The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?

We know, we know. This is where many draw the line. Reptilians are a controversial subject. We will now search the Legends of lizard people, statues depicting strange creatures and underground caves said to be home to serpent gods. Throughout history, there have been stories of beings half-human, half-reptile. Could they be more than mere fantasy?

Could the accounts of the Reptilians be more than just the product of overactive imaginations? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and as evidence they point to the legends of serpent gods that can be found throughout the world. In South America, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan they’re always referenced as serpent gods.
Even in Japan or ancient China we have these dragon emperors and dragon gods. One can find these stories of serpent gods all around the world.

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In addition to myths and legends passed down through oral history, early written texts also speak of serpent beings that were once present on Earth. The Bible speaks of a reptilian race the Seraphim we read about them in the Book of Isaiah. Some will interpret them as being the fiery ones, but the correct understanding is reptilian.

The book of Genesis has a story about a serpent who tempts Eve, the first woman, by offering her the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. It is understood, in ancient legend, that prior to God punishing the serpent, the serpent was completely humanoid in character. And that this serpent was only one of a race of reptilian beings who served God.

The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?

Throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East, there is a very strong belief linking snakes, skinks, lizards and other reptiles to supernatural or magical creatures and in some cases, to the souls of ancestors. In the Koran there’s a fascinating category of creatures known as the djinn. They were here before humans.
They’re a category unto themselves, not unlike angels. And at one point Iblis, the leader of the djinn, offended God, crossed him, was rebellious and was cursed like the serpents in the Garden of Eden and became earthbound, trapped on Earth for eternity and they are here with us.

Los Angeles, California, January, 1934

The Los Angeles Times publishes an article entitled “Lizard People’s Catacomb City Hunted,” accounting the attempt by mining engineer G. Warren Shufelt to locate and excavate a maze of tunnels which he believed were beneath the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Warren Shufelt was a mining engineer and he invented a device that he called the radio x-ray to be used for gold mining and this device could find tunnels underground. And he actually created a map of the tunnels.

Warren Shufelt had a sit-down with an Indian medicine man in Arizona who told him there was a Hopi legend that there was three cities on the Pacific Coast that were completely underground. The story goes that 5,000 years ago, there was a meteor shower, and these lizard people sought refuge underground. They dug these tunnels, and one of the network of tunnels was under the city of Los Angeles.
According to the legend, the lizard people carved out vast chambers large enough to house a thousand families, using advanced technologies, such as a mysterious chemical that could easily bore through bedrock.

Shufelt obtained permission from the city and began digging to try and reach the vast tunnel system. The city council, perhaps motivated by the alleged gold that was contained within the tunnels, allowed Shufelt to dig a 250-foot shaft, under the agreement that he would give them 50% of the treasure, if recovered. After a month of digging, and not reaching the tunnel system, Warren Shufelt and his team ran out of money and stopped the search.

Is it possible that an advanced race of lizard people once lived underneath the western United States? And could they still be there today?

Astonishingly, a nearly identical legend exists halfway around the world.

Benares, India. Within this city lies the Well of Sheshna, which in Hindu legend is an entrance into an underground city of the Nagas, a race of semi-divine serpent people known throughout Eastern culture.

The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?
Patala is the underworld in Hindu mythology. There are many beings that live in there, many reptilians, which are called Nagas. As a demigod, they must have descended from heaven to the Earth to teach, to give special qualities, to the human world. Nagas are not really evil, being as in Judeo-Christian context.
Ancient astronaut theorists claim the Hindu stories of the Nagas bear a striking resemblance to the Hopi stories of lizard people, who also resided beneath the earth.

Is it merely coincidence that extremely similar legends of advanced reptilian beings living underground can be found on opposite sides of the world?

Southern Iraq, 1923. British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley leads an excavation to uncover the remains of one of the oldest agricultural communities in the world the Ubaid culture, which dates back to 5,900 BC.

