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Alien abductee Sue Sill of Outlane, Huddersfield, wants to prove the truth is out there

Sue Sill, of Outlane, has been filming UFOs over Huddersfield for years

Are we alone in the universe?

Everyone has a theory – but for Sue Sill, there’s only one answer.

Sue, 57, of Outlane, claims she’s had many encounters with UFOS – and believes she was abducted in 2010.

She says Huddersfield is a hotbed of activity and has filmed UFOs in the sky all around the town.

Her latest experience was just last month, when she filmed a light in the sky above her home – watch the video below.

She said: “I was in my kitchen with my sister-in-law Colleen, who has seen quite a lot of things with me. She said, ‘there’s something over the top of your house again – a bright light in the sky.’”

Sue has been an avid UFO spotter for most of her life and in 2010 had an experience she describes as an abduction, around the same time crop circles were found at Castle Hill.

A crop circle which appeared at Castle Hill in July 2010.

She said: “I was sorting my things out for the morning and running a bath. I walked back into the bedroom and it was like I had gone into a trance.

“I sat down on the bed and the next thing, some figures appeared. They were really small and they had black skin or were wearing black suits.

“They had long, thin arms and their faces were obscured, like a liquid. I was thinking, ‘oh God, what’s happening here?’

“They came to the side of the bed and something like a veil came over me. The next thing I knew I was in a space on a craft looking at Earth.


Source www.examiner.co.uk


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  1. I’m a writer by trade, and I know a thing or two about photography. It would be in Sue’s best interest to write to me in pm, because if she can shoot the pictures wide-angle, I’m sure I can come up with something that can get closer. I do have a 6″ f/7 telescope that would be perfectly happy carrying a camera instead of an eyepiece. Certainly, between the two of us, I can get a close-up shot of what’s in those wide-angle shots. I would also have to talk with some folks at a college or university that has a machine shop so that a tracking robot can be made out of a telescope.

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