Reaching the Inner Earth: A Team of scientists wants to drill through the Earth’s mantle

Reaching the Inner Earth: A Team of scientists wants to drill through the Earth’s mantle 1

Is there hidden life underneath the Earth’s mantle? An expedition set to drill the seabed will soon find out

A mission designed 60 years ago to drill into the seabed through the Earth’s crust and penetrate the underlying layer is becoming a reality in the Indian Ocean. Scientists hope to sample the mantle rock in order to answer important questions about the interior of our planet and how deep life can exist. Starting next week, the drill ship JOIDES Resolution will depart from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to a point in the southwest Indian Ocean known as the Atlantis Bank. There, the crew will drop a drill and, as planned, drill through 3 kilometers of rock, collecting core samples as they make their way through the Earth’s crust. If all goes well, future expeditions will complete the project working their way up to the mantle.

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It is considered that the boundary between the crust and mantle is a feature marked by the discontinuity known as Mohorovicic, or simply ‘Moho’, which changes the speed of seismic waves. But at the Atlantis Bank, because of the unique geology, the ocean is relatively shallow in the area and the mantle rises close to the surface which will allow scientists to access it with incredible ease.

Reaching the Inner Earth: A Team of scientists wants to drill through the Earth’s mantle

The Mohorovičić discontinuity was first identified in 1909 by Croatian scientist Andrija Mohorovičić when an earthquake struck the country near the modern-day capital of Croatia, Zagreb. It is a boundary layer that basically separates the oceanic and continental crust from the underlying mantle.

In the distant past, specifically in 1960, an expedition attempted a similar project off the coast of Mexico but stopped shortly after reaching a depth of 183 meters. Now, nearly 60 years after, a next expedition wants to do what no one has ever done.

Crossing these unexplored borders which may hide countless treasures “is one of the great scientific endeavors of the century”, said Henry Dick, a Woods Hole geophysicist and co-leader of the 2015 expedition.

Not only are researchers interested in studying the geology as they make their way through never before explored areas of the planet, they are also extremely interested I studying the biological diversity of the area.

According to writing in Digital Trends, recent studies suggest the Atlantis Bank may be a source of serpentinite rock, which forms when seawater reacts with peridotite in the mantle rock, especially those that have been moved upwards by plate tectonics.

Scientists also hope to identify microbial species that could live off methane, a gas produced when the serpentinite rock is formed.

According to statements the first phase of the project will begin this month lasting until the end of January in 2016. The second and third phases will go on at an undetermined date using the Japanese drill ship the Chikyu which has the technology to allow researchers to reach the ‘Moho’ layer.



Reaching the Inner Earth: A Team of scientists wants to drill through the Earth’s mantle

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  1. So…an open mind says….what if there is an inner earth civilization? We drill into the top of their atmosphere from the bottom of an ocean. Hum…what could go wrong?

  2. Lmao scientists that’s the biggest joke…(scientists) smh wow lmao what will the think they can possible think of next… they’re is no space the world is flat.. man is God.. pay to live on earth.. buy my books so I can make more shit up… lmao lmao

  3. Stupid is as stupid does.
    Leave the earths core alone.
    Fracking already has destroyed the earths structure
    How do you Scientists plan on patching the earth when your through fucking it up ?

  4. Even if they were to enter the center of the earth and there were things down there they would probably just get killed. Whatever’s down there obviously doesn’t give two shits about the human race who’s struggling to survive through financial slavery by global elites and big corporations who are destroying the planet. These things obviously lack empathy and compassion and If they’re willing to completely ignore the mass suffering happening right above them.

  5. once Scientist trys to do that they’ll be knocking on the Heavens doors to meet theire maker and we might as well be affected . they were stop long ago.the place they want to drill through the Earth Mantle they were told that once they drill there the whole Earth will come down to its knees we will be history some Countries superpowers wont allow them to kill the World unless the place is Billions miles down under the Sea even though dont try it the only way out try advance eletronic technology

  6. don’t think it is a very good idea. It sounds to me they are aiming to be contestants for the Darwin award. The greatest issue though, is not their own azzes but how many they will take with them & how much damage they will cause to Earth. Some things should not be messed with. A sloth would not make a very good watch-smith & these guys are not too far beyond sloth when tinkering with the most finely tuned instrument we call Earth.

  7. Drilling a 12″ diameter (or even if it were twenty feet in diameter) hole in the crust of the Earth is not going to bring about Armageddon. It’s not going to let the Devil out of Hell. It won’t hurt a bit.

  8. Since God is changing the polarity of the earth, two tunnels had to be drilled. The tunnels are amazing bypassing the center and using leverage for the change to occur. This has been known for over several decades. The problem was to keep certain areas from not interfering with mankind’s agenda.

  9. Remember the old golden era science fiction movie ” Crack in the World ” about a massive crack that kept growing and causing massive destruction- somebody should be listening.

  10. Good luck for that. They will experience many problems like heat, pressure, unknown (good chance of) minerals and the classic lava-fire-inner-sun region I see so much time in scientific geology and mineralogy books. But it takes more than machines and money to do this kind of quest. And what money, that’s a great question…..

    • They already did find the dark side of alien life-reptilians, etc. The problem is when we enter the dark part of the Nibiru’s system they are loosed on earth to the surface. That is why Gobele Teke (?) had not been found till now. The demons portrayed on the stones going down into the vortex/hole are the same demons on many other ancient writings and reliefs. Time is coming when we will have good vs evil on earth or light vs darkness. I just hope and pray that we will be prepared for the things which are mentioned in Revelation, etc.

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