Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years

Futurologist Ian Pearson has some very surprising predictions of what is going to be commonplace, when it comes to sx, in less than 10 years. According to him, having sx with humanoid robots will be the new thing by 2025! It will even become more popular than having sx with one another! One of the leading sx toy shops in the UK, Bondara, has partnered with this published report by Pearson.

Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years

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So let’s fast forward a few years. Porn web give way to this. In 2030 it will be replaced with virtual reality sex instead of just looking. Five years later the toys will interact with this virtual reality. The rich can really start playing in 2025. Then in 2050, the game is over. All sex will be with robots!

Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years

Just as individuals who did not see pornography before the Internet, robots will be accepted in the same way, especially because technology makes robots look and feel like human beings.

Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years

However, Pearson recognizes the initial hesitation, take time to adjust to these things:

“Many people still have reservations about sex with robots at first but gradually as you become accustomed to them, since the behavior of AI and mechanics and sense improvement, and will start to be friends with strong emotional ties , that squeamishness gradually evaporate, while some people wait eagerly embrace robot sex as soon as they can afford one, as in 2025 .

Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years

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295 responses to “Robots replace men in bed in less than 10 years”

  1. If that were the case mechanical vibrators would have replaced “men in the bedroom” shortly after their development; but, like vibrators Robots cannot bring warmth of human experience and human touch to the bedroom. In the end a robot will always be a robot.. no matter how much we would love to project our desires on them, romantic, sexual, or otherwise.

  2. I dunno…no neurotic behavior, no insecurity, no narcissistic issues to deal with, lots more free time, no entanglements, no children, no demands…what’s not to like?

  3. how sad, centuries past and most men are still misogynist patriarchs or sexist retards, there is still no inner engineering as developed as outer engineering. we can not hope for a cultural revolution that produces men of mature, healthy and clean personality but we can hope on fucking robots to satisfy women

  4. That’s pretty bad you can’t find someone so you get a robot. And yes there’s idiots that would give up and quit looking for a relationship because there’s a robot you can sleep with instead

  5. Human beings are trying to self limit their population, by not having direct sexual intercourse between man and a woman. Then the global population will dwindle in a decade time, so will be the human psychology.!!!, thus giving rise to human evaluation of new breed of loveless creatures.!!!

  6. Its just a dildo with arms and legs
    Woman look down on inflatable dolls
    But this is more or less the same thing
    Objectifying woman is wrong
    But where are the feminists when its the other way around
    Off having a shave I suppose

  7. What if he more like a lawn mower all pull the string to turn him gas powered has more horse power.lolwhen he breaks down who’s gonna fix him guess who the lucky

  8. Man’s rod is the positive of the magnetic field that moves the universe.after a good sex with a lover we feel elevated on a higher realm of consciousness it’s not the sex alone but a much deeper interplay of cosmic energies at play

  9. If you honestly believe that a real man is gonna stay with a woman who would rather have a robot than him, you’re gonna be awful lonely. I can predict many lonely depressed nights with a tub of ice cream, glass of wine and a chick flic curled under a blanket. A real man knows how to treat his lady in and out of the bedroom (or kitchen, laundry room or wherever).

    • It seems they are constructed to be only good for bed their only urge will be a switch on or off, or start and stop , don’t know if they can find what they are good for or need to be led to it though

  10. It would be interesting; because to see how long the girl can last and how long would it take for the robot to wear down before another charge; and who know maybe they would even have robot porn.

  11. NASA rebuts UFO speculation DECEPTION! Amazing how, the scientific matrix will do all in their power to either deny or ridicule UFO’s watching astronauts and planet earth daily! Keeping this phenomenon underground and amusing a gullible mass with an endless “like earth” new planets discoveries is their mission!Thank you for sharing. Help us fight the reptilius

  12. What do they want the robot for, they already have the battery powered part that matters.
    There are many sexually frustrated men, do we really need sexually frustrated robots too.

  13. Would it have a speed switch and size manipullater worm or cold touch electric or battery run . interesting when batteries start running out in action especially if he utters sounds

  14. ..and procreation will be a process where the robots will gather sperm and inseminate women as well..they are trying to kill human love because of the danger it presents to them

  15. I’m guessing you can program what u want from it such as cooking, cleaning, romantic gestures, carrying your shopping bags and a fighting fit bodyguard.. And if it pisses u off u can switch it off, shove in cupboard and go out without it getting angry.. Lol

  16. Dildos have been around for a long time,they are basically robots’ privates without the needlessly excessive(and expensive) robots’ body,keep the AIs brainless, a super intelligent robot will know how to charm your undies off and then will most likely share a cigarette,then ‘terminate’ you.

  17. thats just bull shit ,we might have house keepers like on i robot with will smith ,and i wouldnt be surprised if the government has gotten alien technology to build one all ready

  18. Yeah Some have being around for many years, they’re Call Vibrators… And some girl give them sugar daddies, or just those who they can use with batteries.. ,

    Because real Women Don’t Use them.. Lol

  19. Ehm. Would just like to note… the artist either is “andygraph” on renderosity and/or is impersonating andygraph… huhuhu… isn’t andygraph gay? Sure you want that sexdroid ladies? Imagine the fail/malfunction….

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