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13 Giant Human Skeletons, Are They Real Or Fake? (Video & Pics)

For years now I have seen these giant human skeleton photos being passed around on the internet. I love these photos even though most are fake. Most of these photos have been created by or submitted to worth1000.com. Worth1000′s photos are brilliant but also fake Photoshops.  Common to see original watermarks on these photos stripped.

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It helps people write a great story about the photo when the original popular website name is nowhere to be found on them. Some of these stories are great, it’s easy to think they are true. Some people associate these photos with the biblical fallen angel giants called Nephilim. Not knowing most of these photos are actually fake. A few of the photos in this post are real. Fake or not though, the pictures are very entertaining and great for kids. Enjoy.

1.) Giant Skeleton Found In India In The 1930′s

Guy Digging up Giant Human Skeleton found in India
This is the most popular giant skeleton photo online. There is so many stories about the places where this skeleton was found. From Texas, all the way to India, lol.  My favorite is the 1930′s India story. Found while tearing down an ancient temple in India. The people in the photo don’t look Indian and they have modern clothing on, oops 1930′s? India? There is also a colored version, but I prefer the black and white one :). Fake but a very entertaining photo.

2.) 18 Giant Human Skeletons Found In Wisconsin, 1912

Giant Human Skeleton Found In Wisconsin
There is a great story below in the “SOURCE” link, about 18 skeletons that were found in a Wisconsin, burial ground in 1912. The photo above supposedly is an enhanced colored version of one of those skeletons found. I believe it’s fake. The skeleton to me does not look like it’s laying correctly, since the man is standing on flat ground. This one is up for debate :D. What do you think real or fake?

3.) Giant Skull Found In Brazil

Giant Skeleton Found In Brazil
Not much is known about this photo. Looks like a good Photoshop to me. But I could be wrong!

4.) This Skull Was Found In Spain, My Favorite FAKE

Giant Skull Dug Up In Spain
Awww the worth1000 watermark is a dead giveaway that this skull is fake. Great photoshop work. This one is my favorite. So freaking awesome looking.

5.) Giant Harvard Medical School Skull Created In The 1890′s

Harvard Medical School Giant Skull fake
This one looks real! This is actually a fake giant skull though, made by Harvard Medical School in the 1890′s. It was used for demonstrations when explaining the anatomy of the skull, so the entire classroom could easily see it.

6.) Giant Skull Found In A Dried Up New Zealand Lake Bed In 1934

Giant-Skull-Pitcairn Island, New Zealand in1934
This is another fake submitted to worth1000. The story online is this skull was found in New Zealand. :|

7.) India Desert Skull Found In The Empty Quarters

India Desert Skull

Another fake folks from you guessed it worth1000. This one is an obvious fake though. The skull is in too good of condition and too bright in colors. It was created for a Photoshop contest at worth1000 a couple of years ago.

8.) Mummy Alien Or Giant Skull Found In Peru (Real)

Alien or giant skull found in peru
This one is an actual real skeleton found in the Peru forest by Renato Davila Riquelme who works at Privado Ritos Andinos museum, in Peru. You can still find this skeleton on display there today. The body measured 20 inches, while the head is also about 20 inches. That’s a big head. Scientists around the world have done DNA tests on the skeleton with no firm results if whether this is a human or a mysterious being? Maybe an alien. The eye sockets are very large also. Giant?, Alien?, some other creature?  We will never know for sure.

9.) The famous Egyptian Giant Skeletons Photo

Giant Skeletons found in Egypt
This one has been proven over and over again online to be a fake. Their is another photo online of the skeletons not even in the picture. Still a great Photoshop though.

10.)Two Giant Skeletons Uncovered In Ecuador

Villagers digging up Giant Skeletons In Equador
Freaking awesome photo. Villagers crowding around to dig up these giant skeletons. Sorry, this is another fake. Its a broken piece of land after a earthquake. Someone just added the skeletons in :D.

11.) Uncovering a sleeping giant in Nevada

Nevada Giant Skeleton
I did not know Nevada had an ocean? That looks like it was at a beach. To me it looks like the men are uncovering a sunken ship or something else. That skull is way too bright to be real.

12.) Sky View Of A Giant Skeleton Found In Saudi Arabia

Sky View Giant Skeleton
This one is pretty creepy. Probably fake like most of the other ones. This one does not have much info about it. I would like to believe it is real though :D.

13.) Last But Not Least, Another Fake.


Giant-Skeleton-dino-fake1 (1)
I pasted two photos side by side. The original (second photo) shows  Chicago University students uncovering dinosaur bones in 1993. As you can see the skull was added in the first photo and nowhere to be found in the second. Fake!!!