Among the remains, they discover some unusual clay artifacts. strange, because they don’t really look human. They have the facial features of what seems to be reptiles. Is it possible that the Sumerians were depicting a race of beings that were living among them at the time?

Mainstream scholars have debated the meaning of the statues since their discovery, thinking, perhaps, they were Sumerian gods. However, ancient astronaut theorists believe the statues could have a different meaning. They look very much like some kind of reptilian extraterrestrial. And they’re breast-feeding children and doing very normal human things that you wouldn’t think that gods would necessarily be doing.

The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?

At The National Museum of Canada, paleontologist and curator of vertebrate fossils, Dale Russell, in 1982 publishes a thought experiment based on the trend toward larger brain sizes and the upright posture of dinosaurs. He proposes a theory about what one species of dinosaur would have evolved into if it had survived the mass extinction What he did is take the dinosaur known as Troodon, and they noticed the morphological changes – in the skeletal structure of the dinosaur. And based on, over time, where it was going, they extrapolated it out further.
And strangely enough, or wonderfully enough, they actually came up with a model that resembled a humanoid reptilian being, which actually matched that of the reports that we were hearing now, as well as reports from ancient history.

The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?

There are traditions in numerous cultures of reptilian bloodlines associated with royalty. According to legend, Alexander the Great was sired by a dragon. Japanese legends state the founder of the Imperial Dynasty Jimmu was the great-grandson of a dragon god. And in China, ancient emperors were described as having a dragon-like appearance. Is it possible these ancient rulers did have a more direct connection to reptilian ancestors? Are they still among us?



The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?

The Reptilians: more than a conspiracy theory?
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  1. Heres the family tree a race called the Carins made the Alfa Dracioans then they made a slave race called the Dracioans the 2 were very different then came the grays of some types all this was found out over time many races had no idea they were doing all of was found to be for the reason of not getting directly caught messing with many planets in a really bad ways even this earth PEACE & LIGHt to all ….

  2. Long story short. (based in my own meditation experience) . There is time line where humans found the way to give animals awareness as humans do. So different animals in different timelines evolved in to species capable travel to another galaxies. Not only Reptilians but also greys, mantis ,they are playing both-good ones and bad. Those who are good get to understand that human is only species in Universe capable to achieve unconditional love,so they are here to help us to get back our power. Bad guys are acting like they are challenging the Prime creator making humans suffer and hurt as saying -see God ,you did not made human complete. But as we can see we are awakening and remembering what we are.

  3. Well I think we can leave be in peace with extraterrestrial beings I don’t see why not. All of us humans are different we look different to them we are alien and I don’t believe we started here on earth I think we came from else where. No one can pin point human original origin of how we became unless we go by the Bible but that was changed so many times and parts left out. Why live in a era where everyone wants to expose everything so why not just come out with it..

  4. well everyone will see in september if true that a large alien fleet will be coming to earth according to nasa and trump from things ive been reading he asked putin to have a world wide missle system in place

  5. All humans are genetically coded with either reptillian DNA or feline DNA. Most feline descendants will be found amongst indigenous and aboriginal peoples. Reptile DNA is much more predominant though, as they are far more aggressive. Felines only started using humans hosts after the Reptillians began encoding their DNA into humans. The feline-reptile war has expanded across time and space, the felines being chased from planet to planet. Reptillians have installed military power here on earth and have already taken over Governments and corporations. They are terra forming the planet via climate change. The reptiles can only survive on a high temprature planet that is dry…like Mars. There are only about 2000 here on earth but they want to bring more…in order to make it more hospitable for themselves they have to heat up the planet. It also takes out the ice shelf, where humans have taken over an old alien base. There are also aliens aligned with humans whom desire a colder climate and are negativley affected by the melting ice shelf. It’s why there is so much extreme weather, sections of our Goverments are secretlyvworking to undo the terra forming via chemtrails and HAARP.

