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Teenagers find ‘alien eggs’ in frozen lake

Teenagers find 'alien eggs' in frozen lake
The circle was filled with hundreds of strange crystals. Image Credit: YouTube / Jason Nilson
Two friends in Utah have recorded footage of a mysterious ice circle filled with egg-like objects.

The peculiar phenomenon, which was found by the teenagers in the middle of a frozen lake, consists of a circular feature filled with strange white crystals that seem to defy explanation.

In the video the two youths can be seen inquisitively poking and prodding at the objects while jokingly referring to them as ‘alien eggs’ due to their ‘gross’ and ‘slimy’ consistency.

The footage has proven quite popular since appearing online with Internet users offering explanations ranging from a frozen puddle of paint to a meteorite impact crater.

Some have even suggested that it could be some sort of viral marketing campaign.

So far however no definitive explanation for the phenomenon has been found.

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  1. Gotta check this video out it’s like a crop circle in the ice ,but clearly it isn’t. Hopefully whatever hatches is humble, places mother nature on the priority list, Kill off all the world order maniacs and teach us to gib

  2. If you look closely, there’s a pattern in the middle of the circle. Looks like the water (or time???) has moved it. Has anyone, other than these teenagers (archaeologist) gone down & investigated? Now, this has caught my weird imagination 👽

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