs the world and is desperate to withhold the truth about alien visitation to avoid the collapse of religion, the economy and world leadership.

•Many world leaders and royals like US president Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and even Prince Charles, are not privy to the secretive information and are just “puppet leaders” put in place by the secret elite to make it appear as though we live in democracies

•Honest politicians who have pressed for disclosure have been warned off, kidnapped and even killed, but he is in talks with an unnamed major superpower (not US, UK or France) considering imminent disclosure 

The talk went on for 2 hours
The talk went on for 2 hours
•Former United Nations secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar was kidnapped in 1989 by robot beings created by the corrupt elite after he began pressing for disclosure with then Russian president Mikhail Gorbachov and US president George Bush (senior)•Elite leaders have developed technology almost as advanced as the aliens but uses it to regularly bring down UFOs to prevent contact being made

•Aliens could provide Earth with free unlimited and environmental energy supplies, but elite leaders won’t allow this because of vested interests in the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries 

•Around $14trillion (Up to $200billion a year) has gone missing from the US defence budget secretly syphoned off by the corrupt elite to prevent disclosure 

•Former US president Ronald Regan was in on the secret and his so-called “Star Wars” space defence programme was really to blow up hostile UFOs

•Earth astronauts are banned by higher ET civilisations from venturing any further than the Moon until we “stop killing each other”

•He once briefed 120 world and business leaders about making contact on an island of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Dr Greer showed a series of slides showing what he said were UFOs materialising

Dr Greer showed a series of slides showing what he said were UFOs materialising

Dr Greer, who charged £50 a head to attend the conference or £26 to watch a live stream of the event, showed the audience slides of what he claimed were real aliens and UFOs caught beaming to Earth from other dimensions.He spotted them during so-called “close encounter of the fifth kind” experiences he organises.

Dr Greer said inter-stellar civilisations were graded on levels of how advanced and enlightened they were from one upwards, but Earth scored zero because we keep killing each other. 

This UFO
This UFO “followed” a friend if Steve Greer
Steven Greer called for the public to rise up for disclosure
Steven Greer called for the public to rise up for disclosure

He said: “Our group initiates contact with people of level 300 – a bit of a gap – but once people stop lying that gap can be closed, quickly.“The French MoD contacted us, for the same reason the MoD in the US did. They wanted to know how contact made.”

But, whereas he claimed “men in black thugs” frightened off mainstream US MoD officials, he said the French ignored similar threats, leading to nasty contact from the secretive officials.

He made a call to arms to paranormal enthusiasts to try and make contact with aliens to get the authorities off his back.

He said: “If we all do it they can’t keep tracks on us all.

More UFOs shown to his audience
More UFOs shown to his audience
The real power is with all of us together, that they cannot stop, if we squeeze the toothpaste it will come out fast enough.”Dr Greer has written books and made DVDs about his claims and is currently promoting a feature-length documentary about them, available to view for a fee on his website, which also welcomes donations.

Not everyone who has heard his claims are convinced by them.

Debunking website Occupy Theory said after looking into his claims: “The problem that Steven Greer has is that in order to establish his own credibility, he has been forced to exaggerate.

“Even his alleged conversation about UFOs with the director of the CIA was not anywhere near what everyone else at that gathering remembers and they put their memories into response letters to discredit Greer’s claims.

This green blob was of ET origin according to the doctor

“With zero verifiable facts and only a large number of stories that are repeatedly told…once the “facts” are tested, they don’t stand up to any scrutiny.”Dr Greer was even accused of working for the CIA by a counter-conspiracist.

In a post by Alien Embryo on Unexplained-mysteries.com, he wrote: “Steven Greer is not who he claims to be, he is working for the CIA. The CIA knows people want answers and wants this technology made public. 

“The disclosure project is to slow people down, it was created to give people a false hope for “disclosure”. If we leave “disclosure” up to the disclosure project it will never happen.”

Express.co.uk has put Dr Greer’s claims to the French MoD and awaits a response. 


