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Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years

Futurologist Ian Pearson has some very surprising predictions of what is going to be commonplace, when it comes to sx, in less than 10 years. According to him, having sx with humanoid robots will be the new thing by 2025! It will even become more popular than having sx with one another! One of the leading sx toy shops in the UK, Bondara, has partnered with this published report by Pearson.


So let’s fast forward a few years. Porn web give way to this. In 2030 it will be replaced with virtual reality sex instead of just looking. Five years later the toys will interact with this virtual reality. The rich can really start playing in 2025. Then in 2050, the game is over. All sex will be with robots!


Just as individuals who did not see pornography before the Internet, robots will be accepted in the same way, especially because technology makes robots look and feel like human beings.


However, Pearson recognizes the initial hesitation, take time to adjust to these things:

“Many people still have reservations about sex with robots at first but gradually as you become accustomed to them, since the behavior of AI and mechanics and sense improvement, and will start to be friends with strong emotional ties , that squeamishness gradually evaporate, while some people wait eagerly embrace robot sex as soon as they can afford one, as in 2025 .


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  1. Nothing on the article to read. Just a tease headline and one paragraph. Ho hum. Another clickbait to get us to click so editor can make money for each click, not interested in content, just money making fakeouts to get clicks.

  2. I can understand the appeal of this to women – no booze breath, BO or fumbling, no unplanned pregnancies, no post-coital indifference and snoring. What I want to know is whether there is a female equivalent planned for men’s satisfaction. Many men 50 years old and beyond would still like to be sexually active, but their partners of the same age will be long past the change of life and unlikely to be interested.

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