CONCLUSION: Most of the giant skeletons on the internet are fake, but a few have been confirmed as real (Like the one above found in Peru). Hopefully you enjoyed this gallery and will share it with family and friends. This post will be updated if any real giant skeletons are found in the future :D.


Source www.blankexit.com


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  1. You who want to see it in your hands will see more than you can handle in your mind seeing soon not being ready. Being prepared in the spirit for such a timeline of events is important

    • So the images are real because of there being “so many stories from the past”? Sorry but that logic simply doesn’t follow. Now I say this as someone who does believe in the Biblical accounts of particular giants such as Goliath, and the largest giant named Og, king of Bashan. But his height, while phenomenal (probably close to 13.5 feet) is a far cry from the sizes of the “giants” in these images. Notice that I said “images” and not “photos”? That’s because every one of these, including #2 (the one the writer says is “up for debate”) is a Photoshopped fake. For instance, #2 clearly shows that the shadows of the man and skeleton are running in two different directions. The average person, especially one who is already convinced in his own mind, will not notice this, nor will he/she take it into account when shown it. But it’s a telltale sign of a doctored image. It’s not a photo. Those two beings were never in the same place, nor dimension as the other. I’ve created numerous FGS (Fake Giant Skeleton) images after having discovered them, and of how much fun it would be to fool people with them. The first one I did was okay, but I got better at them. But I’ve noticed that, for the folks who don’t really care about real evidence, that they often use the worst ones that I’ve made and posted hither and yon, and they’ll use them stating emphatically that they’re real, when I have the living proof that they are not. Here are a few videos I’ve made of me creating FGS images:
      This one doesn’t show me creating the image, but shows my source images and the final result : https://youtu.be/yTZbtimH2l8

    • A dramatically reduced gravity would also makes moving large stones easy, as well as permitting the body to grow to such a size. Under today’s gravity strength a dinosaur would suffer like a beached whale under it’s own weight

    • Yes, its a fact that space can change the human body. Once we build a colony on Mars and people live there and have babies in time they will be so different they may never be able to come back to Earth.

    • Alan I just spent the night reviewing Greek/Roman mythology and, aside from Earth changing in size, many signs indicate that our solar system co figuration has changed as well. Most notably that Saturn was possibly a red dwarf star that burned out and changed position. It used to serve as our Sun. In mythology Uranus was the sky God who was killed by his son Cronus (Saturn) battled with Area (Mars) the god of war on it was out of old orbit, to be usurped by Zeus (Jupiter) as the new king of the gods. Mars is often depicted with a scar on his face and is frequently embarassed in mythology, notable losing the Trojan war. Other sources speak of our moon as not being possible to belong to Earth due to its immense size. Also notable are the craters on the moon, theorized are lightening strikes as seen along the Tycho crater, generated lines as well as a round and flat “impact” crater, not a glancing blow at an angelnas one might expect. Jacob’s ladder, the stariwar to heaven, is another oral tradition of Saturn’s benevolent light positioned over our North pole. Also search Saturn Death Cult. http://www.everythingselectric.com/saturn-sun/

    • Indeed our planet has been rocked by some massive changes, causing the previous great flood and “apocalypse” some think not too long ago. All those interactions with other planets are what gave Saturn it’s rings which are so highly symbolic in todays society, from corporate logos to wedding bands to the flag of Islam to pictoglyphs of ancient Egypt. I read that only after Saturn retreat did our actual sun begin to illuminate various angles of Saturn’s rings, as happens with phases of our moon today, giving humans a sense of time, Cronus (Saturn).

    • The stories of the gods being usurped by their offspring the Titans, then by their offspring the Olympians, gave birth to the Giants and then humans were the left over garbage. Here, cave drawing of the squatting man, symbolizing the Earth Saturn close proximity interaction.

  2. they have been running the cabal-illuminati, masons, all secret societies, vatican and roman empire, elites and royals and God is fixing it already with the Britts! Hallelyah!

  3. Jen yep they are still eating us! They the cabal abduct people all ages and the meat is eaten the Reptillians like us to eat! Oy, and we are in Mcdonalds and even in some of the processed food and alot of other crap!

  4. Yes the Smithsonian has many underground. These giants are WHY God sent the flood…they were eating the humans and had taken over the world so humans would not have survived if the flood hadn’t happened… they were not nice creatures. Read the Book of Giants they found with the dead sea scrolls…and book of Enoch…its detailed as to what happened

    • Because the Bible speaks of giants doesn’t equate with the images being real. The Biblical account is true. The images are fakes. Every single one of them. See my response to Brett Jarvis toward the top of this thread.

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