Source www.express.co.uk


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  1. //”Even his alleged conversation about UFOs with the director of the CIA was not anywhere near what everyone else at that gathering remembers”//

    Yeah, cause the CIA never lies ~rolls eyes~

    //”With zero verifiable facts and only a large number of stories that are repeatedly told…once the “facts” are tested, they don’t stand up to any scrutiny.””?/

    Zero? Seriously, Have you even watched his “Sirius” documentary or looked into the CE-5 initiative he started? There are CE-5 groups and indivduals all over the world who test Greers hypthesis’s on how to make CE-5 contact and have found him right. This is UFology peer eveiew of a sorts. He also shows video of him and his group of CE-5 people dooing the summonings and getting video of UFO’s showing up as a result, and they are NOT the only ones dooing so.
    He shows evidence from testimonies of former[some current} military, intelligence, and gov’t people to the U.S. gov’t and to people who atten his speaking engagements. I have had CE- experiences myself and am working on starting a CE-5 group in my town.
    He’s a not lying, why are you working so hard to discredit him/ Could it be because he tells the truth and has enouigh evidence to expose the conspiracy?

    • William Baker,

      Couldn’t have said it better! I watched Sirius Disclosure numerous times and have followed Dr. Greer and numerous credible other professionals on this subject. Every time the truth comes out, the standard mainstream media wants to debunk. They are truly afraid!

  2. Proof? Not sure as the topic is so elusive. He may be an inside agent? He’s provided more proof that’s possible than anyone else I know. Who else has has made a movie documenting and actual creature? Sirius. Who else has convened 50 plus Federal, Governmental and Industrial Top Executives to testify on Two symposiums in Washington DC at Press Club or filmed and conducted actual contact documentaries that appeared to show up? Pretty elaborate for no proof based on any other top authority like David Wilcox, Corey Goode or Cobra for example? Please help me understand.

  3. I have watched many hours of Dr Greer’s presentations, have not yet been to see him in person yet. I still give him a little more than the benefit of the doubt. In my opinion he is making progress in a very difficult environment. I have not paid even a penny but what he is doing is most probably very expensive for him to continue. I wish him the best & am certainly not ready to write him off yet.

    • I share that belief. The UFO phenomenon is too wide spread and too well documented to be 100% mistaken identity.

      I’ve tentatively worked out the timeline and rough technologies involved for this to be entirely mundane tech stemming originally from world war 2.

    • (1 of 3) UFO flies silently overhead! Southampton UK. I recorded this colorful object with my HTC one phone just outside the building that we were working in at the time! we were outside because we had just arrived at work and had a quick cigarette before we started work! My friend Christian looked up and spotted the object in the night sky first I believe so I jumped out the van and started recording but struggled to get the camera to focus on anything for a while because it was so dark, in the original video you can see a few stars at the start of the video and I keep bringing the camera back down to the van door to focus on something but the object becomes visible after about a minute or so as the object comes closer. I do signal the object with a 532nm green laser to see if I can get a response but the object did not signal back this time, pretty glad it didn’t signal back actually because if it did it could have been a blinding bright white light being that close to us! we have had them signal back on several occasions but not that close.https://youtu.be/vw_JcwU0oik

    • Regarding which bit, specifically? I been rooting for Greer for ages, and that critic at the end misses the point, Disclosure Project’s main purpose is to educate folks how the system we live in actually works and how to get people to learn to initiate contact. I been doing this for well over a year, hell, a creature materialized in front of me one cloudy night when I tried to do a CE5 solo, but the sky was too thick with clouds, so he/she/it probably appeared to make up for that…wish I had a camera on me at the time. Anyhow, for France, yes I feel many countries want Disclosure…but the United States has become a very nasty big bully who does not want disclosure and will really go out of their way to bully and harass others.

  4. As silly as this sounds, there’s real physics behind this, but only if my personal theory that our physical universe is actually a black hole filled with a multidimensional supercritical fluid holds true.

  5. From being a small country physician to making outrageous claims about UFO’s / ET’s, Steven Greer has never provided any verifiable evidence!
    He’s turned Ufology into a lucrative business by charging fees for everything.
    He conducts himself as an insider and a spokesperson on Disclosure, however, he seems to have an alternate agenda that does not sit well with those who seek the truth!

  6. L.A. (Lynn) Marzulli was in the operating room with Greer while He attempted to remove an implant and it hid itself between xray to actual surgery…Lynn asked to pray and after doing so, it was back on radar after asking God to reveal it but Dr. Greer passed away before his findings could be put in the science community… but Marzulli has it all in his series ” the watchers”… you can hear him on radio archives free about all of this stuff. The implants would move away from the Dr as he tried to remove it…full of unearthly nano tubes when they dissect them…lots of info…

  7. I have followed Greers work for years, probably seen every documentry he has done. but the guy screams “bad salesman” .. his evidence and stories lack credibility. his £5 app for smart phones is a complete waste of time as well. saying all that, i think after 25+ yers in the business, he is still a leading expert in the field.

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