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Ancient Statues at Nuka Hiva Reveal Possible Race of Extraterrestrials

An island in the Pacific Ocean has an unusual heritage left behind by its mysterious inhabitants – the statues of otherworldly beings. Could these be representations of alien visitors from the distant past?

Undoubtedly, the original meaning and purpose of a great deal of ancient artwork has been lost over time. What started as an abstract representation in the mind of the ancient artist might be considered an accurate depiction of historical facts. While this might be the case with the Temehea Tohua statues, the similarity between the stone carvings and modern portrayals of extraterrestrials are striking.

The statues can be found on Nuku Hiva, the largest island of the Marquesas Archipelago in French Polynesia. Europeans reached the Marquesass in the last decade of the 16th century but the islands are thought to have been settled by Polynesians sometimes before 100 AD.

On an interesting note, in the South Marquesan dialect, the island was called Te Fenua ‘Enata, meaning “The Land of Men.”  Maybe as opposed to aliens?


Some of the ancient statues on the Nuku Hiva Island seem to depict beings from other worlds.Is it possible that inhabitants of the island have met these extraterrestrial deities?

Are they just a product of artistic imagination? Did they serve a ceremonial role and nothing more? Could they be records carved in stone as a memento of an archaic alien contact?[aoa id=’1′]


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The tops aren’t just broken off are they? Like its not women holding fans




Excellent post


Archeologists believe those mysterious Marquesans, sailed to Hawaii, around 400AD. When the Marquesans made landfall on the Hawaiian islands, they were the very first people to step on the Island shores. At the time, Hawaii was uninhabited archipelago.
It’s an incredible story.




There are many unexplained things in our ancient history.


They carved The Aliens doing the Hear no evil, See no evil, and Say no evil. The last guy there is have no pecker can’t do evil.


They carved exactly WHAT they saw!


The carved exactly WHAT they believed they saw!


Given the size of these statues, there might have been a race of small ET’s that lived on Earth before. No one really knows, how many different alien entities called Earth home!




Amazing how it seems there’s plenty of evidence yet people turn a blind eye. And we still don’t know how the pyramids were built or what’s in the oceans of earth.