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The Mysterious Tale of the Man from Taured – Evidence for Parallel Universes? Or an Embellishment?

The Man from Taured (sometimes referred to as the Taured Mystery or the Man without a Country ) is a story about a man who arrives at a Japanese airport from a country called Taured. Many people have claimed this story to be true, so the crux of the problem pertains to Taured. One would notice that there is no country by the name of Taured, either today or during the purported period of time when the incident took place, i.e. the 1950s. The story ends with the man disappearing (forever) a day after arriving in Japan. Moreover, all of his personal documents, such as his passport and driver’s license also (conveniently) disappeared, thus making this strange story unsolvable.

The Man’s Arrival

The story of the ‘Man from Taured’ begins quite specifically in many sources with a hot day in July 1954. On that particular day, a man was said to have arrived at Haneda Airport, known also as Tokyo International Airport. This man has been described as Caucasian looking with a beard. Whilst his primary language is said to have been French, it has been purported that he spoke Japanese and many other languages as well. So far, there is nothing extraordinary to note…

Customs service at Haneda Airport in 1950s.

Customs service at Haneda Airport in 1950s. ( Public Domain )

The sequence of events then differs according to which version of the story one encounters. In one version, this man hands over his passport to be stamped, and the Japanese immigration officer notices something strange. Whilst the passport looked authentic, the country where it was issued, ‘Taured’, was recognized as non-existent, either by the officer or one of his / her colleagues, indicating that the man should be taken away for interrogation. In another version, the man mentioned that he was from Taured, and when the immigration officer did not believe him, he showed him / her his passport.

Location of Taured

The next part of the story details the man trying to convince the immigration officers that Taured does indeed exist. According to the traveler, Taured was located between France and Spain, and had by then been in existence for 1000 years.

When shown a map, the man pointed to the area occupied by the Principality of Andorra, and was puzzled as to why his country was called Andorra on the map. Both sides refused to give in – the Japanese officers insisted that Taured did not exist, and the traveler argued otherwise.

Location of Andorra (center of green circle) in Europe (dark grey).

Location of Andorra (center of green circle) in Europe  (dark grey). ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )


Eventually, the man was held by the officers, as they were suspicious that he might be some kind of criminal. They brought him to a nearby hotel for the night, whilst they conducted their investigation. To ensure that the man did not escape during the night, two guards were placed outside his room. The next morning, when the officers went to the man’s room, they realized that he had simply vanished, as there were no signs of his escape. Additionally, all of his personal documents, which may serve as evidence for the story’s validity, had apparently disappeared as well.

Travel Through Time or Space? Or Just an Exaggeration?

One of the most notable explanations for this incident is that the man from Taured had somehow passed through a parallel dimension by accident, and ended up at Haneda Airport. It has been suggested that, based on this explanation, there is a parallel earth which is similar to ours with the exception that the locations called Andorra here is known as Taured over there. Another suggestion is that the man was a time traveler from the future, thou this interpretation is arguably more problematic than the one supposing inter-dimensional travel.

Going to a different dimension.

Going to a different dimension. ( UFOvnis/Youtube Screenshot )

It has also been suggested that an incident like that did indeed happen, though perhaps much less sensational. This more mundane story could have been embellished each time it was told, so much so that it eventually evolved into the great mystery that it is known as today.

Finally, it is also entirely possible that this story is merely an urban legend. The story of the ‘Man from Taured’ might not have even occurred in the first place, and may have just been the creation of someone’s imagination.


Source www.ancient-origins.net


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  1. Probably a Mossad agent that was provided a Nation-State made passport that sought to test the ability of their agents to secret themselves through International airports. Afterwards, a demand for the materials gathered and the man released would be made. There were several countries testing non-metallic weapons and forged documents ever since there have been airport security.

  2. This article, though thought provoking along the lines of ” what if’…it doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny because no evidence. There ARE other stories similar to this that are more credible, and as soon as I can dig up links, I’ll post them.

    Do I doubt parallel universes? No. Strings theory (M theory) postulates that there is a multiverse with countless universes floating along in it, and it is supported by math, but ONLY if there are 11 dimensions. Any more or any less in the number of dimensions, and the math falls on its face. The reason this theory exists is because of particle or quantum physics, which shows that particles of an atom ( sub atomic) vibrate and disappear out of our reality and re-appear again in a different place. Odd stuff particle physics.

    • Of course it is still theoretical, but again, it is mathematically supported only if all of these universes float in the 11th dimension. Until one is actually capable of verification by tagging a particle to see where it goes when it disappears, and or ripping the fabric of our universe to travel to another, it will remain a theory. What isn’t theoretical is what quantum physicists observe particles doing. They can report on the observation, but cannot come up with the ” why” of it.

    • Many theories come into existence to support other theories or for lack of better theories. Many theories are later supported by science which give them validity but nothing is certain as we have are still limited by our technology. Theory just goes beyond what can be proved, as a sort of guide.

    • <----knows how scientific method works. Strong supporter of both the scientific method and the sweet science. Theory is made to form a hypothesis. Experiments are utilized to either support or debunk hypothesis. Observation made and noted regardless of results, hypothesis and or theory re formulated based off observation, and the process begins again until repeatable and verifiable results occur. You are not talking to a layman in this instance. I could test out for PhD in both engineering and physics....und ich kann es in mehr als einer Sprache zu tun.

    • I call BS on the particular story because no evidence to support. At least with M theory there is math to support it, all the equations work out, but only when applied to 11 dimensions. This story doesn’t even have the equation of 2+2=4, there is no math, and the article itself says that this is more than likely an urban legend. If there was science behind it, I would not be quite so skeptical. I like solid evidence and where evidence is lacking I remain skeptical. Now as for things such as UFO’s where there is actual photo, video, or trace evidence in the form of radiation in soil samples, etc…yeah, that is believable because evidence. Had a single document, like this person’s passport remained, then it goes from urban legend to plausible, but then the document itself would have to go through a battery of tests…see where I’m going with this ? 😀

    • So…look at weather reports of any prevailing winds that night . Flares will not hold formation at all in any form of winds. If nothing else you could rule out what it isn’t.

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