  6. maybe they exist, but as long as humans don’t come together & keep folowing super ball, basketball, baseball games or even regilion, we are never gonna be able to defeat the flipping lisards.

  7. There are two types of Reptilians.
    The earthly Reptoids who are peaceful species and live in underground cities. The Draconian Reptilians are warriors with evil spirit who came from constellation Draconis.
    The Draconian entities came to Earth with an agenda to manipulate mankind and feed off their energies. That’s the Serpent in Garden of Eden who tempted Eve! Of course, many refer to Draconian as Anunnaki, an advanced bipedal species of Reptilians that shaped our civilization through genetic tampering. They are deceivers and masqueraded as divine deities.

    • Agreed on their existence, I know they do exist experience I’ve gone through, they are not friendly, in philipines I’ve had three run ins, they are shape shifters and canibles, in one week we had three attacks and adult teenager and a younger girl.but the girl didn’t survive, they were on gma7 news last 2015, I believe they are part of the reptilian.race, they walk on the roofs and then.attack when your asleep like they tried on me and my wife, it put me in a condition.that you can’t move twice in in one night but put I praid and was released, they the name of jesus and they flee but live in.a third world country where many things like this take place

    • I have no idea why I get these attacks, since I.started going to church and became saved, the attacks got worse, I tried to get help from the church I was attending but no help, so I learned to pray and fast more time and tried to live a cleaner life did and stay loyal to my belief and I get some peace, I’ve gone through two wives and my second thought I was hallucinating until she witness.a few and now she helps me in my journey, friends tell me I have an over active third eye, this is one gift I don’t like

  8. Guys, if there is so much talk, then it must be some kind of reason for this. So, it is said that there are some 3 main types of ‘unseen’ living creatures, sharing our everyday space, a good type, following God’s common sense laws, a second type=the reptilian, which can take any shape, and a third one, devil’s disciples. God blessed us so we cannot see them, but the animals do, so if one tries really hard, he would eventually be ‘contacted’ by ‘something’. But, beware!!! The devil will cast its power firstly, just to enchant the human, in many ways, just to draw attention, so pay attention to whom you ask help, because you might be misled; anyway, stay tuned, great times are about to come, the greens, grays, reds, or no matter what the colour, will get involved more and more in our lives. Because they exist.

  9. They said in one of these documentaries on TV that there are 12 different types of aliens based in the Earth. And I heard the same on a talk show in Los Angeles. The talk show is called Coast to Coast the host is George Noory. Los Angeles radio station is KFI 640 AM station, time starts 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., it’s a good show they talked about subject like supernatural paranormal, aliens and ancient history and other planets like Mars and other universes.

  10. If they truely do exist, and with the ongoing awakening of humanity, perhaps it’s time they came out of the proverbial “closet”, and tried coexisting with humans instead of manipulating them. In the immortal words of Rodney King; “Can’t we all just get along?”, lol.

  11. I don’t subscribe to most of Ickes theories. I do believe the Widsors are at the very least pedophiles, and major players in the child sex slave trade industry. It’s highly likely that they are Satanic, and take part in ritualistic human sacrifices. I also believe that they felt the need to kill princess Diana because of what she had witnessed. As far as being Reptilians, all I’ve heard on that is one woman’s account on what she witnessed during an infant blood letting, and feasting ceremony where they allegedly took their natural forms. She said they believe the drinking of infant blood, and feasting of its flesh gave them supernatural power, and longevity.

  12. Yes, this is where some draw the line! There’s zero verifiable evidence, British royals are descendant of Reptilians or lizard species.
    If this was a scifi movie, perhaps; but to get on David Icke band wagon of his bestseller, money making scam, the line is totally drawn!

  13. What if they invented tv to portray them as human to act and live among the human unnoticed or something to do with music, tv, and other stuff to hypnotize us the humans like for example the queen Elizabeth there story’s going around about her being a reptilian

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