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Alien Homes: Exploring the Ruins of Florida’s Abandoned UFO House

(Image: Abandoned Florida, reproduced with permission)

‘Homestead’ may not be the most inspired name for a small town. But as WebUrbanist reports, “the abandoned UFO house in Homestead, Florida, has a backstory as mysterious as its otherworldly architecture.”



(Images: Abandoned Florida, reproduced with permission)

The now demolished ‘UFO House’, which stood at 37350 Southwest 214th Avenue, was built in 1974 when the town’s population was only 15,000.


(Image: Abandoned Florida, reproduced with permission)

Also known as the Alien House on account of its unconventional form, the isolated property had a shady past fueled by decades of rumours that may (or may not) have transformed it into an urban legend.



(Images: KACP, reproduced with permission)

Rumour has it that the futuristic building was once owned by a drugs trafficker masquerading as an exotic animal importer, who kept big cats and other wild beasts in cages behind the property.



(Images: Abandoned Florida, reproduced with permission)

Later purchased by a doctor from New York City, the pink-painted UFO House narrowly survived complete destruction by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 before its ruined shell was condemned by the city authorities.


(Image: KACP, reproduced with permission)

The abandoned Alien House was still standing in late 2013. It was finally demolished soon after.


(Image: Abandoned Florida, reproduced with permission)

Homestead’s most bizarre building may not have been as famous as Taiwan’s Sanzhi Pod City, futuristic ruins also dubbed ‘UFO houses’.



(Images: Abandoned Florida, reproduced with permission)

But the weird house has certainly become an integral part of local lore in this southern Florida town of 60,000 people, situated near the famous tropical wetlands known as the Everglades.


(Image: KACP, reproduced with permission)


Source www.urbanghostsmedia.com


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